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A poem inspired by a writer's cramp prompt; follow the alphabet.
Alone, I sat at twilight,          
but soon I heard a buzz,          
circling close to my ear height,          
droning, whining because          
early spring breeds eager bugs;          
famished fluttering foes.          
Gazillions of thirsty thugs          
hovering near my nose.          
Impatienly with a swat,          
jiggling exposed legs too,          
karate-chopping blows brought          
legions more to buzz anew.          
Mosquitoes are pesky pests.          
Never-ending assaults          
occur without any rests.          
Persistent to a fault.          
Questionable loathed insect,          
ravenous blood-biter,          
scratch-inducer; I object.          
Torture-trained midge fighter?          
Under my skin you burrow          
vexing, virulent itch          
worming your ugly harrow,          
xylography's mad stitch.          
Yelling, cursing, I must flee;          
zig , zag, flail; let me be! (26 lines)          
(I've attempted to bold all the beginning letters and I've used the same method for all of them, and still some of them do not appear to be darker...)
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