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The frustrations of traffic. A prompt short without using me, myself, my, mine or I.
Prompt: Story without the words 'me', 'myself', 'mine', or 'I'

Never would have imagined being stuck in traffic. Nothing but just sitting. Ready to pull every strand of hair out. Wondering what bozo decided to be a complete dumbass. You would think, watching all the news about the safety of driving, people would get the message. But no, of course not. Everyone continues to drive like jackasses.

After what felt like an eternity, realistically it'd only been half an hour, the cars up ahead began to move. And just when you think you'd be moving more than 5 feet, you only move an bloody inch. What the hell? Did some guy, or gal (don't want to be sexist here) up ahead finally close a humongous gap between two cars? Immediately frustrated all over again.

"Urgh!" Is all you could muster up. "Seriously?"

Again, waiting forever for something to happen. Another hour goes by and wouldn't you know? Traffic actually started moving. Wasting no time, put the car in drive and began to slowly ease forward. Of course at this point, you're completely pissed because now, all the slow pokes don't want to move. A gap gets bigger between two cars in the next lane, a window of opportunity presented itself.

Slamming on the gas pedal, jerking the steering wheel...the gap is filled with this brand new Mercedes, almost causing, yet, another accident.

"Damn it," yelling out the window and giving the dipshit the bird.

The guy smiles then shrugs.

This continues for the next five miles. Thumbs drumming on the wheel to music you're making up in your head. Wanting to turn the radio on but when you do, there's nothing to your liking, so you end up turning it off anyway.
By the time traffic starts moving faster, you've realized you're late as hell to work, the meeting you've had scheduled for weeks, had to be cancel and now you're on the verge of losing your job.

What a freaking day. And it was only the beginning.

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