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A different twist on myths, legends, fairy tails and reality.
The Cats out of the Bag

(A real life Fairytale)

Fairy tales. That's all "normal" people think they are, but we're not. Many of the stories you read about, mainly the children stories, are just stories but they did have a beginning. Though they never happened the way you read them or even see on tv.
Many of the stories were darker, nastier and more cruel than you can imagine creating a dark time that lasted for over a century. It is that reason for the creation of "The Council of Elders". To put a stop to the abuse some of us were doing to the normal people and creating a war that nearly destroyed us.
The war had lasted well over a hundred years, for us that was a long time. And it cost many lives on both sides, normals and us. Because of that war our numbers dropped drastically and soon the normals took over the planet forcing us into hiding, sort to speak.
Those that stayed learned to live among them the best we could, but like the normals there were those that hated hiding and they are part of the stories you read about today. The Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and even a few Fairies, Trolls and Dragons just to name a few.
But their numbers were few and they were the minority that said we should be in charge of the world, not the normals. While we fought each other the normals had taken over, changed the world we knew to suit them. That's when we knew our time was over.
In order to keep the peace between the normals and us The Council had to figure out how to deal with the few that rebelled. That decision was not easy for them but it had to be done. They created a barrier to protect both realms and spells that hid us from them, not that they needed it.
That's were I came in. I'm a Hunter, one of last. The council hand picked us from the best, strongest and most loyal. We trained together in teams of three, learning each others skills, strengths and weakness. We learned to cover each other in fights that would normally kill one or two of us but rarely all three.
It had taken many centuries to find and stop all the dissidents, I lost many team members during our many fights. In the end we had won, sort of. The ones that we had captured were brought to the council to be tried and punished.
Yet the council could not bring themselves to kill the ones that were left so they turned them into pets for the normals. Stripping them of all their powers so they could do no more harm and hopefully learn from their past deeds. If they did they could be changed back, so far none have.
Being turned into pets was a punishment that continues today for those that do something wrong. Like most crimes committed by humans, we too had to pay for our misdeeds and the council punished you according to the severity of that crime. Sometimes that punishment also hurt people they loved, but it had to be done.
The loss of so many comrades in arms had devastated the Hunters numbers. And with the immediate threat gone, the council thought it best not to train others until such time as we were needed again. A foolish thought if you ask me, so those of us that were left were kept in reserve until needed.
So here I am, working like a normal living among them like many of us and no one knows we are here. It's not bad really, I have a girl friend who was witch and is now my house cat. Yes she did something bad and got punished for it.
My best friend Fred, is a normal from work. He is married has two great kids that I care for and would die for if need be. Kids can sense who we are like they can see ghosts when most adults can't. That's becasue their minds are more open to the world around them. However it's because they can't understand what they see that sometimes scares them and that where monsters come from.
It's also why we can live among adults so easily. Since adults refuse to see what's in front of them, closing their minds to the merely obvious, they just don't see us any more. We have simply become stories to them, vanishing into the myths, legends and fairy tails they grew up reading about.

Today is Saturday, I was going to help Fred this morning work on his car but I received a message from the Council before that could happen. I was in the shower when the call came in so they left me a message.
I stepped out of the shower and there in front of me was an orb of slow pulsing light. It only lite up when I was done so I would not be disturbed, how considerate. I took my towel and stepped back into the shower dried off then wrapped it around me and stepped out again.
I went over the mirror wiped it off with my hand towel and rubbed my face. I waved my hand over in front of the mirror, the stubble disappeared. I hated shaving and missed the old days when I could let it grow out a bit, made me look more debonair. Hmm.
"You gonna answer that?" I looked down and saw Kimberly sitting by the door looking up at me. A beautiful Siamese cat if there ever was one and my girlfriend.
"In a minute. Let me get dressed fist." I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom tossed the towel on the chair then opened up my dresser.
"Hmm," she said purring and licking her chops. "I miss being human." I didn't look at her just put on my pants and grabbed a shirt.
"Then you shouldn't have stolen all that money."
"I stole it from the mob, and you know why!"
"And that's why the Council let me take care of you instead someone else. But stealing is still stealing and you have three more years left before they'll hear your case again." She huffed out of the room. I did miss her too.
I finished getting dressed combed my hair then went and sat at my desk, the glowing lite came over stopping in front of me. I reached out ant touched, it glowed bright then died, in front of me was a shimmering image of a female fairy hovering in mid air.
"Thank you for returning my call." She said. Princess Thesis was on the council, actually she was head of the council after all she started it.
"Sorry Princess, I was in the shower."
"Understandable. We have two tasks for you to deal with if you are up to it?"
"Of course. What are they?"
"Joe Flanagan's case is due tomorrow, we would like you to pick him up and bring him to us." Twenty years already, were does the time go?
"What happened to his handler?"
"That's the second part, she disappeared. We have been unable to contact her for some time." I leaned forward.
"You should have contacted me immediately Princess. A handler disappearing is cause for worry."
"Yes, we know. We sent Tym to investigate but he too has disappeared."
"Again, you should have contacted immediately. Send me their last known location and I'll take a look."
"Thank you Luther. Fly swiftly and be safe." The image faded along with the glowing orb. I got up went to my closet, pulled up the floor access hatch and took out a large bag. I put the hatch back then tossed the bag on the bed and opened it.
"So, the council wants to see Joe. Haven't seen him in years, he still breeding?"
"Yep." She jumped up on the bed and sat on her pillow watching me inspect the contents of my bag.
"Any idea why his handler would go missing?"
"Tym is good, it would take something big, bad and mean to make him disappear."
"I'm going too." I closed the bag and looked at her.
"No, your not." The door bell rang before she could say anything. I grabbed my bag and went to answer it dropping it by the door. I opened it and saw Fred there, damn.
"Fred! Why are you here?"
"Alice took the kids to the mall to do some shopping then go see a movie. So she dropped me off on the way. I figured we could go pick up the parts before starting work on the car."
"I'm sorry Fred but I have an errand to run first. Pick up a friend and take him to an appointment."
"No problem. Mind if I just tag along?" Kim meowed, Fred knelt down and petted her.
"That might not be a good thing Fred. He has the mumps..."
"Kids already had them, so did Alice and me." Kim meowed again but this time it sounded different. Fred looked at her funny. "Did she just say..." Fred shook it off.
"How much did you drink last night Fred?" Fred shook his head again then saw my bag.
"I have to go Fred, I'll drop you off at your place then be back as soon as I can." I picked up the bag and head towards my car with Kim and Fred right behind me.
"I really don't mind waiting Luther. It's not like I have anything else to do today and the car can wait." I threw my bag in the back seat of my 66 Chevy Impala, Kim jumped in and Fred got in the front sear. I got in just as Kim meowed again and this time it was different.
"Lets go!" She said. I looked at Fred who was looking at Kim. Oh crap. I waved my hand at him trying to erase his memory, he just looked at me.
"Why did you wave your hand at me?" I did it again and again but nothing happened.
"Oh, oh. This isn't good." Kim said.
"Your cat talked!" Fred said. I started the car and headed out of the driveway and down the street. "How can your cat talk?"
"Could this have something to do with Joe's missing handler?" Kim asked. Fred looked at her even more shocked.
"I don't know, but we need to get Joe and fast. This can't be a coincidence." I told her.
"Your talking... to your cat!" Fred was almost in a panic.
"Fred this is Kim and my girlfriend." He looked at Kim.
"Nice to finally talk to you Fred. How's Alice and the kids?"
"They're... fine." He said slowly turning back around.
"She's a witch Fred. Got into trouble then got turned into a cat for it. I'm her handler and boyfriend. Long story don't ask right now."
"Yeah, okay. So... she's a witch... that make you a warlock?"
"No, I'm a wizard actually, no such things as warlocks. Like I said long story, later." Fred sat there quiet trying not to look at Kim who was cleaning herself.
We had gone only ten miles, stopping at a small house at the end of a long street. it was an old home on a large piece of land. It was a breeding home for pure breed dogs.
"Be right back." I told them got out and headed towards the house. An elderly woman answered the door. We hugged and I went in.

"So, Fred. This must seem strange to you, a talking... Cat! Who use to be a... Witch! And your best friend turning out to be a... Wizard! Who's girlfriend is now a... Cat?" She was doing that on purpose.
"Nooo..." Fred said shaking his head not looking at her.
"Deep breaths Fred. Deep breaths." Fred did as she told him.

"Joe." I said looking down at him in the cage. The German Shepard looked up at me then growled.
"Been along time Luther."
"Yep. Council sent me to pick you up." Joe jumped up excited.
"Where's Terrie? That's her job."
"Missing and that's only the start of our problems." The other dogs were barking up at storm while we talked.
"She's probably signing over someone's death bed." Joe said turning to the other cages.
"Shut Up!" He yelled. "Damn bitches, never shut up and are always in heat."
"Hard life?"
"Funny! Now get me out of here will you!" I opened up the cage and let him out.
"Twenty years of this takes a lot out of you." Joe said.
"That's your own fault. Going after the princess the way you did, you broke her heart."
"I broke her heart? She dumped me! Then turned me into a dog to do nothing but breed with these bitches!" He yelled towards the other dogs. "And for what? Because I told her I loved her."
"It wasn't what you said it was the way you said it. Now lets go we have to find Tym as well."
"He went looking for Terrie, he disappeared too." Joe stopped.
"Anything capable of making Tym disappear is something I don't want to be part of." He headed back to the cage. I grabbed his collar to stop him.
"You go back now there'll be no chance of you getting back to normal, or making amends to the princess."
"Damn." He said then followed me out.

Fred and Kim sat watching Luther, the old lady and the dog while they talked at the front door. The old woman knelt down hugged and kissed the dog then hugged Luther again. She waved at them then went back inside. Luther opened up his door pushed the seat forward and let the dog in.
"Joe!" Kim said.
"Damn. You're the last person I wanted to see."
"Aw, what's the matter Joe, hard life?" Joe growled at her.
"That line got old fifteen years ago woman!" I got in started up the car and headed back down the street. Poor Fred was staring at them both.
"What's your problem?" Joe asked Fred.
"The dog is talking too." Fred said slowly.
"What! He can understand us?" Joe asked. Fred just nodded.
"Like I said Joe, just the start to our problems."
"The council know about this?"
"Don't know." I told him. I saw Kim cleaning herself again, Joe was watching her.
"Want some help Kim?" She looked up then slapped him across the face with her paw.
"Next time I wont keep my claws in." She told him.
"Behave Joe. If you don't then I'll tie you to the bumper and make you run after us."
"Keep it in your pants Luther. I was just having some fun with her." Fred turned back around breathing deeply in and out. Kim jumped up on the back of my seat looking over my shoulder.
"Were are we going?" She asked. I pulled out my smart phone and tapped the shield on the screen. The screen changed to show the route we needed to go ending at an old building outside of town, way out side of town. An hours drive at best.
"Nice place to hide." Joe said looking at it.
"Why do these things always end up in the outskirts at some run down buildings?" Kim finished. I put the phone down and drove. Fred just sat there continuing to take deep breaths.

I stopped the car about a mile from the building. We could see the road leading up to it hadn't been used in a while but someone was home, a light on the top of the building was on. I started forward slowly being cautious and alert, Joe had his nose in the air sniffing for trouble.
"Tym is here." He said.
"Is Terrie?"
"Can't tell." He sniffed some more. "There's... something else here that's for sure, but I cant make it out. Tym needs to bathe more his odor is overpowering this place." I got out opened up the car door and took out my bag. Kim and Joe got out too. I saw Fred get out and sighed.
"Stay here Fred. This is going to get ugly and bloody." I sat the bag down opened it up and took out my armor. Fred came over saw what I was putting on and smiled.
"This has got to be the coolest thing I've ever experienced!" He said. I finished strapping on my leg plates then strapped on my sword belt.
"What about your marriage to Mary and the birth of your kids?" I asked.
"That was different, this... this is just off the charts!"
"I really need you to stay here Fred. Alice will kill me if you get hurt." I placed my swords in my belt then threw the bag back into the car.
"Would it be any safer here than with you?" He asked. He had definitely overcome his shock.
"Depends on how bad it gets." I told him. He looked at my swords then took one from the belt turning it over in his hands. I was surprised at his choice.
"Exactly. That's why I'm going with you. I may not be a wizard or a swordsman like you obviously, which you need to tell me about some day, but I can fight you know that."
"Alice is going to kill you." Kim told me.
"Yeah." I said. We started towards the front door then planted my self along the side of the wall. I looked at Joe while he sniffed around.
"Clear." He whispered. I tried to look in the window but they were all blocked out. I reached for the door handle, the door was already open. I gave it a nudge staying to the side. Nothing happened so I went in slow and easy. Joe followed with Fred and Kim behind.
It was dark in the building but I could tell from the eco that it was wide open inside, someone had gutted the place. We went in a few more steps then the door slammed... of course it did. Fred tried the handle but it wouldn't move. I opened up my hand summoned a light ball then tossed it into the air, it moved towards Tym stopping over him.
"Cool." Fred muttered. Joe growled a him. In the middle of the building right in front of us was Tym out cold. A figure was lying next to him but I couldn't make it out.
"That's... a Dragon!" Fred whispered to me all excited.
"Can't you keep him quiet?" Joe asked angrily.
"That's Tym." I whispered back, Joe growled at us both. Tym was not your ordinary Dragon. He was a brown Dragon, commonly known as Earth Dragons.
Although normals have many legends and types of Dragons, there are actually only five types. Brown for Earth, White for air, Red for fire and Blue for water. The fifth was the ultimate dragon, a combination of all four. They were born as apart of the elements that formed the Earth. It is said that if they all die so does the Earth that is why they are the most powerful creatures of both realms.
We continued further into the building waiting for whom ever did this to come out and attack us. We got to Tym and saw Terrie tied up next to him, both were unconscious .
"Is that what I think it is?" He asked.
"She.. not it. And she is a Keener." I told him. Joe was sniffing around while I untied her.
"She looks like a Banshee! A very... beautiful... Banshee."
"That's what normals called her kind."
"Your married Fred!" Kim told him.
"Yeah, but I'm not dead." Joe stopped at a doorway sniffed hard then ran back to us.
"Orks!" He said.
"Orks? Seriously?" Fred asked.
"You sure?" I asked.
"I never forget a stench like that. And they're coming, I can hear them, a lot of them too."
"You need to wake them up now!" Kim said. I stepped back put my sword back in the belt then pulled out a small cylinder from a pouch on the back. I broke it and waved it under Terrie's nose. It took a moment before she started to stir then opened her eyes.
"What's going on?" She asked. I turned and waved it under Tym's nose but nothing was happening.
"What's that? Some sort of magical herb or something?" Fred asked.
"Smelling salt. But its not working on Tym." I dropped it stood up and raised both hands. They started to glow growing brighter and brighter until the room was a glow. I was starting to strain from the spell but Tym was not waking up.
"Not working." I said.
"Let me handle this." Joe went up to Tym's face sniffed around his nose then lifted his leg. Tym screamed, more like roared in anger raising his body into the air almost hitting the ceiling five floor above. He looked down at Joe.
"I'm going to kill you for that Joe!" Tym's roar shook the whole building.
"Later!" I yelled turning around and watching Orks come out of the dark rooms around us.
"That bitch did this!" Tym yelled.
"Don't look at me!" Kim yelled jumping onto Joe's back.
"Not you." He turned to Terrie almost going nose to nose. "Her!" We looked at her. She smiled, her body started to glow and her hair started to dance. She floated off the ground turning towards us but moving towards the Orks.
"Why are you doing this Terrie?"
"So we can regain our rightful place on this world. We ruled it once and now we will do it again!" She spoke like she was signing, it was musical but sour at the same time.
"She used me a booster to break the spell placed on the normals, it also destroy the walls that protected both realms. They can see us for who we are now." Tym finished.
"She broke the barrier?" I asked.
"The council is going to love this." Kim said.
"When we break out of here we will march onto this world and retake it. Nothing will stand in our way!"
"Except us." I said.
"A minor detail." She waved her hands and the Orks attacked. Kim jumped onto Tym's tail and yelled.
"Tym, rafters!" He flicked his tail flinging her into the air. She landed on the rafters high above us then took off into the darkness, the Orks and Terrie ignoring her.
I waved my hand creating a bright light I knew would temporarily blind the Orks giving us a small advantage.
Tym swung his tail knocking down a dozen Orks, but they just got back up. Joe jumped into the air tearing at the throat of the Orks while making his way towards Terrie. Fred and I were back to back fighting off the Orks the best they could. He was surprisingly a good sword fighter and fought dirty too. I could see why the sword chose him.
Kim came flying down out of the rafter like a hell cat landing on Terrie biting and clawing, it gave Joe just the edge he needed. He jumped from Ork to Ork heading straight for Terrie jumped into the air then landed right on top of her. She had brought up her arm just as he went for her throat. His jaws clamped down her arm he tried to pulled her down.
She screamed a deafening scream the even made the Orks stop, then threw off Joe and Kim both flying across the open space like toys being slammed against the wall. They stopped moving.
"Kim!" I yelled. I threw another blinding light this time throwing the Orks away from us. We started to make their way to Kim and Joe. Slicing and stabbing Ork after Ork, but were quickly stopped then surrounded again. Tym was also being quickly over whelmed by Orks that kept pouring out of the darkness.
I screamed madder than I had been in centuries. I lite my sword on fire then slammed it into the concert. The shock wave threw everyone to the ground except Terrie and me. I stood there starting at her, ready to kill her and she knew it.
"Enough!" Terrie yelled. She started to float towards me.
"You use to be a friend once." I told her. "Warrior's fighting along side one another in many battles. But no more, your betrayal means your death." I raised my flaming sword then charged her. She swung hitting me hard enough to throw me back. I slid to a stop got back up and ran towards her even faster.
She swung again but missed, I dove on by swinging my sword hitting her in her right side. She flung around grabbed me by the neck then threw me again this time across the room.
Tym swung his tail at her, she grabbed it in mid swing then pulled him hard. He fell to the floor allowing the Orks to attack regaining their edge. He continued to fight even though it was a losing battle.
I stood up grabbed my sword then wiped the blood off his mouth. I started to head towards Terrie again killing any Ork that got into his way. Terrie was screaming at my approach. Her call brought out more Orks from the darkness to trying and stop me.
"This is not Camelot, you can not win this battle Luther."
"And live under your rule? I'll die before that happens!" I yelled then stopped. My eyes widened at what I saw next. Fred jumped from nearby rafter coming down on her sword in hand. Terrie turned just in time to see the sword plunged into her chest. She screamed grabbed him then threw him hard against the wall twenty feet into the air then fall to ground, no longer moving.
"NO!" I screamed running towards her then plunged my flaming sword into her back. Her scream was like nothing before, the windows blowing out of every room on every floor as she fell to the floor.
The building started to shake violently, the roof disappeared upwards out of sight. The walls, rafters and everything else was ripped outward leaving only us and the Orks. The Orks stopped and stared when they saw the thousands of the mystical creatures running towards them ready to fight.
I fought my way towards Fred with a ferocity I hadn't felt in years. By the time I got to Fred the Orks no longer wished to fight me instead they started to run.. I knelt down at Fred's lifeless body lifting him up into his arms. I turned and saw Joe limping towards me dragging his left rear leg, with Kim's body in his mouth. The battle did not last long, with Terrie laying on the ground dead the Orks quickly retreated back into their darkness.
Slowly the others gathered around me, Joe and Tym starting at us and our dead friends. A fairy floated down landing in front of us, it was Princess Thesis. She glowed, then started to grow until she was as tall as me. Her wings moving ever so slightly behind her.
Several other creatures, all from the council came out of the crowd to stand near them. They took each other by the hand encircling us. Everyone did the same, creating a energy like none other before. The area started to glow, a bight white light that could be seen for miles.

Dozens of helicopter, mostly military, circled the glowing area. The Military, police and news crews along with lookie loo's, were on hand watching and waiting to see what happened next. It was late into the afternoon when the glow died and all that was left were six figures standing there, everyone else was gone.
"You gonna just hold me like a baby or are you gonna put me down?" Fred asked. I smiled then dropped Fred. Fred picked himself up off the ground then saw the military started to move towards them guns at the ready.
"Don't move!" Someone yelled. I raised my hand above my head and a barrier came down around us moving outward pushing the military away from us. I knelt down and picked up Kim holder her tight. She was purring up a storm and we were both trying not to cry.
"You did us proud to day... Luther of Camelot." The princess told him. Fred looked at me with surprise and wonder.
"I'll explain later." I told him.
"You all did us proud today." She waved her hand at Kim. Kim jumped to the ground then started to change morphing back into her old self. Before us stood a very beautiful Asian woman that looked like an China doll. We held each other tight for a few minutes then knelt down in front of the Princess.
"May this bond of love never be broken again." She said then leaned towards Kim. "Or next time this will be permanent." Winking at Kim.
We stood up then back up while she turned to Joe standing there waging his tail. She waved her hand and he too started too morph back to his old self. Fred's eyes went wide.
"Is he...?"
"A Goblin... and King." Kim finished.
"Of course," Fred muttered. "What else would he be." Joe knelt down at her feet took the Princess hand in his then looked up at her.
"My love. Saying I'm sorry can never undo the mistake of words I made in the past. I can only promise to do better by you, to love you for who you are not what I wished you were. For you are who I wish you to be.... My wife." He stood up and she knelt down. Then they took each other their arms and kissed for a very long time. When they parted she slapped him hard.
"Never cross me again my love, or next time I'll just castrate you!" She told him then they kissed again. We cringed at the thought.
"Okay, happily ever after and all that." Tym said. "I thinks it's time we left princess."
"One last task." She said turning to Fred.
"This is Fred Morgan princess." I said introducing Fred.
"Fred Morgan, you also did us proud. Your courage today in this epic battle did you and your family great honor." She held out her hand to me. I quickly picked up our swords handing the one Fred used to her. She took it in both hands looked at it then me, smiled then lifted the blade to her face.
"Kneel Fred Morgan." She told him. Fred got down on one knee looking up at her.
"The true test of a Knight and Hunter is often long and hard. Today, you have proven your worthiness and loyalty to both by standing next to one of the best in battle. It is with great honor that I Knight you and offer you the position of Hunter, not just to our realm but that of the human realm as well."
"Do not take this position lightly Fred Morgan. For it is one of the most trusted and honorable positions we can offer and it will be filled with many dangers from both worlds. Do you accept Fred Morgan?" He looked up at her.
"It is my honor and my duty to accept this task, joining my friends in defending both realms, Princess." She tapped the sword to both shoulders .
"Then rise Sir Morgan, Knight and Hunter of Camelot." She lay the sword out in both her hands handing it out to him. He took smiling like the Cheshire cat. The Princess turned to the people outside the shield that were watching us.
"Today, the walls that has kept us apart for countless centuries to protect both realms, have been torn down. Both worlds are now in peril from dangerous forces from both sides. When the time comes to fight and defend both realms, we will be there. I only pray you will be by our side." She turned away from the people and cameras took Joe by the hand then they climbed onto Tym's back.
"Until next time my friends." Tym said then headed off into the sky then disappeared in flash of light. Fred turned to Kim and me.
"So this is Kim?" He asked. She hugged him then gave him a quick peek on the cheek. "The kids are going to love this." He said.
"The cats out of the bag now." I said. "Things are going to get even more complicated."
"This would have been so much easier five hundred years ago." Kim told them.
"Just how old are you two?" We didn't answer.
"Knight of Camelot huh. Then you were King Author and that's Excalibur?" He asked looking at my sword.
"King Luther actually and no. Excalibur has chosen a new Knight to wield it... you." He took his sword and looked at it then smiled.
"I'll be damned."
"What do we tell them?" Kim asked looking at all the people staring at us
"Forget them." Fred said. "How am I going to explain all this to Alice and the kids?" The shield went down and the military quickly surrounded us screaming at us.
"You guys have the wrong idea, we're the good guys!" Fred yelled. The ground started to shake they turned and saw a large figure rise out of the ground several hundred feet away them. Everyone turned to see what was coming next.
"Already?" Kim was very upset. "I haven't slept with my husband in fifty years! Do you have any idea how frustrating that is?" Kim yelled at the red horned creature.
"Now's not the time Kim." I told her, although I felt the same way.
"At last!" It said in a deep dark foreboding voice. "I am free at last!"
"And what the hell is that?" Fred asked.
"Demon from hell, what else would it be?" I smiled at him. "You still have a lot to lean my young padawan." I joked. We drew our swords looked at each others then charged the Demon. Kim was quickly air born flying right next to them on her carpet glowing just as red as the Demon. This guy didn't know just how bad his timing was or how mad he made her.
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