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short story writing using the prompts: thumbtacks, horseshoes and saltines.
Jacob Long came West in the early eighteen thirties fed up with society. To his way of thinking, those back East were not worth the spit it would take to say anything about them. So, he didn't.

He climbed down off his Mustang in front of Hill's Mercantile in Leadville, Colorado. He don't like towns and normally puts off coming into them as long as possiable. But, he dearly loved his morning coffee.

Dusting off his buckskins with his floppy brown hat, he entered the store. Jacob could see the place was mildly busy and took his time reaching the back of the store. He layed his Hawkin rifle, decorated with THUMBTACKS into the corner and waited his turn. He enjoyed the smells assualting his nose; coffee, pickles,cinnamon, chili peppers,leather goods, soaps and medicines. He missed them smells now and then.

The man behind the counter and the few customers gave him strange looks. They were not used to seeing anyone wearing dirty, smoke covered buckskins anymore.

Finally all the other customers had made their purchases and left the store. Leaving only Jacob and the man standing there waiting. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"I need me some tobacca and coffee. Five pounds should do." replied Jacob. Reaching over, he picked up some SALTINES. "You can add these to my bill as well." he added and popped some in his mouth.

"I assume you have money to pay for this stuff?" sneered the man standing there with arms crossed.

"Of course." Jacob came back with and reaching into his possiables bag, pulled out a gold nugget.

The man's eyes behind bugged out. He had never seen a nugget of gold before of that size. By nature he was a greedy man. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"Have you any HORSESHOES by chance?" asked Jacob.

"A few old ones in the back. If you need your horse shoed, Sir? The Blacksmith is right down the street and does a fair job. I can recommend him."

"No, That is ok. I shoe my horse myself and pick up some whenever i get the chance. I don't like that man who runs the place. We have had a run in. So, can you find them old ones for me and put them on my bill?"

The man returned from out of the back and set down a dozen shoes. He added up the purchases, "That will be six dollars even, Sir"

Jacob handed over the nugget and watched as the man's mouth watered. He counted out change and handed it back to Jacob. Then stood opened mouth as Jacob counted it.

Jacob grined and commented," Don't worry. I don't trust anyone who runs a store. They're all greedy peckerwoods in my book." He then picked up his purchases and his Hawkin to walk out.

At the door he paused and looked back. He spoke up," I know by my looks, you didn't like what you saw. You saw the buckskins and made a rash call by looks alone. That's not being very fair is it? Don't judge someone by their looks. You'd be surprised if you just dig a little deeper. For your information I own the Lucky Strike Mine and took out three million dollars worth of ore so far this year."

Jacob took pleasure in walking away, while the man behind the counter stood there slack jawed and dumb founded looking.
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