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If I were the moon for one day.
If I could, I would orbit high
and be the moon up in the sky.
A meteoric money’s worth
as I looked fondly at the Earth.

I would delight without a turn
and worry not about sunburn.
High up above the planet blue
in all my phases, full to new.

  (But it would be done in one day
    because of rules I must obey.*
    To make the most in outer space,
    arising in the night with grace.)

It might be fun to pull the sea
(the tides would work because of me!)
Plus I would give romance a tug
beseeching those in love to hug.

A satellite in go around
within the ether without sound.
And now and then a glimpse of Mars
as well as all those countless stars.

To be the moon I’d have to cede
the semblance of all earthly greed.
Yet such a sacrifice could be
the summit of all ecstasy.

24 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
November 19, 2013

*The Writer’s Cramp rules, of course.

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