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Arynn heads to camp for a summer job. There she meets Devlin.
Night began to cross the evening sky. Colours of fiery twilight sank off into the lake's still glass-like surface. Arynn stretched out on what was left of the day's warmth held captive by the rock. She knew the night would steal the heat and leave it cold only too soon. Until then she waited until the last beams slipped past the horizon's rim before she stood and stretched into the cooling June air.
Tomorrow would not be so quiet. Tomorrow the campers would arrive and the training would be put to work. She would be have her own cabin full of eight to ten year olds. A dozen children all looking to her for guidance and security. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She could do this. She had to believe that.. they'd be counting on her and she had no compulsion to let them down.
Excited anticipation flicked across her lapping at her heels. It would be challenging work, but so worth it. As she moved towards the trail to take her back to the main part of the camp she heard rustling in the thick foliage off to her left. She stood perfectly still, her breath held. Nerves played a dance of fear across her belly, skittering and rippling over her skin as her mind flew to images of wild animals. When a voice called out to her, she felt faint with relief watching as a Devlin McGilvry emerged onto the rock platform where she stood.
"Arynn... was worried you'd got lost."
"So you figured you'd come rescue me?"
His lips turned up at the edge in a grin that tipped her stomach. She refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had that ability. Figured he be smug with the knowledge, so she pushed her chin up and kept her eyes on him.
He chuckled at her bristling. "Come on, Arynn. Give a guy a break."
"You don't need a break... besides I thought you would be off with Brittany or Sindy...."
He chuckled again.
"I was heading back anyway." Arynn told him as she moved forward.
He did not move as she brushed by him and she hoped he did not notice that she trembled at the contact. This guy was too dangerous for his own good. His looks alone drew her, but it was more than that. There was something... like him being here, coming to find her... knowing where to look. Like he knew her like no one else. It was disturbing.
She had only met him less than two weeks ago.
As she moved ahead of him on the trail conscious of him behind her she let her mind float back to the day she met him.
Having finished her last exam Thursday, her parents had taken her up to the camp on Friday. They'd planned their own weekend getaway at one of the resorts in the area. They'd gotten there mid afternoon and after a quick goodbye her parents had left her at the office to find her way.
Still getting her barrings she had gazed wide eyed around the place. It was gorgeous. Lush thick forest held the edge of the clearings where the buildings were carved into the scene. Great rocks stood defiant and strong, jutting out of the ground, leaving the vegetation to grip like moss to the edges. A rowdy game of basketball was going on just across the way. Her eyes shifted and held to one tall, good looking guy who moved away from the others and grabbing a towel, headed her way. His friendly smile set her at ease.
When he got closer he called, "New recruit?"
She smiled and nodded.
"You'll be looking for Sarah or Eddie, then. I think one of them is bound to be around."
He lead her into the office calling for the managers of the camp. Sarah came out of the back room smiling broadly at them.
"Arynn. Glad you made it. Your trip up okay?"
Devlin had moved off leaving her in Sarah's capable hands, but he was back when it was time to find her way to her bunk. Although she knew she could manage all her things on her own, it was nice to have the help and the guidance.
"So you are one of the cabin counselors... me, too. What age?"
"Six to eight."
Devlin nodded, "I am in with the nine to eleven year olds this year." When she gave him a quizzical glance, he added, "this is my second year. I love it here."
Arynn glanced around as they moved deeper into the camp towards the cabins. "It is so beautiful here." Her voice held wonder and he smiled.
"I find you never get used to it."
When the lake came into view, she stopped and took it all in. Devlin waited for her. His smile one of knowing.
"It is always so peaceful here before the kids arrive. When they are here, I find the background slips away and the kids take focus."
Arynn gave a light laugh.
"Though some of the counselors are a bit sild themselves." he told her in a conspiratal tone.
"Are you one of those?" she asked and he laughed shaking his head.
"Other than the cabin, where else are you stationed?" he asked after they made their way along the path towards the girls’ cabins.
"I am doing arts and crafts. What about you?"
"I am on the sports end... basketball, soccer, baseball... even a little archery."
"A jock." she teased.
"Oh, are you trying to wound me?"
She laughed and shook her head. "I am more into the individual sports and things like yoga and swimming. I've been told if my craft sessions are quiet they will move me over to one of those."
"Could happen... sunny days bring the kids out. Gotta watch those rain days... you'll get inundated with tons of kids then."
"Yeah, I can believe it."
As they neared the girl's cabins Arynn saw a group of girls in skimpy bikini's heading for the beach. They all waved in their direction.
"Hey, Dev." one of the girls called as she gave an extra little shimmy to her walk. Arynn looked away to roll her eyes.
Devlin waved back, then turned his attention back to her. "So if this is your first year, are you..."
"Still in high school." Arynn said anticipating him. "I'm eighteen. You?"
"Nineteen. I start at U of T. this fall."
"U of T. What are you planning to study?"
"What about you?"
"I'm still in high school...."
"Yes, but I am sure you have already given thought of what you want to do, haven't you?"
"Journalism or Writing." She told him feeling mildly nervous at admitting her dreams to a complete stranger.
"A writer? I am curious why you have chosen camp..."
"I need to stretch myself... get out of my head and besides, I like kids."
"Makes sense."
He pulled up to a stop outside the closest cabin. "Here's your home away from home for the next two months."
He climbed the steps and opened the door for her. Before he could step in another girl emerged from the room just off to the side.
"Hold it right there. No boys allowed, buster." The girl said and Devlin stayed where he was. A grin spread over his face.
"Cami." he said in way of greeting.
"Cami Winters." The girl said as she moved to take the bags from him. "You must be Arynn. My partner in crime... or co-counselor as they like to call us."
Arynn could not help the grin that replaced the momentary shook she'd just experienced.
"Good bye, Devlin." she said as she turned away form him. He gave a little salute and slipped back down the steps. Arynn watched him go, then realizing that Cami had already carried her things off, she hurried to catch up.

“This is our little part of heaven... home away from home.” Cami said as she placed Arynn’s bags on her bed.
Arynn looked around the sparse room and smiled.
“I doubt we will be in here much. Once the kids are here we will be busy... a good kind of busy, but still busy.”
Cami moved to sit cross legged on her own bed while Arynn began to get her barrings.
“Sarah told me you would also be doing arts and crafts. I am also doing drama. It should be a blast. This is my third year here.”
Cami filled her in on all the juicy bits of camp and Arynn felt a little of her nerves ease off.
On their way to the mess hall later, it was apparent that Cami knew everyone.
"Everyone one here is pretty great, but there are a few people I would stear clear of..." as she said this she glanced over to the group of girls Arynn had seen earlier in their skimpy bikinis. "That little clique is notorious for breaking rules and using their assets to get what they want..."
"So how come they are here?"
"They are family to Sarah and Eddie. Cousins, or some such thing. They are great with the kids, but in their off hours... they can be a handful and a bit sneaky about things... particularly when it comes to the guys and their interest in them.
"Well, I don't plan on getting involved in any of that..."
Cami gave her a little smirk, "I beg to differ..."
Her brows went up in surprise. "The way Devlin was all around you... I was thinking he was staking some kind of claim."
Arynn gave a nervous laugh, then said, "I don't think so."
Cami shook her head letting her smile grow. There was a knowing glint in her eye as she looked up and laughed. Arynn gave her a quizzical look then turned to see what Cami was looking at... Across the mess hall Devlin was sitting with a group of guys but his eyes had found her. She met his gaze and was unable to look away until Cami's laugh brought her back to herself.
"He is so sweet on you.". she teased in a sing song voice.
"Oh, that 's enough of you.". Arynn told her trying to hold her own smile back and failing miserably.
"I can see you are going to make this an interesting summer for me, little miss.". Glancing across the room she noted that the bikini babes had noticed the eye contact and were giving a few dark looks their way. Cami felt a smug satisfaction as she smirked at them. Their looks darkened to a glare that Arynn managed to catch when see looked their way.
"Oh great."
"Yep. They noticed and they are none too pleased. Don't worry. I got your back."
"Thanks. I appreciate that."

Arynn managed to put the girls out of her mind. At least while they ate dinner. It helped to turn her back on the girls and Devlin, but it was not long before afterward that he made his way over and plopped himself down beside her.
“So how are you settling in?”
She smiled over at him, “Thanks to you... I am making friends all over the place.”
“She’s attracted the attention of your fan club.” Cami said with a jerk of her chin in the direction of the girls.
Devlin gave a chuckle.
“You don’t deny you have a fan club?” Arynn felt compelled to ask.
That curled the grin around his lips tipping up one edge as he shook his head, “I don’t have a fan club...”
“We beg to differ.” Cami said.
“Nicole and her little group are like that with a lot of guys.”
“Yeah, they seem to think every good looking guy is only worthy of them. If you have a different opinion they make your life... interesting, to say the least.”
“Ah Cami, you think I’m good looking.”
Cami gave a snort. “It’s not what I think that counts, it’s them, Dork. Don’t forget I know you already.”
“Dork, that’s all you got.”
Cami gave him her own glaring glance and he laughed.
Arynn had been watching the little display, but at Cami’s comment she pulled her brows in slightly and gave her a questioning look.
“The idiot is my cousin.” Cami clarified.
“Ah, but a favourite cousin.” He teased with a look of amusement playing over his face.
She stuck her tongue out at him and he chuckled.
Shifting tactics, Devlin leaned towards Arynn, “There’s going to be a bonfire tonight out at the point. You two interested in coming.”
The heat from Devlin pressed into her and a tremble trickled over her spine. She jerked away from him at the moment he brushed her shoulder. The jolt shocked her. She dropped her eyes for a moment, then feeling like she needed to face this she drew her gaze up and looked right at him.
He was smiling over at her, his elbows resting on the table in front of him.
“I might.” She decided on a semi – committed answer, then glanced at Cami.
“We’ll go. The bonfires will be a little different after the kids get here... bigger, for one thing.”

Devlin gave a chuckle as his grin deepened, "Bonfires are always a little wilder when the kids aren't here or even after they have gone off to bed... nothing to much, just some of the couples get a little friskier."
"Friskier." Cami snorted. "That's priceless."
"The staff keep their social attractions under control when the kiddies are around."
Again Cami snorted.
Devlin shrugged, "Well, some of them try..."

She headed back to the cabin to get changed for the evenings bonfire. It also gove her a chance to finish unpacking.
“Don’t mind Devlin. He’s a good kid. Really he is...”
“I’m not interesting in getting involved.... I am sure he is great and all, but this is a summer job. We all kind of live together for two months. I would rather not get into anything complicated while here...”
Cami plopped down on her bed and pulled her legs up and crossed them. She eyed Arynn giving her a kindly smile. “We’re here all summer as you say... if attraction is there. I would say go with it. Have a bit of fun. There is no harm in it.”
“I don’t feel particularly comfortable getting overly... intimate.”
“I am not saying sleep with him...”
Arynn gave her a wide eyed look, but Cami waved her off before going on, “I just mean that summer is for fun. It doesn’t have to get serious or last beyond the time here.”
Arynn twisted and sat down on her bed. She clasped her hands rubbing the palms back and forth nervously. “I... I..”
“You’ve never had a boyfriend or... you don’t do anything but serious relationships?’
“I had a boyfriend.” Arynn said quietly.
“But it ended not too long ago?”
Arynn nodded. “He met a girl at camp last summer. Didn’t tell me about her until we sent out applications for this summer. I didn’t even realize he was still...”
“Ah... how long were you with him?”
“Two years.”
Cami nodded slowly. “A serious girl... well, I would say... let loose. Play up this summer. Be something you aren’t.”
Arynn shook her head and laughed, “I can’t just change.”
“Why not? You’re only eighteen, not set in your ways eighty.”
Arynn chuckled at that.
“There is no harm in being friendly and letting things play out.”
Arynn took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
“Stick with me, my friend. We will have a great summer.”
“I have no doubt.” Arynn stood to get back to the unpacking before asking, “Is there anyone you are interested in?”
Cami gave a light laugh, “Oh, I have a few boys on my radar. I don’t intend to get serious, but I will probably have some summer fun.”

Later when the sun slipped low over the horizon Cami and Arynn slipped out into the coolness of the evening. Arynn pulled her hoodie closed and did up the zipper. They headed along the trail past the lake towards the point where the sound of laughter was already rising up and flitting across the breeze. As they approached the glow from the bonfire flickered and sparks danced up into the darkening twilight.
There was an energy that was almost palatable flowing around the space. Some people stood close to the fire talking, others danced to music that streamed from a boom box someone had set up. Laughter skirted the groups. There was a freedom and joy to the gathering. The freshness of summer’s approach hung in the air and all its possibilities were on the verge of blossoming.
Arynn felt the swell of the experience and could not help the smile that played along her lips. She felt her body ease of the tension she had not realize she’d been holding. This was going to be a fulfilling experience. It was up to her to see to it and not let the worry of bad times and negativity tip the scales. The betrayal she had endured with Clinton shifted and fell. She would no longer let him hold a place of honour or dampen what could or would happen for her this summer.
Looking over at Cami she was met with an equally goofy grin.
“Even though I have been here a couple of days.... this is really our kickoff. The first real party we get is this weekend. Next week at this time we will be trying to get our campers to settle in for the night... and believe me, it will not be easy for some of them. First time away from home. Toninght is the night to let loose. I think we are even allowed a bit of alcohol... if the rumours I heard earlier are correct.”
Cami moved off towards the trees where it looked like a keg had been set up. Not being of age to drink, Arynn didn’t follow her. Instead she headed for the dancers over by the boom box area. The beat throbbed through her electrifying the air. It was not long before her body was surrendering to the music and following the bass’s bad ass beat.
Cami found her there and brought Devlin and another guy, James with her. Arynn watched as Cami introduced James and decided this was probably one of the guys she was interested. Cami stayed close to him and could often be found touching or leaning into him.
Devlin danced along side of her. She could hear him singing along to the songs.

At the end of the night it was Devlin that walked her home. Cami was curled up by the bonfire with James looking much too relaxed to move.
“She’ll be okay. James is a great guy. They were pretty friendly last year but nothing really happened.”
“You’re not afraid she’ll...”
“Nope. Cami can handle herself and James knows it. He’ll keep her safe too. I trust him.”
Arynn nodded something in his tone reassured her. As they moved away from the glow of the fire, Devlin reached over and took her hand. The jolt and sizzle that shot up her arm was unexpected. She glanced at him to see if he had felt it too. His smile told her that he had.
“Thought I would just keep you safe... there are bears, you know.”
A tremble skipped down her spine at that.
“Are you cold?”
“Not really.” She told him, but as they moved further into the darkness the chill settled in.
He lead her along the trail that ran close to the beach area. Here the moonlight was the only glow and it shimmered off the lake. Arynn slowed and stopped to take it all in.
“It is really beautiful, isn’t it.” She whispered with awe.
Devlin murmured his agreement, but after a moment she realized he was not looking at the lake. He was looking at her.
“Definitely beautiful.” He murmured again.
Another tremble skittered over her and this time he did not ask if she was cold. Instead he shifted so that he stood before her and before she could really register what was happening he slipped his other arm around her and pulled her close. His head dipped and his lips brushed against hers.
Her gasp parted her lips and his tongue slipped in and touched hers. Sensations rocked her. She put her arm up thinking to push him back, but instead she found herself wrapping her fingers into the soft fringe of his hair at his collar.
The kiss beginning light, deepened as Devlin pulled her closer. When he finally lifted his head they were both breathing heavily. He leaned his forehead against hers and waited for their breathing to settle.
“Beautiful and able to render a man weak with a simple kiss.” He whispered when he was able to find his voice.

Footsteps along the gravel path behind them had them pulling apart. Devlin lead her into the shadows of the cabins just as the footsteps grew closer and the voices seeped over the breeze.
“I thought I saw him leave with that little blond bitch.” One of the voices could be heard.
“I thought he was supposed to walk you back. Didn’t he say he would?”
“Yeah, he did. So where is he?”
“I’m not sure he was serious...”
“Oh, shut up Louisa. What do you know, anyway. Devlin is mine.”

The girls passed as they hung in the shadows. When their voices faded in to the night Arynn looked over at him and shook her head. “You are making my life here difficult already. Already complications I don’t want.”
“That kiss was worth some complications.” He whispered back.
“That kiss should not have happened.”
“I beg to differ....”
“Yes, well. You are certainly welcome to your opinion but I... don’t want the complications. I am here to work.”
“Now that would be a shame.”
“I don’t want trouble. I want to enjoy my job. I don’t...”
“I like you Arynn. I don’t care what those other girls think. I did not tell Sandy that I was walking her back to her cabin.”
“So where would she get an idea like that?”
Devlin blew out a breath before answering her. “Last summer we were pretty close. Nothing serious, mind you... at least not for me and I think she got the impression that we would continue on where we left off.”
“Did you tell her that?”
“Actually, I did, but she is not one to take no easily.”
“I don’t want to be in the middle of this... sorry. Too much for me.”

“I can’t change your mind?”
“No. Sorry.”
Devlin let out a sigh, “Well, given how fabulous that kiss was I am not so willing to let this go, but I will respect the distance you want. Maybe I can wear you down with my charm.”
Arynn gave a shakey laugh. Part of her worried that he could, but part of her was not willing to let her guard down.
“That kiss should not have happened.”
“Oh, it was bound too. I have wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you this afternoon.”
Oh he was good, she thought. His words stroked at her, melting that part of her that so wanted. That part that would have easily leaned in and took another kiss, but she knew she would need to be strong. She would need to resist his charms. She would need to go in to her cabin alone right now and force herself to read or even let the emotions play out on the page if she took the time to write them out.

“I’m going in now. You had best head back to the bonfire. Your fan club is probably still looking for you... and besides if you go back they won’t be so sure you left with me.”
“What if I want them to think that...”
“Then you will be throwing more crap my way and I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of drama. I just want to enjoy the kids and camp.”
“Okay, for you. I will go back. But this does not mean I will be leaving you alone. Whether you kiss me or not, I still want to get to know you.”
“Friends. I can probably handle.
“You sure know how to wound a guy.” He said this lightly with humour.
“Go.” She told him with the same light tone.

He made sure she had gone inside the cabin before he turned and headed back to the bonfire. He circled around so that it would look like he was coming from the boys cabins if anyone found him. He liked Arynn. Something about her drew him like no other girl. Sure her serious vibe that surrounded her should have put him off but it didn’t. If anything, it pulled him in deeper. How he could be so intensely attracted in such a short time also boggled his mind. As he walk he considered his options. Friends. The kiss of death, but that real kiss they had shared let him know they was more underneath. He just needed to convince her he was the man for the job. Something told him it would not be easy, but having to work for things made them all the more sweet.
By the time he made it back to the bonfire, Sandy and her troup of girls were there.
He heard the squeals before he actually saw them. But it was not long before he had them hanging off him and grilling him as to where he had gone. He toned back his charm hoping it would put them off, but they only seemed to dig in. Just when he thought he was going down for the count, Cami appeared.
“You need to walk me back to the cabin.” She told him. She met Sandy’s glare with one of her own.
“Sure, cous.” He agreed without missing a beat. Part of him hoped to see Arynn again, maybe even catch a glimpse of her night attire. Though he knew Cami would never let him in.
Cami dragged him off in the directiton of the girls cabins.
“Hey, what’s the rush.” He muttered as she sped along.
“I am actually meeting James, but I figured you needed saving. I thought you left already with Arynn.”
“I did but we got followed by the troupe and I doubled back so they wouldn’t think I had left with her... did it work?”
“I think they saw you go.”
“But it may have only been Louisa who saw you... and she is not so bad.”
He raised a brow at that.
“Louisa can be nice... I hope so anyway because she’s doing arts and crafts with Arynn.”
“Oh, man.”

Over the next week Arynn did her best to fit in and make the most of her experience. Seeing Louisa at the Arts and crafts pavilion made her nervous, but on her own Louisa seemed quite nice. Still Arynn was not going to let her guard down.
She enjoyed her training sessions with the other cabin counsellors. They were going to be the mama and papa bears of the place. The people on the front lines. Getting the kids up and getting them to bed at night. The ones who would have the most time with the little ones.
Cami was great and their friendship grew. Arynn could not have asked for a better co-counselor. She felt sorry for the ones havin to work with Sandy and some of her other girlfriends.
The only thing that darkened her experience was Devlin. Not that she did not enjoy seeing him. She did. That part of her that wanted more jumped and sent her heart skittering every time she saw him. But her more sensible side had to step in and rein in her feelings. Fighting her attraction was wearing her out and seeing the dirty glares from Sandy and her cohorts was leaving her edgy.
She could hardly wait for the kids to arrive.

Thursday night after dinner she slipped away on her own taking the far trail around the lake so that she could have some peace and quiet. Sandy had cornered her in the bathroom after dinner and threatened her if she didn’t leave Devlin alone. No amount of denying a relationship seemed to satisfy her.
Cami had been furious and wanted to tell Devlin right away but Aryn asked her not to.
The whole experience had left her shaken. The walk along the trail settled her. With each step away from the camp her body relaxed. She pulled in breaths slowly and let them out just as slowly. By the time she reached the rocky outcropping she was feeling more her usual self. She sat cross legged on the solid face of the rock and watched the day pale into night. She watched and waited for the colour to blaze across the sky. Only then, did she feel at liberty to return to camp.

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