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by Laike
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The right thing she feels should be done when she had just waited enough.
Here it goes again

The walls are closing in

It pains more each time

To see your face within

I can't stop them now

So I let them hit the floor

I thought I could survive

Still it's like before.

So I let go of my hopes

And stand into the breeze

I'm trying to find the girl

The same old me.

Tell me is this right

Am I fair enough?

Tell me can I forget you

And our love.

How can I forget you?

Although you've been so cold

How can I dare to say?

I love you no more.

I've never been afraid of you

But afraid of losing you

And now that I've lost everything

There's nothing that I can do.

Tell me.

Was I so bad?

Did I really deserve this?

This pain, these tears, this fake smile

Was my love really worth it?

Maybe it's my fate

We're meant to be apart

But tell me could you ever take

Me out of your heart?

Do you feel the pain?

When I cry hard at nights?

Do you even think of me?

When I'm tired swelling my eyes?

No one can understand

No one's so strong

The pain of my heart

My only song.

Still remember the days

When I met you in the eyes

The days we spent together

And the day that you died.

You said you would always

Protect me with your life

And I'd have been luckier

If you'd never have said those lines.

And that day when you went

You told me not to cry

And I admit my promise

Was nothing but a lie.

I'm standing in the air

I can feel you're close

And when I open my eyes

You are there no more.

But there stands the sky

Meaningless without you

Because you promised you'll love me

Until it is blue.

Why only sky?

Your memories are everywhere

In the flowers, in the rainbows

In the fragrance of the air.

You made me so weak

I forgot who I was

Before I ever met you

And maybe it is because

I never knew what love meant

You told me without words

And went away like a breeze

When it was my turn to return

I hate you for this

I hate you for leaving me behind

But no matter how much I hate you

You'd still be the reason for the tears down my eyes

So I give up now

I'm tired of living without you

You feel closer when I close my eyes

Guess that is what I'll do.

And when I look behind

There are many things left away

But I don't care anymore

To listen what they want to say

Did they listen to me?

When I said you were there?

They called me insane

And that my love was not fair

But they realize they were wrong

And I loved you all along

They say they are sorry

It doesn't matters anymore

But still I can't deny

I love you all for being a part of my life

And I thank you all for giving me this life

Full of fake smiles and goodbye.

I'm not blaming you all,

I owe you by heart

But I am not capable

Of making a new start

But I'll take this step

For you and for him

So that smiles may come once again

And woes become dim

I know you're with me

Yes, I'm talking to you

Not these people anymore

Yes, I can see you

I stretch my arms again

I happily close my eyes

With all our precious memories within

The last tear of my life

Its alright now

I can breathe this warm air

I can leave all the burdens behind

I can feel you standing there.

This last step from the terrace

And I'm soon falling apart

My hairs untied, it feels so light

To listen to your heart.

And the crowd rushes up to me

But nothing matches your pace

I see you there among them all

Smiling happily at my face.

Covered in blood

I left myself behind

I take your hands

Cause you asked for mine

Then you pull

And hold me tight

How much I wished

This moment inside

I promise I won't ever let go

No matter how far you want to go

I can't stay away anymore

From those shining warm eyes of yours

Let me hide just like before

Let me feel your presence in me

I couldn't have lived longer than this

And I know that you agree

Goodbye world for one last time

It's time for me to go above

You gave me everything at last

My dream, my life, my love.
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