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Place for all prompts and entrants in 'Parallel Universe' contest
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*ExclaimR* All prompts and entrants from "Parallel Universe Contest contest *ExclaimR*

October Round 1
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December Round 2
*Santahat* Prompt One *Santahat*

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is among the numerous traditions surrounding Christmas and most faithful writers here are children all over the globe. There might be some grown ups as well, I have one that I never sent *Bigsmile*. However, things in parallel universe works little bit... opposite. I want you to write me a story/poem how Santa Claus   is the one who is writing a letter to people. Whether he will write it to the littlest one or to the elders it doesn't matter. I bet that Santa has some wishes as well. Entries must be written in letter format, including poems as well and they needs to start with Dear (human, children, man, people etc). Be creative here.

*Santahat* Prompt Two *Santahat*

I know that some of you guys hate those ugly Christmas sweaters   but in parallel universe there is a kid who actually love it. I want you to write me a story/poem about how child get upset and starts to cry when, on white Christmas morning, he opens his present and instead of Christmas sweater that he really wanted he got the stupid xbox  . Be creative here.

Santa's Letter to Stephen King  (13+)
Stephen King is Santa...A 2015 Quill Award Nominee
#2066830 by Jim Hall

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#2066866 by Not Available.

Dear Jane Austen From Santa  (E)
Santa writes a letter to Jane Austen. Written for Minya's Parallel Universe Contest.
#2066986 by Princess Megan Rose

 Twelve Rules  (E)
A letter from Santa, intended for Parallel Universes contest - 42 Lines
#2067703 by Bryce Kenn

 Dear Human Beings  (ASR)
A Letter From Santa
#2067885 by Prosperous Snow writing poetry

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#2068061 by Not Available.

The Christmas Sweater  (E)
To Santa Claus, a message from A Disappointed Parent – a holiday in verse.
#2067485 by BD Mitchell

 Merry Christmas!  (E)
Contest Entry for parallel universes contest
#2068576 by Kiwifruit

 Dear Children of Korm - The Letter  (ASR)
Santa writes a letter to the children on the planet of Korm.
#2068587 by PureSciFi

 Holiday Sweaters  (E)
Migal loved Holiday Sweaters because it's the last thing his father ever gave him.
#2068589 by PureSciFi

 Dear Parents of Torrim  (ASR)
Santa writes another letter - this time to the parents of Torrim.
#2068889 by PureSciFi

Seeing Red on Christmas  (13+)
Why Santa Claus longs for the "Good old days"... Parallel Universe Contest December '15
#2069154 by indelibleink

Ho-Ho-Hold on a Minute, Santa!  (13+)
You really messed things up this time, Big Guy. Parallel Universe Contest Dec. '15
#2069354 by indelibleink

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