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A Legend of Sleepy Hollow inspired poem I wrote a while back. Touches on a love of scary.
For the cognomen of Crane is cursed

Cursed by all that has been

And shall remain so in all to come

For darkness rides in the dead of night

Cloaked within the night itself

With the wind at his back and heels

Blessed be those who bear the name of Crane

For only Crane can seek

And find that which must be found

For to seek to lift the ancient curse

Upon the names and upon the hollow

For generation unto generation

Phantoms in the deep of night

By candlelight and moonlight and starlight

Beware the spirits whose intentions mean ill

Travel always with lantern in hand

Or on saddle attached

To ward off shadow and shade

To guide and gather flutter lights

And gracious good spirits

To protect and to keep

Beware the hoof beats

Of a horse not your own

Nor that of a boon companion

For the headless one still rides the hollow nightly

Follow fast the path to that old covered bridge

Past the great old church and graves aplenty

May the goodly ones speed thee on thy way

For only one who bears the name of Crane

Shall break the curse

And the headless one vanquish

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