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A Decuain poem uses conceit to show the inner mind as not so serene a place at all times.
The winding trail probes weary mind daily
Flashes of brilliance baffle me unseen
I am taken in as I wander free
Lost in the chaos that appears serene
Hidden beyond the beauty in-between
Layers of angry creatures awaiting
For you to trip up and fall, then their mean
Teeth come gnawing and pawing dark to swing
Setting you to tremble; hide behind a tree
Inner fears reside, careful as you flee.

This poem is a Decuain with 10 lines. Each line is iambic pentameter and it follows the rhyme scheme of a.b.a.b.b.c.b.c.a.a.
Day 7 Prompt picture - http://www.deviantart.com/art/In-autumn-343311573
Use the following picture as inspiration for a poem. The poem can be any form, but it must be a conceit. But basically, it is an entire poem following the same metaphor. ie: Oh Captain, My Captain by Walt Whitman.

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