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The long story about my long absence from WDC. It's the story I promised 2 write 4 you.
Some background may help readers to understand this story, so I'm going to share some information which may be a repeat, Promise, I'll be brief.

I've been a member of the disability community since I was born. Being in a hurry, I arrived 6 weeks early. No problem now, but in 1953, it was a huge deal. I'm not quite blind as a bet, but am close to this situation. So, I blow up the items on the computer screen and enjoy WDC.

Fall of 1992 was another huge change for me which speaking of fall, I did. I was hit by a huge white car while walking my bicycle to the bike shop. I fell oner the hood, then onto the ground. My bike was a mess, me I thought ok. As time passed, I wasn't ok. more time has passed to now and I have a major laundry list of medical challenges or as some people prefer to think problems. Now is not the time nor the place. I'll be glad to into as much detail as you want later, Back to the story. No, don't worry, I have plenty of reasons to *Smile* *Laugh* and enjoy life. I roll with the punches because I have the right equipment; Always, I have a place to sit because I bring my own chair wherever I go.

Recently, I have become more bionic. Several years ago I had cataract surgery. Recently,oh...about a year or so, I was gifted a pair of hearing aids, because I'm almost deaf as a post...well...not quite that bad. I'm going bald, yikes! I'm losing the hair inside my ears which is causing many different sounds at many different pitches, and at many different noise levels and all of this never stops. Try listening to 2 orchestras at once with the tunes constantly changing and (the beat goes on). *Laugh*

So now we have arrived where I tell you the rest of the story

Wait! Are you ready for this? I will do my best to not upset anyone, or frighten anyone.
I have herniated discs in my neck at C5,6,7 which rear their ugly heads and cause severe dizziness, nausea, and there can be pain with or without. When this happens depending on how bad it is, I may spend as little as a few hours miserable and laying down, or I may spend days very, very miserable laying down and trying not to breath as much as possible and yet live. All I can do when these symptoms are extremely horrible is lay still and not even twitch.

Being a living corps is not fun, but doable when to attempt the slightest movement means severe dizziness and nausea. So, I spent three days playing dead and waited until I was able to very slowly move again. I barely drank because well, the nausea thing would rear it's ugly head and I would be much worse. Eating was completely out of the question. Anyone want to go on a diet?

This is not my idea of a weight loss program which I would recommend to my worst enemy much less anyone friend or foe. It took a while for me to completely get back to my usual self. Through out my unwanted and unscheduled absence from WDC and DWG, I had smaller bouts of dizziness and nausea. These episodes were less of a problem, yet I was unable to function as well as I would have liked. Often I thought about all pf the members of WDC and DWG who missed me and had no idea what was happening. Whenever I was able to leave a clue/message to let people know I was still breathing and intended to return, I did so and then had to rest and hold onto the hope of being able to return as soon as possible.

Along with this physical challenge, I was besieged by other problems. Some were medical and physical, others were technical. Access to the internet became a huge issue because of my computer. When the computer started having intermittent issues, the search for solutions became a priority. When these were fixed barely enough to communicate, the modem or router became irresponsive. Right now I'm still working on thin ice because the computer still isn't working(the older one), and the new one which was given to me through a special program is not yet set up so that I can use it without struggling/a challenge. Fortunately, I am able to accomplish tasks and communicate. Nope, we're not done yet, there's more.

The phone suddenly stopped working in my bedroom, and guess what? You got it! I again was unable to access the internet. Fortunately a friend was able to locate and fix the problem. I took most of the afternoon of one day and a portion of another day to complete the necessary repairs.

Most of the technical stuff is out of the way, so on to the rest of the medical stuff. Other issues I've had are having the worst cold, virus, and something unknown all at once. Many people suffered with this unique health combination drag you down to the depths of misery and spindle and mutilate you, then rehearse everything all over again, so that a person felt like if they were not dead, they gave death a thought. As for me, I was hit so hard all I could is go to bed and stay there for weeks. It took me about 5 weeks to get close to remembering I was human, and an additional 3 or more to start to feel like I was human. By the time I knew and felt human months had passed by and unfortunately, WDC and DWG members had no idea what was happening, or rather what was not happening. here were less major health events which interfered with my life, yet, I still managed to do simple activities for very short periods of time. Using the computer and accessing the internet during these times was not a priority because I had to conserve what energy I had to care for the plants and animals.

I still will have ups and downs, some major and some minor, however, my heart will be with all of you. As much as possible, whenever something happens which keeps me from being regularly active on WDC, I will do my best to communicate so that you will at least have a clue.

I will within a few days return and edit this writing so that it is better written and organized. I wanted first to fulfill my promise, then get the thoughts/ideas written so they don't get lost, and then polish this word art for you.

Safe travels and many blessings.

I've managed to return to WDC after another long absence, Unfortunately, my attempt to tell the previous long story was delayed and perhaps may not be completed or added to because I have very little recall right now about events which happened many, many months ago. I will try to construct these events and add them later.

Safe travels and many blessings.

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