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by Louisa
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An autumn leaf's acceptance of its fate.
Do you hear wind filling the forest with a rustling murmur?
The nights are getting colder now.
Did you notice my new orange coat?
I won’t be wearing it for long.
At the moment the mellow autumn sun is lingering warmly on your bark.
The icy winter lies before you.
But you are indestructible with deep roots.
You will survive the icy winds, the frost, and the snow.
It’s me who won’t survive. Not even given the chance.
It’s okay. I understand.
You need to save your food for winter. There is not enough for us all.
I need to go.
Do you still remember my birth? Life was so enchanting, magical!
I look at the evergreens and a moment of envy swept through me.
But we had good times, right?
You know what I will miss most?
Your powerful radiance. Your strength. Your sensitive spirit.
Yes, I will miss the birdsong clattered in the space between the trees rustling the foliage
I will miss looking up at the clouds soaring by and the yellow sun ever important to my goal
But it’s you I will miss most of all.
I have fed you. Kept you cool. Will you remember me? How soon will you forget?
It’s okay. I understand.
Spring will come. You will again be covered by new life.
I have only this moment to tell you that I love you.
And thank you for carrying me. I would have carried you too if I could.
You made me feel important. Needed. Loved.
The wind is rustling again. No need in holding on any longer.
It will be quick and I will not suffer. Just taking flight.
It’s time. I’m letting go.
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