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Writers Cramp entry letter to my dear wastebasket. U R valuable & helpful to me. 1/23/14
Dear Wastebasket

You are my friend and helper who is the perfect companion because you accept whatever I toss into you and don't complain. What would I do without you?

Without you I would have no place to throw things when I was upset or angry. My paper envelopes, correspondence, and junk mail would have no place to stay until I removed this stuff from my house. When I blow my nose I would have to put the kleenex in my pocket or find somewhere for it to stay. My odds and ends from writing like the packages which had paper in them wouldn't be in one place, they would be somewhere in the room. pen and pencil packages lost without any direction would find their way under things and collect dust until I got the broom and brought them out into the light. Then, where to put them?

With you I would have a neat and clean office which would allow me to happily write and review. All of the paper with content no longer wanted would be placed within your plastic walls keeping order and making my office wonderful for my use because there would be chaos. My used Kleenex would immediately be placed out of sight. Anything which I no longer needed or which was unusable would be placed into you. Then I would be able to take you and your contents to the trash can outside and empty you so I could fill you again.

You, my dear wastebasket, are an important fixture and very helpful tool for me. Why do you think I no longer need you? Of course I still need you! Just because I Have a computer does not mean you are no longer wanted or needed. Did you forget the printer? When I print out something and it doesn't print correctly, I have to throw away the paper. Alright, after I use the other side as scratch paper, I have to throw it away. Have I imagined every question you have? I hope so because I am writing this letter to you and will place it in you when I'm finished writing so you can internalize it and know that you are still my dear wastebasket.

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