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by Fancy
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A morning with fibromyalgia. (Just a first draft)

I can see the dim light shining through my thin pink eyelids. Though it is obviously morning, I feel like I haven’t slept a minute. I can feel the yawn creep up through my tight chest and my lips stretch over my teeth in a large circle. A moan edges out over my yawn. The powerful pain throughout my body inches up from my toes. I could feel the intensity writhe to my back. My shoulders shudder and my body trembles. I could see smoke colored circles bouncing off the inside of my eyelids. Once I open my eyes I can feel the entire ferocity of my pain. This is the point where I question whether I can survive another day. The tenderness of my skin burns like embers and flames. The soreness of my calves and thighs torment me. My back spasms and throbs continuously. I gently place my elbows on the bed and strain to get myself into a sitting position. On the nightstand is a glass of tepid water and an orange prescription bottle.
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