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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Mystery · #2058818
An amateur detective attempts to solve the Murder of Mr. Higglepen
Word Count: 498 of 500 MAX
DAY 24 Prompt: Write a murder mystery. No cliff-hangers allowed. The person who solves the murder cannot be the victim or the murderer (too cliché!).

         Melissa walked into class desperately trying to not look at the back of the room where the empty cage sat. She had been the one who found Mr. Higglepen earlier in the week, lying belly up, his swollen tongue dangling from his mouth.

         “Poisoned!” Miss Cramden had exclaimed while poking his fat stomach with a pencil.

         Melissa had asked to go to the bathroom where she cried quietly in one of the stalls. It had been the last straw. All week someone had been messing with her and her friends. First it was gum on their seats. Then most recently, food stolen from their lunch boxes. And now the creep had purposely murdered the class pet, Mr. Higglepen the Hamster, on her watch. This was her week to feed and care for Mr. Higglepen and she’d failed. Not that Miss Cramden was blaming her of course. But Melissa was terrified at what the villain would do next. It was up to her to solve the Mystery of the Murdered Hamster.

         The idea came to her after dinner, while she ate Oreos for dessert. She gathered her intel while brushing her teeth. A quick Google search confirmed her suspicions. She fell asleep smiling, knowing tomorrow the criminal would be caught.

         The next morning at school was like any other. Melissa talked with her friends, complaining about the mysterious jerk that was harassing them, homework and everything else under the sun. She let it slip that she was looking forward to lunch because she’d brought Oreos for dessert. Her favorite. The morning stretch on until finally it was lunchtime. Melissa grabbed her lunch box and headed to the cafeteria with everyone else, giggling and laughing with her friends. Sitting down she casually opened her lunch box and smiled. Her Oreos were gone.

         Melissa sat with her friends on the benches, texting each other when a sudden commotion erupted across the recess yard. She looked up to see a group of kids quickly gathering by the playground equipment. Their group rushed over to see what was going on.

         Melissa pushed her way through the crowd. Jimmy Mitchell was lying on the ground, his eyes rolled back and foam bubbling out of one corner of his mouth.

         “Someone get Miss Cramden quick. Jimmy’s having a seizure!” Someone shouted and several kids started running towards the classrooms.

         Melissa stepped forward and knelt next to Jimmy, reaching out and taking his hand. He squeezed it, his arm twitching wildly. All around, kids were freaking out, crying, some screaming but most talking excitedly. She leaned down, almost pressing her lips to his ear.

         “How were my Oreos Jimmy?” She whispered. “I added extra filling to them this morning just for you, My mom’s camphor lotion. Tell Mr. Higglepen hi for me would you.”

         She stood and stepped away as Mr. Anderson, the boy’s PE teacher arrived. Sirens wailed in the distance.

         She felt satisfied, almost elated. The mystery had been solved, she thought. Case closed.
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