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A worm encountered an apple.
Which came first the Apple or the Worm

(A story of an unlikely friendship)

by: S.D. Teller

         One day while squirming about I found something extraordinary!  It was a thousand times my size, and red, so red.  And shiny too!  I thought I could climb to the top and be able to claim it in my name.  Nope! I tried once and slid down and bumped my head.  Then I tried a second time this time I climbed higher than the time before but still ending with the same result sliding down and bumping some part of me.  I thought I might go around to see the other side.  So I did.  When I reached the other side I found that nothing was different.  Still big. Still shiny. Still bright red.  So I felt defeated.  I thought I had found something marvelous.  To my dismay it wasn't that interesting at all. So I thought, “I better get back to my unexciting life.” I let out a sigh.  I started squirming along again towards home.  Then all of a sudden, a voice.  It startled me so much that a jumped so high that I could see the top of that 'uninteresting thing' I had discovered.  Only this time I found that it was different.  I found two eyes and a nose and a mouth.  A face.  The wonderful thing I found has a face!  I settled down and looked up at the face.  “Hello.”  I offered.  “Oh, it talks!” said an unfamiliar voice.  I spoke again.  “Can I ask you a question?” the voice responded.  “Well it seems to me that is a question isn't it?”  I thought for a second. “Your right.”  I paused.  “Can you tell me WHAT you are?” I was nervous.  This creature did not seem friendly.  Then it spoke. “Why, haven't you ever seen an apple before?”  I thought for a moment.  Ah-pull? What's an Ah-pull?  Nope. I had no idea.  “No I'm sorry I haven't encountered any ah-pulls before.” I paused on apple trying my best to pronounce it. “Well no matter, what may I ask are you?” I giggled, using the same questioning tone. “Why, haven't you ever seen a Worm before?”

to be continued...

S.D. Teller
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