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Edgar finally achieves his dream of a college degree
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Edgar Goes to College--275 Words

Edgar had wanted to go to college for years, but his applications were repeatedly declined. He fared well enough on the essay portions, but when it came time for interviews, he always fell short. The truth was he was a chicken. There were no two ways about it. He'd been born shy and awkward and things hadn't improved since. When it came time for public speaking, it was as if a rope was around his neck and his clear thoughts came out as squawks. Edgar always failed the interview.

Edgar was a coward and had been a coward his entire life. Even a loud sound would cause him to duck and run. The others would taunt him, flapping their arms and making clucking sounds. He couldn't help it. It's who he was born to be.

But now, with the inception of the internet and online schooling, Edgar was finally able to realize his dream. He'd be a college graduate, coward or not. He's worked hard for this. Staying up late, nibbling on more than his fair share of coffee beans. He was working on his last paper. He'd already received his grades in the rest of his classes, but still had this final project. But he was almost done. He pecked away at the keyboard, words of genius flowing out. He knew he was in the final stages of realizing his dream. Soon, hanging above his computer, he'd see his name in print on a beautifully appointed diploma. At this point, he was glad he'd taken his courses online. It was almost time for graduation and he was beginning to molt.

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