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“I think I was abducted by aliens!” A Daily Flash Fiction Winner
The Abduction

“I’m not making it up,” Jimmy whined. “Really, I thought he was going to kill me … well, if it was a he."

Doris looked at her son. “Whatever are you talking about?”

“I think I was abducted by aliens!”

“Have you been watching the SyFy channel again?”

“Look. There was a blinding light so I couldn’t really see. There were figures moving around. They didn’t have any hair but, from what I could see, they were green in color. They had strange things on their heads – like mechanical eyes and no mouths! It was just a big, round hump!”

“Really,” Doris humphed.

“Mom, I was lying of a table and they had these tubes positioned in my mouth so I couldn’t scream or yell. When I tried to move, they shot me and everything went numb. They brought this strange equipment over and probed me!” Jimmy was near hysterics by this time.

Doris took him in her arms, cradling him. “Shussh,” she said, trying to calm him down. She couldn’t help herself and began giggling.

Jimmy pulled away. “It’s not funny,” he yelled.

“You’re such a drama king,” she managed to fit in between laughs. “I don’t know why you’re making such a big fuss over a visit to the dentist!”


“The good news is that if you brush and floss every day, you won’t be abducted for another six months.”

Just then, the front door opened and Jim Senior walked in. He stared at the scene silently but his eyes asked Doris the question: What’s going on?

Doris just rolled her eyes.

Jim’s confusion cleared. “Oh yeah, dentist visit today.” With a sigh, he went into the kitchen. “I think we both could use a glass of wine.”

“Let’s not use that word anymore today,” Doris laughed.

An entry for the 11/8/13 round of "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge [13+]
Prompt: Write a story that includes the phrase: "I thought he was going to kill me."

Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 300

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