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One night/ one decision - Trace decides Summer is worth it.
Trace had been fighting his attraction to Summer for too long.  Being his best friend’s little sister had made him steer clear; though she was not so little anymore.  He could admire the curves that had developed over the years.  Watching her had his body on fire, but there was too much tied into the connection and he did not want to risk his friendship with Kent.  Still, he ached with a need that staggered him.  Things would probably be better if he could avoid her, but Kent had insisted they all work together on this project and it meant too much to brush it off. 

Kent had organized Saturday morning drop in sessions at the rec center for the at risk kids in the area.  Having come from that same kind of background, Trace could not deny it was a great idea and he was ready to throw his skills into the ring to help a few kids Eck out a better life.  Today he was in charge of a group of boys who had signed on for basketball.  Given that a few girls were interested as well, made it so that Summer was there as well.  Unfortunately, for him it also left him off kilter.  He could ignore her just fine if it wasn't for the way her body rocked the cut offs and the t-shirt that threatened to rid up every time she lifted her arms.  If he wasn't careful he'd get a ball in the head. 

He'd been told she was doing arts and crafts and a writing group, but things had changed for the afternoon and he was going to be seeing a lot of her moving around him today. 

They'd put the kids through some drills and warm-ups, they'd joined in which only minimally helped his concentration.  When they shifted to game play they mixed the girls in with the boys to ease the battle of the sexes.  Each joined a team and the competition played out.

For a girl comfortable with her books, Summer had skills that left him staggering throughout the game.  It had been awhile since he'd seen her play.  Years ago she had been allowed to join in whenever she had shadowed her brother and pestered to play.  But now, her height and lithe abilities had him shaking his head as she snagged the ball away from him yet again.  Seriously, this was getting embarrassing. 

"You playing, there Trace or you just come here to gawk?" she called over to him after she'd made another basket.

Giving his head a shake, he grinned her way.  "We're on... just taking it easy.  First day and all."

“The kids don’t want easy,”  she called as the kids cheered their agreement. 

The next twenty minutes was high paced and electric.  By the time Trace called the game over everyone was sweaty and not willing to quit, but the gym was signed out by someone else so they sent the kids off. 

When they were gone, Summer moved close to him and looked up into his face.  "you play pretty good for a boy."

"Boy.  I am no boy." he grunted back at her. 

She let her gaze linger over his body as she gave a slow smile.  The look was like a caress and he felt it all the way through him, 
"No, you are no boy...." she stepped a little closer.  "I would love to...."

He gave her a speculative look waiting for her to finish her thought. 

She gave a sigh and smiled at him again before saying, "Just one kiss."

"What?" Shock spread through him; it mingled with his own desire.  To remind himself he added, "You're Kent's little sister."

"There is nothing little about me...." she moved a little closer and pressed a palm to his chest. He felt the touch like a shock wave. 

To brace himself, he held up his arms and settled his hands on her shoulders.  That was a mistake.  Awareness jolted through him with viper like speed. 

"One kiss... to satisfy my curiosity...."

"Your curiosity?"

She nodded moving in even closer.  Her scent mingled with the hot moistness of her skin drew him and he curled his fingers over her shoulders, pulling her into him and crushing his lips down over hers.  Her lips opened under the assault of his lips and she moaned deeply as she tangled her hands into his hair.  He was lost.

Groaning, he moved his hands down her back and settled on her ass.  He pulled her against him so that she could feel the rock hardness of his erection.  She moaned again.

When he pulled back their breath mingled as they fought to regain their equilibrium.  This girl was dangerous, but she was it for him.  He rested his forehead against hers. 

"That will never do."  she whispered huskily. 

He pulled back to look down into her smokey blue eyes. 

"One kiss will not be enough."  she added.

He had to agree, but struggled to remember why he had avoided her in the first place. "What will Kent have to say?"


"He is my best friend."

One sultry look and all thoughts of Kent fled. 

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