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by Sum1
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A story of Christmas, from a Christmas Tree's view
A Christmas Tree’s Story

in a corner,

*Ornament3V* but I’m never alone.*Ornament1V*
A few days ago, they brought
me here, to this beautiful home.
They injured me sorely, my time won’t

*Ornament4R*Be long. For just a few days, I’ll stand here*Ornament2R*
strong. They’ve tried to care for me as best they
can, fixed me up real purty, I’m not sure of their plan.
I’ve been stretched and pulled, decorated with gadgets.

*Ornament1B*I’m beginning to feel, a bit of the season’s magic. I hear*Ornament2B*
children singing, sometimes I wish I couldn’t, for some can’t sing
at all, so I wish they wouldn’t. Someone praises my beauty, I’d blush if

*Ornament3G*I could, instead I stand here silently, like I know I should. After all, I’m a*Ornament4G*
Douglas Fir, now called a Christmas Tree, here to please, my adopted family.
I stand tall and proud, the holiday is planned. Soon it will be Christmas, across

the land. Merry Christmas to
you all, I wish you the best.
And know that in the long run,
your lives are blessed.

*GiftB* *GiftG* *GiftO* *GiftP* *GiftR* *GiftT* *GiftV* *GiftW* *GiftY* *GiftB* *GiftG* *GiftO* *GiftP* *GiftR* *GiftT* *GiftV* *GiftW* *GiftY*

Jim Dorrell
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