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by dangal
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2058720
A small research ship flies near the rim studying it.
Ultron Nebula, or "the outer rim", as it was called by the people of Triornia Galaxy, was a dark place. The force shield wall surrounding Triornia was sucking all light in its near vicinity. That's why nobody noticed the breach. Nobody in Triornia that is. On the other side of the wall, the breach showed up perfectly well.

A little Scorcia Cruiser was on a scientific mission to the rim. It was a class A with no weapons on board. Professor Doplertube was in the lab, holding a piece of filament up to the light. Huston was standing behind him, waiting intently for a conclusion.

"Yes." said the professor.

"You mean yes I was right, or yes it's significant?" asked Huston. He was so pleased with his thesis that the wall is coming apart being correct, that he forgot what it might mean.

"Yes." Answered the professor feeling annoyed at Huston's arrogance. "Yes and yes."

In the Scorcia's kitchen, the other two crew members were having a late lunch. Tim Samro was smiling his fat, friendly smile. "Spoon." He said.

"Yeah, that's one alright." said Lin. She was blond and beautiful which is how she got the professor to choose her over another genius PhD student. "I'd say a broom. It's amazing how we have all these robots doing all the cleaning these days, and still people own brooms. My mother has a broom and it's always full of cobwebs."

The sirens boomed. The professor dropped the filament looking Huston in his terrified eyes. He ran to the deck.

Lin and Tim were there, looking at an Ultron Gazer. It was emerging from the lightless wall. Weapons of mass destruction protruding from it's metallic husk.

"We will die!" sputtered Huston.

"Ring the bell, at least we can warn everybody else."

300 words.

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