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Harry sees something, but his wife refuses to believe him.
Day Seven

We arrived on Ellis Island as early as was possible as Ella wanted to check the records and explore the place. I went along hoping to enjoy myself. It was just going to be a relaxing, lazy day, or so I hoped.

I couldn’t get over this place. How it had welcomed all those newcomers and sorted out the details of their names and places of origin. Overwhelming – is what it would have been like. Now only tourists and employees flooded the ranks in the sea of people that flowed around me. I was starting to feel a little closed in and Ella knew this, she waved me off and told me to get some air.

So here I was, outside. Looking back at the New York Skyline and trying to imagine what it would have been like all those many years ago when our ancestors got here. I walked along the grassy areas looking for a bench to rest awhile.

I found one. I didn’t care that I would have to share… although the body at the other end looked a little dishevelled and out of place for a tourist trap.

When I asked to sit down he only grunted at me. I took that for affirmation and sat stretching my legs out before me and leaning back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the guy copy my posture and I couldn’t help smile.

“You’re wife drag you out here, too?” I asked not wanting to be anti-social.

The guy just grunted and I nodded.

“I expect we could be awhile.” I looked at my companion and noted the baggy coat that hung off his big body. His feet were bare and dirty. So were his hands as he rested them on his knees. Even though he tried to copy my pose he looked uncomfortable, like he’d break something.

I pushed back my nerves that told me this was not normal and asked, “where ya from?”

He didn’t answer this time and I tried to shake it off.

I glanced at his coat and noticed something poking out of his pocket. It was black, but I could make out a greyish white splotch. I pointed to it and asked, “what ya got there? That looks old.”

He shifted forward and craned his shaggy head to look where I pointed. Another grunt and he pulled the thing out. As it unfurled from its place, I dragged in a quick breath. It was a flag and not just any old flag. This one was from a pirate ship.

“Where the heck did you get that?” I asked, my curiousity causing my heart rate to speed up.

He grunted and pointed across the Hudson to the mainland.

I wanted to ask more questions, but Ella called and I needed to go.

“Sorry, bud. I gotta go. Take care of yourself, eh?”

I joined my wife. As I passed inside, I noticed a newspaper lying on the table. The headline pulled me up short.

“Ella, look at this… 3000 year old caveman missing… from the Museum….”

“Oh, that’s just nonsense. Who would want to steal a caveman?” She laughed, but I couldn’t help feeling the guy I had talked to….

“I don’t think he was stolen, I think he walked out…”

Ella turned back around and gave me an odd look. “Are you feeling alright, Harry?”

“Sure. Come see.” I took her elbow and guided her back outside heading for the bench I had recently vacated, but to my disappointment the bench was now empty. Looking around I could not find the guy.

“I am almost certain I saw him.” Ella raised a skeptical brow. “I did. He grunted at me.” She shook her head.

“Maybe we need to head back to the room. I don’t think you’re feeling okay.”

“I’m fine. I swear Ella.”

She gave me that look that said she didn’t believe me. I frowned and she conceded, taking my hand she lead me back into the building.
I made sure to grab the paper.

Later I was able to read that not only was the caveman missing, but a pirate flag had also been taken from one of the exhibits.

Ella refused to believe me and threatened to have me committed if I didn’t drop it. So I did, but I spent the rest of our New York vacation looking for that guy. I knew he was out there somewhere.

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