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What could be created if man has already created artificial life?
"Are you out of your mind? Speaking of this could land you in a loony bin!"

"Yes! Precisely! I am out of my mind to think of this. It is because I am out of my mind, I am able to think of this. Mankind is too contained within the limits of the brain. I, myself, aim for something much deeper."

"It is a myth! It was proven by the very monster you share your legacy with. Do you not see that it will only lead you down the path of failure and obsession?"

"Ah! But what did he prove? That he was able to create a life by following the human anatomy? A tinker creates a device that allows us to tell the specific time of day which means we now have the tool to map our lifespan, yet no one calls him a monster. My ancestor was a tinker, I am something different."

"You are the same. Please! Listen to me, heed my words! If you-"

"Enough! I care little for advice or warnings. I care none for the human anatomy, nor creating a corpse. Answer this question: if you build a machine, how do you know it works?"

"You power it on."

"Precisely! Now, if you didn't have the tools to power it, how would you know it works?"

"I would not be able to tell."

"Wrong. That's where he failed. He powered a machine with the wrong energy. There is much more to life than just electricity and body parts. It goes deeper, an energy source that is determined a myth, yet we have clues of it's existence in our everyday lives. Human-kind operates on this source, meaning if I could find the proper code, the actual source..."

"I don't think I follow..."

"Your soul. If I could create a soul, that means I would own the sequence of human-kind. Imagine owning a key that can unlock every type of lock imaginable..."

"You're mad!"

"No, Ivan...I'm God."
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