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A several verse limerick about the adventures of a snail, and a mouse.
The Snail And The Mouse

There once was a snail and a mouse,
Who loved to play in the house,
But the cat made it hard,
Being always on guard,
In a colorful Hawaiian blouse.

One day they had a race,
The winner would get to grace,
The cover of mouse times,
Or maybe snail slimes,
Their favorite reading case.

But that cat had other plans,
He’d catch each in his hands,
The mouse, a snack on the go
The snail would be escargot,
Broiled in his owner’s pans

But the cat forgot one thing then
That everyone needs a friend
He was trapped by a dog
In the yard, under a log
It seemed this would be his end

But the mouse and the snail saw this
Knew it was a chance they couldn’t miss
They’d rescue that old cat
Even if he was quite fat
And hopefully, he wouldn’t hiss

So the mouse talked to his friend, the pig
Who really was quite big,
The pig charged with a roar,
The dog was seen no more
And the three of them danced a jig

Then the cat, mouse, and snail were buds,
Went out and drank a few suds
They all got quite soused
While out of the house
With their drinks they had a few spuds

The pig came round for a coke,
And told a few raunchy jokes
As he walked out the door,
He turned round once more
And said, “Th, th,,,, th, th,,,, th, that’s all folks!”

Jim Dorrell
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