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Jane Austen's news and also tea with Jane Austen and her characters.
Jane Austen Newsletter April 2015
Author: Princess Megan Rose

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I am happy to announce that The Jane Austen Group is a 2014 Quills Nominee. We didn't win but I am happy that our JA Group is a Nominee. I'll take it. Thanks to who ever nominated us.

April is Poetry Month. Jane Austen wrote poems. Check out Goggle for her poems. They are short but entertaining. I don't know if she has a book of her poems or not but it would be nice to have a book of poems written by her.

What is new in Jane's world? I have a few things to share.

Kate Middleton and Jane Austen are 11th cousins. Imagine my surprise when I read this. How lucky can you get? Kate being a Princess and a cousin to Jane Austen, I would call that lucky. I would be happy being a Princess and cousin to Jane.

"Northanger Abbey" is considered a gothic novel. I can see why. It is cool and eerie. The castle in the movie looks spooky but I could live there.

Jane Austen's picture is in on a Bank Note. She replaces Charles Irwin on the note. I would say this is a good call. I would love to be in England and using this for money especially buying items at The Jane Austen Gift Store.
Pound note of Jane Austen.

A watercolor portrait of Jane Austen sold for $270,600 at Sotheby's in London. Wouldn't it be nice to own this portrait? Jane's sister Cassandra painted pictures of Jane Austen all the time and this is one of the portraits that she had painted.

A lay called: "The Elliots" based on Jane's novel "Perusuian" is now being shown in England. So is "Pride and Prejudice" which is now a musical.

Since I have a thing for tea sets and cherish my Jane Austen Tea Set gift from my friend Minya, I have been reading about tea.

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In Jane Austen's novels and letters, she always talked about tea. She drank tea like I drink Diet Pepsi. I drink a lot of it. Jane probably drank a cup of tea when she wrote her novels. Tea was so expensive so the Austens just drank it with the family and didn't offer it to visitors. Tea was a luxury back then.

Does anyone drink coffee in Jane's novels? No, tea was their choice of drink. When Mr. Collins thought of being married to Elizabeth Bennett, he thought of her and Lady Catherine drinking tea together. Elizabeth? Perish the thought. She would rather have thrown the tea on them but why waste a good cup of tea? She didn't marry Mr. Collins.

Jane drank sugar in her tea. When the peddler came to the door selling tea, there were three choices. Jane bought these and waited until she could go to town to buy other flavors. Tea sold for six shillings a pound. Tea was a precious commodity.

When Catherine Morland was sent home from "Northanger Abbey", her mother made her a cup of tea first thing. Like tea could cure a broken heart. When Emma offered Mrs. Bates coffee, Mrs. Bates said that only tea would do.

Mr. Darcy drank tea at breakfast as he was thinking about Elizabeth. Darcy and Elizabeth drank tea together at her mother's house as well. They may even drank tea after they got engaged.

I would imagine that the women served tea at charity functions, visiting friends and if they had wedding and bridal showers, tea was probably served then, too. Any occasion was probably an invitation to tea back then.

I found this information in "Tea With Jane Austen" By: Kim Wilson I love this book It is very nicely written.

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I have these items to share.
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Jane Austen Fans, I will be back in a few weeks with another newsletter. You can always e-mail me with Jane Austen news or what is ever on your mind.!

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