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My love has come back to me and now I'm on my way to him.

Beating Love

It was so cold the thick white snow underneath my bear feet as I ran. I had completely forgotten to put shoes on when I had rushed out of the house after I had gotten his message. I turned a corner down on to a new street.

I could see the white cloud of air coming out of my mouth as I breathed, my heart was beating so fast and there were butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I'll be there soon. I thought as I wiped a small tear from my eye. I wasn't going to cry.

It was dawn and the sun was just making its way over the far mountains, lighting up the streets where I lived. All that I had on was my PJ's and a long thick woolen robe that I tied tightly around me to keep off the cold winds. It wasn't doing much but it was better then nothing.

I lived in a small homey town, where everyone knew everyone. There wasn't much in my town just a couple of pubs and the usual shops. But there was a drive in movies theatre, I had only been there once but that once was when I had met him.

I breathed into my hands as I kept on running to warm them up a bit more.

It had been a year, a whole year since we had parted him and I. The night we parted was the same night that I had gone to the drive in movie theatre. I placed my hands that were now a little warmer over my cold noise and it felt good. I didn't mind that I was cold even freezing; I just wanted to get to him. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, it was overwhelming me as I was fighting back my tears. He had messaged me the way he said he would have, through my dreams.

I was a runner so it didn't take me long to get to my desired destination. I was finally here, the drive in movie theatre. I was panting as I stood at the gate entrance. I could see that the gate was open just a little someone was already here? I smiled thinking it was him and I could feel my body shivering with anticipation. I breathed in a couple big breaths the air was so cold as it entered my body through my mouth. I had to clam down.

When I thought that I had clam down enough, I made my move. I pushed on the tall metal gate; it was like ice when my fingers came in contact with it. I pushed the feeling a side, my whole body was like ice now so this was nothing. I hadn't been back here once since that night, but everything looked the same. Snow had fallen the last time as well covering this place in a blanket of white. I closed the gate behind me, I didn't want anyone to know that there was someone in here and risk them coming in and interrupting us. I know I was sounding selfish but who cared, he was here and he was here for me.

The sun was up now as I walked on and it was a good thing too. It would have been hard for me to make it through this place without seeing where I was going. The drive in movie theatre was an old place but everyone still loved to come here. I don't know why it took me so long before I came here though? Friends always said, "go it'll be fun" but I never really took much interest in it. But it was my sixteenth birthday that day and all my friends agreed that we were going to have it here. I'm seventeen now I had my birthday last month. I had hoped that he would have come then, again on my birthday but he didn't.

I was walking slowly I could hear the thick snow move underneath my every step. I didn't need to look for him I knew exactly where he was, where he would be waiting for me. The wind howled through the trees around me, blowing past pushing my untied black hair over my face. I tucked it back behind my ears as the smell of car fuel and popcorn was in the air, must have been from last nights show?

I was thinking about him as I walked on dose he still look the same, did he finish what he had gone to do? The questions were in my head and in my heart. I placed my hand over my chest and listened to its steady beat. He had done the same that night, listened to my heartbeat. He said he could hear it, I remember those were the first words he had said to me. I knew I must have been blushing remembering this.

I was standing in line at the popcorn stand that night on my birthday. My friends and I didn't go in a car none of us were old enough to drive yet so we had walked to the drive in movie theatre. We were all going to sit and watch the movie in the area reserved for people who didn't go in cars.

I was minding my own business waiting for my turn to buy popcorn, when he had come up behind me. I was sure that at that time I had smelt him first before he had said anything to me? I was standing there when a smell so nice so pleasant blew past me over taking all the regular smell of the drive in. I was just about to look around me to see where that smell had come from? That's when he said.

"I could hear your heart beat, you know?" The voice was deep and sounded so seductively sweet it made me jump. I quickly turned around to see whom the voice belongs to and that's when our eyes connected.

I swear I was looking at an ancient god. Thanks to the light from the popcorn and other food stands I was able to see his drop-dead-gorgeous face as I gazed into his jade green eyes. Staring at this beautiful man in front of me the pleasant smell got three times stronger and I knew it was he.

I didn't realize I had my mouth hanging open until he laughed a bit, but my god he looked a hundred times more gorgeous when he smiled. I shout my mouth and looked away in embarrassment and he laughed again. Was he laughing at me? I thought, a little annoyed. Who was he and what did he just say? That's when I collected myself, but I was amazed that I was even able to remember what he had said after seeing his face?

"What did you say to me? You could hear my heart beat?" I said to him trying to look like I was just not blown a million miles away by his gorgeous face.

"Oh nothing, don't mind me." He said and then smiled again.

My god his lips were so perfect but then I replied with "What ever" and rolled my eyes. I was staying strong, good, but then what he said next made me weak to the core again.

"Your pretty, do you know that?"

I was giggling like a silly little girl now did he just say that I was pretty? I was just about to say something to him I had no idea what it was though, when someone called out "Next!"

I turned around to see the girl serving popcorn waving her hand at me. Damn it. I thought and turned back around to him but only to find that he was gone. Damn it again. I sighed maybe it was only a dream? I turned around and walked slumping back to the popcorn lady.

I looked up, not much farther to go. I should have run I would have gotten to him sooner but I wanted to take my time. I knew he would have wanted for me to take my time as well and remember our first time together here?

It was in the late evening that we were at the drive in. The sun was already falling changing the sky's colour, dimming the world around us. I didn't see him again. I had made my way back to my friends sure that it must have been all a dream, no way would a guy that gorgeous ever call me pretty? The movie had started we had all decided to watch a comedy because those were my favorite. We were all having a blast laughing along to the movie and eating our popcorn and the other junk foods I had gotten. I didn't pay for any of it though my friends had all shouted me they just let me buy so that I could pick whatever I wanted.

We were all dressed warm for the night the each of us had even brought our own blankets to cover ourselves with. I'm sure we all would have looked a little silly but we were sure that everyone who would have been at the drive in would have known us. So it didn't matter much to us. I would be lying if I had said that I wasn't thinking about him. Even though I was watching and laughing along with the movie, my attention was elsewhere. I kept looking up in hope that I might see him again. I didn't know why I thought that I would have even been able to see him again? But the thought of his smile and beautiful eyes kept showing up in my mind and I couldn't help myself but to look.

We were already half way through the movie and still no sign of him, I was starting to give up hope.

"What do you keep looking at?" One of my friends had said to me.

I sighed. "Nothing." I answered her disappointedly.

I grabbed a handful of popcorn lifting my head I shoved the whole lot into my mouth but that's when I saw him. He was standing on the other side of the parking area leaning on a tree, his hands in his pockets. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but he was looking at me, he was looking start at me and then he laughed again.

At first I thought he was laughing at the movie but then I realized I was still holding a handful of popcorn to my wide-open mouth. Embraced, I quickly moved my hand away but then ended up dropping all the popcorn all over me. I looked up again hoping that he had not seen it? But then as I did he was gone. I looked around to see where he had gone but it was dark now and I couldn't really see anything beyond the light of the big screen.

"What's wrong?" My friend said to me tapping me on the shoulder.

"I um..." I had to know where he had gone? "I'm just going to get another drink." I said to my friend and got up. She had offered hers to me but I told her I wanted another flavor, that's not what I really wanted anyway.

I had moved away from where I was sitting and made my way over to where I hand seen him standing just before, next to the tree. I had my arms wrapped around me it really was a cold night. The light from the big screen made it so that I could only just see my way around. Yet again he was nowhere to be seen. I shivered a little and remember I had left my blanket back with the girls I was just about to head back when I heard a voice.

"Cold night isn't it?" The voice said I turned and there he was standing in all his glory.

He had his back leaned up against a different tree his arms folded over his chest and he was facing the big screen. He looked even more perfect standing there where the light was shining onto his body making him look taller then he had been before. He turn to face me and I quickly looked away.

"Well?" He said.

"What?" I answered stupidly.

"The night? It's cold isn't it?"

I felt so stupid I had completely forgotten that he had asked me a question. "Oh yes the night? Yeah um... its cold, really cold." I just wanted to run and hide in a really big hole. I knew for sure that he thought I was really stupid now and probably regretted saying I was pretty before? I started to move away without looking at him but then he called out to me.

"No wait stay please." I stopped without turning back to him. "I'm sorry," He said. "I've been really rude I know?"

"What?" What did he mean by that? I turned around to face him and he had his gorgeous smile on his gorgeous face again. I froze looking at him. He pushed himself off the tree and was moving slowly towards me.

"I said I'm sorry." He really was tall I had only just reached his shoulders. "I'm not from around here you know?" He told me as I stared at his perfect posture standing in front of me.

"Yeah I know." Was the only thing I got out? I couldn't believe it but as I stared at him I had wanted him to close the gape between us so bad at that time.

"So you'll forgive me?" I could see his lips moving but the words were flying past me.

"What?" What did he just say?

"I asked if you'd forgive me?" He was moving closer again.

What was happening to me I couldn't focus on anything? All I could hear was my heart beating all I could see was his face. His face, his beautiful face was so close to mine now. He was standing only just a couple of inches away from me and still I felt as though that was too far a distant between us. I wanted him to close it, so bad I wanted him to close it. What was wrong with me? Was I going crazy?

"So well you forgive me?" His voice was making me melt. I nodded without speaking to answer him. "That's good then."

He paused and then looked down to my hand that was down by my side. I saw him slowly reach out for it and I didn't pull away but let him take it into his own. His touch sent tingles through my hand spreading throughout my body. I sucked in a shaky breath and at the same time I got his mind blowing pleasant sent again. I breathed it all out in one long breath and saw the white air leave from my mouth mixing in the air between us.

"Your beautiful you know that?" He said it again but this time he used the word "beautiful".

I slowly looked up at him tracing his face as I did. From his long neck sticking out of his zipped up black jacket, to his chin, to his perfect lips, his strong cheekbones, to his noise and then to his eyes that looked like I could gaze into them forever and never tire.

"I saw you." He said in his sweet seductive deep voice. "Before as you came in with your friends, you looked really beautiful."

I didn't know what to say no one has ever called me beautiful before. And it was hard to believe that someone as perfect as him would be saying it to me. I wanted to say something, I really did but I was so lost by his beauty and his words that I couldn't find any words to say.

"I did it on propose you know?" Our eyes were locked onto each other's as he spoke. What was he on about again? "I laughed at you on propose so you'll notice me."

"Why?" I said finally.

He was moving his thumb in a circle on the back of my hand now and it felt so good.

"Because." He stopped and leaned in close to my ear. I was overwhelmed by his scent again and at that moment I just wanted to pull him in and embrace him, but I didn't. "There's something about you." He continued. "I can't quite put I finger on it but." He paused just for a second. "I can't take my eyes off of you ether." I'm sure he had just smiled after saying that?

As he stood back up his cheek lightly brushed against mine and I closed my eyes for just a second. I was breathing in and out heavily now. Who was this guy who was making me feel as though we were the only two people in this whole entire world? Where had he come from and why was he saying all these things to me?

"Who are you?" I said to him praying that this wasn't all just a beautiful dream?

"You are beautiful but It's not a dream." He said to me and then he took my other hand into his other as well. "Come with me I want to show you something." And before I could react he was pulling me along.

I looked around me I was standing just in front of the big screen now I still remember the movie we had picked for that night. I've now seen it a hundred times more with my friends and family. Here, from where I stood, I could see where all the cars would have been parked and where my friends and I had sat to watch the movie. I looked a bit farther down and saw the trees where we, he and I, had talked and he had first held my hands. I placed both of my hands over my chest over lapping each other, and it's where he said he had something to show me.

He had leaded me through the trees and behind the big screen no one had seen us. I didn't really know why at the time did I actually follow him so willing but I did. He led me farther up behind the big screen even farther away from the whole movie area. Just the two of us walking together hand in hand in the cold winters night and the white snow all around us, it felt so wonderful and I couldn't believe it but I had never wanted it to end. We hiked up a hill that was behind the whole drive in, there he led me to a bench that was under some over grown trees.

"What are we doing here?" I asked finally him as we approached the bench.

"I just wanted to show you this." He said clearing the snow off from the bench and then letting me set down first. "I think its beautiful and I thought maybe you'd want to see it too?" He sat down next to me but still keeping a few inches of space between us, our hands were still locked together.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Look." And as he said that he pointed out to in front of us and I followed his finger.

My eyes shot wide as my mouth hanged open in a smile, it was beautiful. You could see the whole drive in from here and it had never looked so beautiful before. The big screen was lighting up half the drive in. All the lights from all the food stands were flashing their bright colored lights making it look almost Christmas like but the best part. Was the snow.

It was a clear cold winters night no clouds to be seen and the moon was in full. This was what looked the most beautiful and magical, the full moons light shining on all the white snow making it shimmer and glisten like I had never seen before. I had never thought our small town could have looked so beautiful.

He must have read the look on my face because he said.

"I knew you would've like it." He squeezed my hand lightly and placed his other on top of it.

I looked down at our hands, his two warped around my one. They looked as though to be a perfect fit?

"How did you come to find this spot? I asked him taking my attention back onto the beautiful scenery and away from our hands. "I thought you said that you were new here?"

"I am." He said. "I've only been here in this town for a week now." He was patting my hand now. "But I was well, troubled last night and I had to get out. I walked around for a while until I ended up here." He shrugged his shoulders. "Lucky break I guess?" I could see from the corner of my eye that he was smiling and looking down at our entwined hands.

I couldn't tell whether I would have been blushing like crazy or not? But oh how I wanted to just close that small gape between us and let him hold me in a hug, as we both sat here. I had no idea what to do now? But then he said it again.

"I can hear your heart beat you know?" He said to me and I faced him.

"What do you mean when you say that?" I asked him. "You said it to me before too."

"It's beating really fast right now, your nerves?" All I could do was breathe and stare at him, his words, what did they mean? "You shouldn't be you know, I what to be here as much as you do too." He was looking into my eyes as he talked.

"You do?" I said almost in a whisper.

"I do." He smiled his beautiful smile again.

My eyes fell onto his lips as he smiled at me. Looking at them, their perfect fullness, perfect shape, I just wanted to let everything go and fall onto him and kiss those perfect lips. I was amazed at how good I was fighting it back.

"I feel the same too." He said after a while of me at staring at his lips and I looked up back into his eyes.

"What do you mean?" His eyes looked as though they were sparkling pulling me in.

"You want to kiss me?" How did he know? I thought, as his eyes were melting to the center of my core.

"How did..." Before I was able to finish, he said.

"I want to kiss you too." I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing.

He picked up my hand and slowly opens it out, with his hand. Rolling it open on the palm of my hand until they were both flat to each other. He then brought my open hand to his lips and then lightly kissed the inside of my fingertips. I could feel his soft lips push against my fingers and the feeling was making me spin a little. He moved his lips away and I wanted to feel the feeling again but this time on my lips. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him?

He laughed a little before saying. "I want the same as well."

"Are you reading my mind?" I don't know where the question came from but it did.

"I am." He said in his deep voice. "Will you forgive me?" He smiled after he spoke and all I could think of was his lips on mine as I nodded to answer him. "That's good then, thank you."

He was moving in closer now I could see his face slowly closing the space between us. I felt his hand move slowly up to cup the side of my face and I knew what was coming. I looked at him as he slightly tilted his head moving closer but then he stopped just in front of my face. He was waiting for my answer and I knew exactly what it was going to be. I closed my eyes and leaned forward just a little bit to show him that my answer was yes, yes you can kiss me and I want to kiss you too. I heard him smile as he completely closed the space between us and our lips finally touch into the long awaited beautiful kiss.

Hot and cold waves were swirling around inside of me and in my head. His lips were so warm compared to my icy cold ones but it didn't take long before mine warmed up to match his. The feelings were so strong that at one point I thought it would have overwhelmed me but then that's when he pulled away. Our lips had parted and as I looked at him he looked as though he was breathing heavily maybe even as heavily as I was?

"That was..." He said as he breath heavily in and out through his mouth. "I, I think I love you?" He was smiling as he spoke.

His words brought a smile to my lips as well. "I, I feel the same way as well." I told him and I did feel the same way.

My words had made his smile even wider if that was even possible but it was on his lips. He cupped my face in his other hand as well, now both of his hands were warm on either side of my face. He laughed a little as he moved one of his hands to the back of my head and came in for another kiss but this time it was stronger and full of more emotion and passion. I could feel his hand pushing on the back of my head deepening our kiss as I moved my hands up and around his neck. Wrapping them tightly there I pulled him farther into me as well. He was laughing on top of my lips as he moved his head so that our mouths were touching completely. And then he opened his mouth and yes I couldn't believe it but my first open mouth kiss and it was with this gorgeous guy. It felt so sensationally remarkably divine.

The kiss had felt as though it lasted forever but at the same time it felt like it ended all to quick. The white clouds of air were coming out from our mouths and mixing into each other between the both of us as we both were trying to catch our breaths. Our arms were still wrapped around one another as we smiled and laughed and I was so glade that the kiss had felt as good for him as it did for me.

I was running my fingers in his hair at the back of his head, who was he? Was all I could think of? Who was this man who had just showed up in my life and sweep me off my feet?

"I love you." He said to me catching his breath.

"I love you too." I answered back to him while doing the same thing.

There was a short silence between the two of us before he said. "Then I want to ask you something?" He moved his hand from the back of my head back to my cheek and lifted my face to face his. "Will you wait for me?" He asked looking straight into my eyes.

I looked at him in confusion and still flushed. "What?" I breathed out.

"If I asked you to wait for me, will you wait for me?" His eyes were so focused onto mine as he spoke.

"What do you mean?" I asked seeing that he was becoming series.

"I told you before that I was not from around here." I nodded. "Well this is my last night here."

"What do you mean your last night?" I said wishing he was only lying.

"I wish I was lying too." He said to me and I knew he had just read my mind. "But I'm not, but if." He paused again before continuing. "If you said that you would wait for me then I will, I will find a way to come back to you. Because I love you."

At first I thought maybe he was lying or maybe this really was all just a dream but he had said that this wasn't either. We had only just met but now he was telling me he was leaving and he wanted me to wait for him. I had never had a boyfriend before is this how its suppose to be? These feeling I felt for him were strong they were so strong in me that I could even feel it on my skin on my lips that he had just kissed and I knew some how I just knew. These feelings that I felt for him were true and from deep down so deep down in me that I didn't even know that it was there before this night. I did love him and not just a simple love I was madly and crazy in love with him. And I...

"Of course I will wait for you, I love you too." I said to him all at once and full of emotion.

He was smiling and laughing again we both was.

"Then I promise, I'll find a way back to you." He pulled me into a hug. "I'll fight the heavens and the earths even if I have to? But I will find a way and come back to you, my love." He pulled away again but had both of his hands on my shoulders. "Wait for me, you already knows that I'm not a normal person?" I nodded and he smiled to my answer. "Wait for my message, I don't know how long I will be? But I'll try as hard as I can to make it as quick as I can." And then he added with a cheeky smile. "Besides I don't think I can stay away from you for every long anyway."

His words made me giggle before I said. "But how will I know the message is from you?" I asked.

"You will my love." He brushed my cheek with his finger it felt so good. "I will message you through your dreams and then you will know it's from me." He told me and then leaned forward kissing me lightly on the forehead.

I was happy, I was so happy and the look on his face told me that he felt the same way as I did as well. After that he had told me that he didn't have much time left and that he was going soon. I wanted to cry as soon as I heard him say that but I didn't want to be weak. I wanted him to know that he had fallen in love with a strong person just like himself. I had only just a short time with him after, on that bench that was hidden under the over grown trees. But he did not leave without giving me a final passionate and full of emotions kiss again.

After he had left I had made my way back to my friends who were still happily watching the movie, I don't think that they had even realized that I had gone? But it didn't really matter to me because I had only gone to the best place of my life. I went and sat back down in my regular spot fixing my blanket back over me. My friend who had offered her drink to me smiled at me but then went back to watching the move.

I sat there for the rest of the movie not paying attention to it but in stead thinking of him. Of our first touch, our first talk our first kiss and then of him. He said he would be back for me, I knew that I wasn't going to tell anyone of him they wouldn't believe me anyway. A drop dead gorgeous mystery man showing up at the drive in and sweeping me off my feet and then disappearing never to be seen again. They'd say I was lying or dreamt it? But he was real and so was our love and I was going to wait for him. I laughed a little to myself. I didn't know if I could make it though? I had already wanted to kiss him again right then.

The hill was in view now and I knew that on top of that hill there would be a bench and on that bench there would be him. I was so close now. I was going to keep going at my walking pace but then a smell so nice so pleasant blow past me and I court wind of it. It was him he was up there. At that moment I knew I couldn't stay away any longer. I picked up the bottom of my robe and sprinted. I pushed past the trees, my clothes got court ones or twice but I was going so fast they came undone quickly.

I saw the over grown trees first before I saw the bench but then as I got closer I saw that the bench was empty. I slowed down as I got nearer, where was he? I looked around. Did I get it wrong? I looked around me again, but nothing. I was sure that the message was from him? I looked down to the white snow underneath my bear feet I wanted to cry.

I had come all this way in hope that he was going to be here and he wasn't. How did I get it so wrong? I had thought of our first night together and gotten my heart ready to see him, to embrace him. But he wasn't here. How I want to cry but then a voice from a distant said.

"You were supposed to walk my love." It had come from behind one of the trees a deep seductive voice, his deep seductive voice.

I looked up and around myself, where was he?

"Your here? Where are you?" I called out. "Why did you hide? You made me think that you didn't come and that I had gotten the message wrong."

"Oh my love." He said still in hiding. "No you got the message right it was from me." Then he paused. "And I thank you because you got my message, it means that you're still madly and crazy in love with me." I found where his voice was coming from and moved slowly in that direction.

"Of course I'm still madly and crazy in love with you. But are you?" I said. "Are you still madly and crazy in love with me?" I almost didn't what to know the answer in fear that he might answer with what I didn't want to hear? But then I heard him laugh.

"This you do not need to fear my love, yes I am still very much madly and crazy in love with you." I sighed out in relief.

"Then why do you hide from me?" I was standing behind the tree that I was sure he was hiding behind? But then he conformed my guess as he stepped out from behind it.

"Because my love I wanted to hear your heart beat as you made your way to me and as you reached me." He said to me. He was smiling but then as he looked upon me his smile faded and the look of shook replaced it.

"What's wrong?" I quickly asked scared that I had done something wrong?

"What are you wearing?" He said. "It's freezing out here and your in your sleep ware and." He paused and looked down at my bare feet. "And you have no shoes on."

I paused looking at him relieved that I hadn't done anything wrong.

"I didn't want to waste time with putting them on or changing." I said to him. "All I could think about when I got your message was that I had to see you, had to come to you."

I don't know what he had thought about? But right after I said those words he ran to me in just a few quick steps and embraced me tightly into a hug.

His body next to mine, his weight upon my body, it all felt so good. I had been waiting so long to feel it all over again.

"I love you." He whispered into my ear. "I love you so much you know that?" I was just about to say the same thing when he lifted me off the ground. His one arm under my legs and his other behind my back. "Your crazy you know that, coming all the way here in only what you are warring." I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I don't care as long as I have made it to you." I said to him leaning my head onto his chest.

"Well I do." I laughed at his words as he carried me over to the bench. "I love so much." He said again as he sat down with me still in his arms. He moved his arm out from under my legs and wrapped it around my waist. "You should have put warmer clothes on its really cold out."

"I'm sorry." I said I was feeling guilty now he was so worried about me. "I just really missed you, can you forgive me?"

"Of course." He said but then laughed. "But only if you forgive me?"

I looked up at him confused and that's when he moved his hand, the one at my back, quickly up my back and behind my head. He pulled me into a long and hard kiss. It took me a second but then I wrapped my arms around his neck as well as we opened our mouths to deepen the kiss even farther.

He was back and he was back for me. We were together now, I loved him and he loved me. I could feel my body warming up all over as we kissed on and I knew it was him who was doing it. I didn't know who or what he was but it didn't matter to me because now I had someone to love and someone who loved me. He wrapped his arms tighter around me and I felt so safe in them like he could protect me from any danger this world had to offer.

"I love you." I whispered to him as our mouths had parted for just a second and then reconnecting into our beautiful kissing. My love has come back for me and now we were going to be together forever.

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