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No one know how created them but people know who they excised. People call them the agents
No one know how created them but people know who they excised. People call them the exoskeletons robotic hero who protect the innocent from the guilty. Little do most people know they're heroes in disguise are a bunch of sophomores. Two specifically Logan and Eugene pierce were playing their video games online with their other friends. Draya Brano, Stevie Silhouette, Layla miller and Ross Cain. "Okay is everyone online” questioned Eugene, “yeah so what are we play” replied Ross. "Uhhh… you have to find and destroy the alien”. "Wait Logan has to at least talk to us so we know we can trust ‘em” Stevie suggested. "You don't trust me silhouette?” he smiled “no, I don't” she smiled. "Guys stop flirting lets start” Eugene suggested. Outside all of their windows the ground shook and a massive cloud mushroom rose from the ground. "Umm, should we check that out?” questioned Ross. "Naw” Eugene blurted, “yes we are everybody suit up” corrected Logan. "See we could just sit here and play video games forever” Eugene suggested. "We’d be out of shape losers” Ross smiled. "Says the football star” layla pointed out.
A few miles from the heroes neighborhood there was an explosion at Armor indesters a suspicious corporation that leads the charge for the robotics community. The leader of the pack Stryker (a.k.a Logan Pierce) was accompanied by Ghost (Eugene pierce) and Spyder (Draya brano). "Looks like a fire no big” complained Eugene “wheres the fire department” asked Logan. "Lunch break” joked Eugene, “any ways… Artemis do you have eyes in the sky” asked Spyder. "I don't see anything?” Suddenly Stryker noticed something shot out at them. Tiny metal strips that looked like insects flying like a swarm. The agents on the rooftop scattered to avoid impact. Strangely they separated into three parts and went after Stryker, Ghost and Spyder. "Uh Bolt we could use some air strikes from above” ordered Stryker as they bounced from place to place. From the top of the highest building of turnerville Bolt (Ross cain) and Torch (Layla miller) saw the commotion, “yeah, yeah, yeah…its comin down, cause I'm yellin timber” he yelled. Out of the palms of her hand he throw electro-balls at them. Spyder landed on the surface of the burning building until a massive lighting ball almost hit her. She pounced out the way just as the electro ball hit the swarm following her. "Nice shot Ross” she mumbled over the coms, “its Bolt, bruh” confessed Bolt. "Wait no don't destroy I wanna study them” complained Ghost. Once he said that Bolt purposely throw another electro ball at the swarm. "Wait don't destroy the bugs”. finally Stryker bounced over Ghost and kept running without warning. He looked behind him and the swarm was coming right at them. Lucky Ghost phased through the swarm like a Ghost and suddenly an electrical net surrounded the bugs. "That was easy enough” Artemis explained, “says the girls who did do-”. Artemis shot an arrow through his rear-end. Behind the sounds of Ghost yelping in pain, sirens came closer and closer. "I'll get the sample” called out Spyder. She speeded toward the net and snagged one of the bugs. "Psst, Logan…I can't get up” mumbled Ghost. Inside his Armor Logan rolled his eyes as he lifted Ghost over his shoulder. "Guys I didn't get to do anything” protested Torch. "Maybe if you talk more, Torch. You're so quiet” expressed Bolt.
the next day Eugene was obsessed with the robotic chip even at their school. He sat next Stevie as he fiddled with his tablet. "This is cool… bionic bugs I didn't even know stuff like this could be made this small” expressed gene. "More reasons why you don't know what its like to have a girlfriend” she complained. "Thats the kind of attitude thats annoyed eligible boyfriends for you…wait the bugs are responding. Looks like there regrouping,” explained gene. "Why would they do that” Stevie asked “c-cause… I don't know” he explained. "Great work boy genius” she smiled as she leaned back in her chair. Suddenly a massive silver hand busted through the door, the hand was strange it was metal and made out of those bionic bugs. "S^%t” mumbled Stevie. "Umm…that wasn't supposed happen” he panicked. "Can't you control them from your tablet” “I can’t because… i- I don't know” he defended. Students satter out the room and the teacher pulled the fire alarm. Once Eugene and Stevie were alone in the room they Armored up to face the threat. "Why is it here?” she asked, “it could be for many reasons like-”. The swarm then throw a desk directly at Ghost. Artemis quickly dodged the desk thrown at her as she jumped closer. Just before she landed on the hand, the bugs scattered to nothingness then reappeared into a human figure right behind her. Artemis moved so fasted she kicked it in the chest. Strangely her foot got stuck in the figures chest, “um Ghost…” “hey I've got problems of my own” he complained. "YOU CAN PHASE!!!”, “oh yeah”. Just outside the classroom, Logan, draya, laylaand Ross walked through the empty hallways. "The fire department will be soon so wheres everyone else” Ross asked. thats when Artemis was thrown through the wall like wrecking ball. "What the f^&$k” panicked draya, thats when the figure stomped its way through the opening. Lucky Ghost tackled it from behind and the two both phased through the ground. Seconds later, Ghost was thrown through the floor. "Ouch…you okay bruh” questioned draya, “I freakin hate you right now” Ghost expressed. The rest of them Armored up as the swarm made his way back to the surface. "Ghost…any suggestions?” Stryker asked, “electricity” Ghost suggested. The agents looked at Bolt who sighed. They stood back as electricity flooded through Bolts hands. The swarm reverted back to its human form and fist fighted with him. Soon the swarm got the upper hand and throw him at Stryker. Then Spyder webbed a boulder at the figure that smashed him into the lockers. Then Artemis fired an arrow that mad electricity surge through the swarm but it continued toward them. "Umm…any other idea?” asked Artemis, “well its obvious that theres some signal that can control them” Ghost suggested. "Hand me your tablet so I can trace it” Torch ordered. As he handed it to her, “if I can't trace it what makes-” “I got I'll send you the coordinates wirelessly” she explained. Like lighting the agents took off one by one out of the school and speeded through the town. They hopped from place to place until they came across the Armor industries building. "Here” Bolt questioned, “yup” Torch explained. They barged into the building like teenagers running from the cops. Torch then stopped at wall, “can someone take this down” Torch ordered. Stryker smashed through the wall that lead to a secret passage and went on charging forward. "And I'm the silent they say” Torch explained. As they traveled through the basement, until Stryker came across a bunch of old computers. An old man sat at the station wasting away like rotten food soon his friends joined him as well. “ wow, what the h#%l is that?” Spyder blurted. "My creations will destroy Armor him and all his glory. Will waste just like I have” he called out. "Well, hes right about some’in” Bolt smiled. Just as expected the swarm followed them, “someone slap the s$?t outta the old guy” Ghost suggested. "No, no, just the computer” Stryker ordered, Spyder lassoed the computer console and throw it at the swarm figure. It separated to avoid getting hit then formed back together. "Nooooooo!” the old man yelled, the old man finally realized what was going on. "You…your those robots…armors creation. All hes done is ruin me! and now I'm going to ruin him. Swarm 01 activate hitman persona, target Armor Armor” he explained. The swarm fluttered away somewhere else, “you think he's really gonna go after Armor” Artemis asked. "Yeah I do c’mon”Stryker asked, “wait what about the old guy?” Ghost reminded “odds are he won't make it up the stairs “ Artemis pointed out. The agents didnt wait any time searching for the swarm. All of them split up to search for them all but Stryker. He stopped at the ceo office and un-armored, “okay act natural, Logan” he explained. He fixed his hair and rushed inside “Logan?” called out Armor Armor, “hey dad” he greeted. "Does chelsea know you're here?” his father asked “mom, yeah of course she does. I came to check if you were okay” he asked. "Why wouldn't I be?” his father asked, Logan sensed something wrong near by the window. He looked out his father's massive window near his desk. "Are you al’right” he asked. "I'm fine” he replied as he looked at him. Once he did turn around, the swarm transformed a into hand and pulled him out of the office. "Logan!” called out his father, with his quick thinking Logan Armored up before his father looked out the window. As he fell the swarm transformed into a human figure once more. H notice a different color bug that shatter around in the swarm. Then he thought to himself, “the master chip”. He quickly lashed out his swords that were attached from his back and slice off his arms then legs leaving the torso. He then saw Spyder free falling towards him and he smiled inside his Armor. "Hey Spyder, can we try the sling shot maneuver?” he ordered. "Sure” she replied, Stryker pulled the swarm closer then strongly kicked what was left of the swarm higher into the air. Spyder lassoed the swarm with her webbs and pulled it up high into the air like it was nothing. Then she throw it back down to Stryker as it sky dropped to him Stryker held his sword out. As it impacted in the sword it scatter to pieces. On the tip of the sword was the tiny master bug on the blade “perfect shot” he mumbled. Spyder webbed the back of Stryker just before he was about to hit the floor. "Alright team fall back swarm is down” explained Stryker. "Finally, lets go home and watch the dead and the reckless”Ghost suggested.
That night the pierce brothers were sitting down at the table with there mom, “a metal hand…in your class, how is the fire department going to stop that” she complained. "Yeah but those agent of arsenal dou” Eugene smiled. "No no no, what ever those things are there dangerous” she responded. Soon the doorbell rang and the boy both called out simultaneously “not it”. There mother rolled her eye at them as she made her way to the door. “ Armor?” she expressed, “chelsea…I wanted to see if the boys were okay” replied Armor Armor. "Wait we are grown men not boys” grouched Eugene, “not with that bird chest” Logan mumbled. "Shut up” he argued, “Logan are you okay? that thing grabbed you and I didn't even see you falling” his father expressed. Eugene smiled at Logan as he thought of an excuse. "Umm the Stryker guy saved me you know the robot guy fast as sound”. He answered, “wait why didn't you tell me you went to visit your father” asked his mother. "Well I figured you and dad still didn't get along” he protested. The two of them gave excuses about how they didn't hate each other. "Okay so why not join us in dinner” Eugene suggested. "I will then” he claimed, the boys smiled at each other know that they saved the city and there father.
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