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Getting a little more physical in a make out session for Lesson #3
Romantica - Week #3 - January 12 to 18, 2015.

Assignment 3:

A wants B. They are alone together at B's home. Focus on the five senses, what A sees, hears, feels, tastes, and smells. It’s time for a make out session. Have them kissing and touching each other. Tell me what B feels like to A. What B's touch makes A feel. Don’t rush over the kissing. Keep it slow and steady. Create a vivid scene. Include enough detail that enhances the scene and pulls your reader right into the action as they savor every moment right along with your characters. Combine their emotions and their senses. Give some inner dialog as things progress.

Word count: 1,000-2000. Assignments are due end of the day Sunday

It was getting harder to study, to focus. Her mind would drift off and settle on the image of Garrison. His face shimmered into her view sending ripplings to flow through her body. A hum of awareness swirled around her and that lifted a smile to her lips at just the thought.

She set her books aside and grabbed her jacket. She needed some fresh air and a chance to find some clarity. The walk wound its way into the arboretum where she found herself on a bench by a sweep of flowers so glorious she decided to stay awhile.

This was where Garrison found her. Before he reached her, she sensed his approach and turned to find him smiling at her. She smiled back and he moved toward her.

"Hey, imagine finding you here." he said with a deep rumble that skittered across her skin. When he sat down beside her, she could feel his warmth and could not help inhaling the intoxicating strength of him. Sandlewood soap. His hair was still damp from a recent shower.
"How?' was all she could manage.

"I was coming out of the athletic center when I saw you heading this way. You didn't hear me call, so I decided to follow you... you don't mind, do you?"

She shook her head, letting the smile slip and tip her lips up. He looked delectable in his faded jeans and red t-shirt that wrapped his firm abs and showed off his corded arms that she wanted wrapped around her. She longed to feel his warmth and strength.

Her eyes took him in and moved to gaze into his own clear blue depths. Her teeth bit her bottom lip and slowly let it slip back into place. She watched him glance down at her lips. He seemed to hold his breath. Watching. Slowly she traced her tongue along her upper lip and watched his eyes darken with desire.

Her blood fired with the power of it, but she was quickly lost in the sensation of it as he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. On a gasp, he deepened the pressure and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Tentatively their tongues touched and she felt a breathless moan move through her body. A deeper moan echoed hers as he deepened the kiss further and pulled her into his arms so that her breasts pressed into his hard chest. She wrapped her arms up around his neck and played with the soft silky strands of his damp hair. This was heaven.

How long they stayed that way she did not know. Time seemed to stand still.

She loved the feel of his hands moved up and down her back holding her close.

When they did break apart, he leaned his forehead against hers. His breathing was as erratic as her own. He gazed into her eyes as his lips tipped up in a grin that sent a thrill through her.

"That was mind blowing." he said in a husky whisper.

"Oh my... is it always like that?" she asked breathlessly.

"No... that was... all us."


"Yeah, oh... that was combustible." There was a touch of awe in his voice.

Remembering the blond hanging on him the night she first met him, she said, "You sure that doesn't happen to you more often."

She was pulling back, trying to find her equilibrium. Trying to put some distance between them.

Looking at her with mild concern and confusion he moved his hands up to cradle her face. He forced her to gaze up into his eyes. When she did, he said with genuine sincerity, "I have never experienced that before. Not from a first kiss.... not from any kiss."

"But..." she began.

"No buts, Millar. That was all US." his quiet rumble emphasized the last word as he kept eye contact with her. Leaning forward he brushed his lips across hers again. Slowly he deepened the kiss and felt her distance slip away as she melted back into his arms.
She was lost in the sensation again. Wrapped in his heaven. This was where she wanted to be, where she longed to be, but was she ready for more.

When they shifted again, Garrison held her close as their breathing resumed a more regular rhythm. The day had dipped into early evening and the sun was starting to slip down behind the tree line. Millar was surprised the time had passed so quickly. She looked over at Garrison and he smiled warmly at her as he reached over to trail his thumb along her jawline. The touch sent tendrils of sensation over her sensitized skin.

After a time, Millar moved so that she was beside him, still touching but not wrapped so firmly in his embrace. The experience this man had scared her. Taking a deep breath she decided to let him know, "I've never done... IT before." Millar admitted looking down at her hands that she held twisted together.

"It?" he asked, looking at her with one raised brow. Millar peeked up at him and felt her face flame with embarrassment. She dipped her eyes once again.

"The deed." she whispered, her face feeling like it would melt away.

Garrison could not help the chuckle that rumbled out of him. The sound brought Millar's eyes up to meet his again. She gave him a dark look that had him struggling to rein in the merriment. When he managed, he reached for her hand, his eyes still holding hers. "Millar when we do it, as you say, it will not be the deed. We will be making love."

Her breath hitched and her eyes widened, she could not look away. He gave her an assured smile then leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.

“Come on. I’ll walk you back.” He stood and held out his hand to her. She rose and slipped her hand into his. The sizzle was there. He pulled her into him and wrapped his arm around her waist. Slowly they headed back towards her residence.

Word Count = 1016.
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