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A bit of poetry to describe the second month of the year.
Oh, February how I do love thee,          
Month of trees adorned in hard polished pearls.          
You are a razor sharp frozen beauty          
Indifferent, scathing, loathe to unfurl.          
Diamond dust in snow banks glittering,          
Frigid air with ferocious fangs nipping.          
Ice heaves, shudders, crackles, snaps skittering.          
Snow dervishes swirl, sullen stippling.          
What a stark uncompromising season          
To engender love; tender, innocent,          
An emotion sans unbridled reason,          
Attraction, passion, new, magnificent.          
You're a cynical sentimental gal.          
Teasing a poor groundhog's timid shadow          
With a sun so meanly elliptical;          
Gleefully short Valentine's slings and arrows.          
Oh, February how I do love thee          
Month of crisply hoar- frosted shortened days.          
A few less days of winter blindingly          
Accosting me with mad 'februm's' dismay.
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