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Prompt 2: The rhythm of... the daily commute
Ease up on the gas as brake lights appear ahead.
Switch lanes: is that one faster?
A last minute scramble;
Perhaps the other one was faster after all.

Stop and go.
A moment of speed, then an eternity of sitting still.

The bridge seems to groan with the weight it bears.
A clot in the system, where two become one.
A sea of red pooling below.

Slip forward as space appears.
Not too close or risk a fender bender.
Not too far;
That little red car looks eagerly for a weak spot.

Stop and go.
A curve ahead, will there be speed around the bend?

Everyone seems to settle in their places.
Resigned to the inevitable, escape is blocked.
The only way is forward.

Home is only a few miles away,
but everyone is eager to get there and so everyone must go slow.


Prompt: Rhythm of... ( Write about the rhythm of any activity or place of your choice)
Words to use: Groan, settle
Forbidden Words : Dance, music, move, song, waltz.
Additional Parameters: Min. 20 lines
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