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Conflict touches the lives of my couple - Garrison and Millar
Romantica Assignment #4 - Week 4 - January 19 to 25, 2015

Assignment 4:
With your characters in that comfort zone all warm and cozy, it’s time to present them with a conflict. I’m not going to give much direction here. Do you know your characters by now well enough to see what could potentially come between them? Emotions are on the line. Their relationship will be put to the test and choices have to be made, or not. Don't wrap up the conflict here, let it dangle at the end to keep me guessing. What I’m looking for is some fire from your characters, that deep-rooted passion, while the attraction they have for each other is still in high gear. Another great writing device is misconception. How easy is it for your characters to believe something that isn’t necessarily true? Everyone perceives people in different lights, even those they love. They don’t necessarily love everything about their significant other. Some things can be downright frustrating. People change. Attitudes change. Love truly does change us.
Use character "B" POV, write a conflict of at least 1000 words, no more than 2000.

The semester was beginning the final upswing of the year. As a break from studying and writing essay after essay, Garrison had invited Millar and their groups of friends out for a fun night to the Bullring. The evening had begun well enough with picking Millar and her friend up at their residence.

She looked fabulous drawing him to her with her smile. Her scent tickled at his senses stirring his blood and for a moment he thought to forgo the whole night and sweep her back to her room for more than just a taste of her. Her kiss of greeting had nearly brought him to his knees. As their lips met and her taste, a mixture of mint and cinnamon, locked onto his brain he felt himself go under. He was lost in her trance. He took no time to deepen the kiss and pull her body closer so that her breasts molded against his hard lines. He longed to explore under her short skirt, cup her breasts and bury his face within her. Memories of their one night together roared through his blood, igniting his very being.

Instead he made do with squeezing the firmness of her ass and pressing her into his growing erection. Her moan sent a thrill through him, singeing him and scattering his brain cells. He fought to maintain some kind of control but he felt it was a losing battle.

When their lips parted she smiled up at him with a mischievous grin letting him know she was well aware of the desire that swirled around them. He placed his forehead against hers and breathed deeply to steady his racing heart and return his breathing to a more regular pattern.

“You undo me.” He told her huskily.

“Do I now?” she asked coyly.

“You’re a little tease, you minx.”

She gave a throaty chuckle and rubbed her hips into his. A groan ripped out of his own lips as he gripped her tighter to him. Holding her firmly in place he whispered into her ear, “Carefully missy or we’ll have to do something about this.”

“Promises. Promises.” She whispered back in breathy wonderment.

"You two are certainly taking your sweet time. Come on already or we'll be late." her friend called out to them from down the hall.

"We'd best go. I did promise you a night out dancing with our friends." he whispered huskily.

She nodded, moving back. She gave him a wistful smile before taking his hand. "Are you ready?' She asked looking down at the bulge in his jeans.

"I will be if you stop staring at me like that."

Chuckling she looked up at him, gave him a wink then moved to walk ahead of him as she lead him slowly down the hall to meet up with their friends. He was glad she stayed ahead of him, and just as glad that she kept her only contact her hand in his. That touch alone was enough to fire his blood, but he willed himself to find a distraction, letting his mind travel back to the foaling birth that morning in the west barn.

Hours later he wished he had followed his initial desire and swept her off to room and kept her to himself. Now the glare that cut through the din of the Bullring left a sting that had him wondering what the hell he had done to deserve it. The world faded back and all he saw was her anger and for a moment, a flash of hurt.

In confusion, he thought back over the night and could see nothing amiss. He had left for a short while. Long enough to take his friend Gloria back to her dorm. She had been thoroughly plastered, leaning heavily on him, whispering to him words so slurred he could not make them out. He figured she'd be safer at home in her own bed than here so he had left. But he had not been gone that long and he had told her friends he was taking her.

Now he was back and as he moved towards Millar, he could feel the chill her eyes gave him. He needed to know what had upset her.
When he went to speak, she raised her hand and looked away, "Don't speak to me."

The starkness of her tone cut the chill straight to his bones and he looked at her dumbfounded and completely baffled.

She moved to walk away. Breaking through the crowd she was quick to make her way to the exit like the fires of hell were after her. Unable to stop himself, he followed needing to know what had turned the sweetness of her touch and voice to this angry vixen.

Outside he managed to catch up to her and reached out to grab her arm to stop her hasty retreat. "Wait, Millar... what has happened.... what have I done..."

"Don't touch me..." she whirled back at him as she jerked herself out of his grasp.

Letting go he held his hands up in defense. "Okay. Okay. I've let go... please tell me what has you so upset...."

"You have no clue." She said to him in an icy tone; her glare chilling his blood.

"No... tell me."

"If you don't know.... then you are more clueless...." Tears fired up in her eyes and stole her breath. She turned away.

Garrison moved to stand close to block her leaving. He did not understand, but he was also not willing to let her run off into the darkness alone. "Tell me.. explain it to me. Let me fix..."

"Fix it." She let out a mirthless laugh. "You don't get it... leave me alone, Garrison."

As he stood staring down into her upturned gaze, he felt helpless. Her friend appeared beside her.

Pushing past, Millar moved off heading for her residence. Garrison watched then turned a helplessly confused gaze back to her friend. "What the hell?"

Sharanda gave him a dirty look of her own.

"What the hell happened? What did I do? Why is she so fire ripped?"

"Think about it Garrison. How would you feel if some ex boyfriend of hers hung on her drunkenly and she left with him...."


"Just think about it." Sharanda told him before hurrying off after her friend.

Garrison stood there speechless. What the hell? he thought completely bowled over.

Word Count = 1069
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