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a simple essay about La-La-La LOVE.
It’s likely for ladies to have a dream boy... Someone whom they’ve wished was meant for them... and certainly, I have my piece for that..

if at all possible, the man I wished was made for me had murky hair, tall, enticing eyes, had the right kind of body structure -- not too buffed, not scrawny, nice shoulders, smooth with his moves, the personality works. Someone like my ultimate idol...Kevin Richardson. [Oh, come on, don’t raise your eyebrows... there’s nothing wrong with dreaming (and wishing) haha...]

IN REALITY, I ended up with a man I never thought I'd love, but fell REAL HARD FOR.

He’s of medium height,, (about 5'6 to be excact..), semi square jawed, not-really buffed.. He looks 'maangas' & 'suplado'. When I first saw him, I really thought that there's gonna be any way we'll gonna talk to each other since he's so astigin and he's my crush! (maagas and astigins apeeals in my eyes) hahahahha But, mind you,.. there's more to him than those chinky eyes, angas moves & warm smiles...

He is kind-hearted, sweet, homorous and gentle.. He can piss me off with his pang-aasar (and make lambing afterwards), make me laugh out loud with his cheesiness, the next minute & make me wobble with his sweetness when I least expect it. Get to know him & you'll be stunned to find out that along his "angas image", he possesses a very deep spirit too.

Dig deeper & you'll find that more than his jokes is a man with the heart of a REAL MAN. :) Someone who was misinterpreted as "mayabang" is a real warm-hearted & kind hearted soul... He has great respect for girls and so much of loyal and loving boyfriend .

I love it that I can talk to him about anything & there's no room for shallow, insignificant conversation at all. He do not know everything but with him, all chit chats are just PERFECT.. He's always there to listen & provide comfort, and I can tell him my insecurities & frustrations without feeling less the person that I am. He does the same too; he confides in me & tells me the whole lot. We're each other's best friend. We talk about our youth experiences, families, friends & goals in life. We talk about US & make dreams that are OURS to share & hopefully be able to bring into reality.

We've been together for two happy years now, and i am not really sure what the future holds for us. Its early to say FOREVER but I dont think we'll gonna say IT'S OVER.. coz I know that FALLING FOR THIS GUY, IS WORTH FALLING FOR. :)

I might have doubted his loyalty several times but the first time he looked at me straight in the eye & told me he loves me, I cant help it but just be thankful that i got him.. He never complain If I looked haggard sometimes (but would laugh and crack jokes to make asar when he knows that im in the mood), he never gets tired of listening to my lamentations in life & always just understands the way I am. HIS PERSONALITY WORKS & his charm will always work on me..

I just couldn't ask for more.

He's not Kevin Richardson, but he is my Alexander Tiongson!!! Now, that's mabsoot!
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