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Annie and Tristana play Truth or Dare
Annie was visiting Bandle City after meeting Tristana a few times in the league. The two girls were currently resting in the camp of the Meggling Gunners. "I'm bored!" Annie complained. The tour around the city obviously didn't tire her out. Tristana didn't feel like doing anything physical, so she asked, "We can do something, but only in the boundaries of this tent." Annie didn't even take 3 seconds to come up with an idea, "How 'bout we play Truth or Dare?" Tristana secretly rolled her eyes. "Okay , but no 'daring' about anything outside this tent." "So who starts first?" Annie seemed pretty hyper to Tristana. "I'll go first," Tristana said. Annie smiled, "Truth or dare ?" "Truth." Tristana didn't want to do a tiring dare. "Hmmm... Oh! Do you have other friends out of this camp ?" Tristana nodded , "Teemo and Rumble. Now, it's your turn. Truth or Dare?" "Truth," Annie replied. "Are you ugly or ugly?" Annie huffed, then replied sarcastically, "Ugly." Tristana couldn't help but laugh.
"Ok! It's your turn! Truth or dare?"
"Do you have feelings for Teemo?"
Tristana hesitated, then replied, "I admire him."
Annie grinned, "That's not what I meant. Do you love him?"
Tristana reddened. "Change it to dare!!!"
"I dare you to let me burn your tent." Annie smirked.
"Hey! You can't do that !" Tristana didn't allow it. Annie only smiled, conjuring a small fire. "HEY DON'T! DON 'T YOU DARE!!!" "Well then tell me !" Annie laughed. "FINE FINE, I LIKE HIM! YOU HAPPY?" Tristana's face seemed to turn beetroot. Annie couldn't help herself, "Tristana loves Teemo!" Tristana was annoyed, "I'll give you something to laugh about!" She lunged at Annie, tickling and scratching Annie's sides and ribs. "HEHEHEY DOHOHON'T TIHIHICKLE MEHEHEHE !!!" Annie burst out laughing, unable to control her laughter, "ILL FRIHIHIY YOHOHOU!!" "I don't fear fire, Annie !" Tristana mocked. Tristana moved and tried to tickle Annie's armpits while Annie tried to clamp her arms over Tristana's fingers . "HAHAHAHAHA STOHOHOP IT!" Annie was laughing too hard to tickle back. "Apologize!" Tristana said, pinning Annie's right arm to the floor hen freely tickling her unprotected armpit. "NOHOHOHO STAHAHOP!!! HAHAHAHALP MEHEHEHE!" "Help you in what, Annie? I'm not hurting you!" "THIHIHIS IS TORTURE!" Annie was in a bad position with her right arm pinned down and her left arm frantically trying to push Tristana away. "HAHAHAHAHA OHOHOKAY IM SOHOHRRY!!!! STAHAHAHAP!!!" Annie gave in. Tristana prodded her armpits one last time before getting off, satisfied.

"Shall we continue?" Tristana asked. Annie got up, and said, "Truth or dare?" Tristana knew Annie just skipped her turn, but didn't mind. "Truth." Annie smiled, "Are you ticklish?" Tristana immediately figured it out. "Hey get away! AAA! Nohoho!! Dohohon't!!! Plehehehease!!"
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