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Chapters 4 through 7
The Stalker

I had been waiting hours for her to leave work because I was excited to find out where my President lived. I was not happy that I had not seen a name, but was quite happy to know that my girl ran this company. The sign that she had parked in front of read, “President.” I saw her leave the warehouse, she was bundled in a wool coat and headed towards her Jeep, but continued walking. Where was she going on foot? Damn it! I had to follow her.

As, I exited my Nissan Altima, I saw her cross the street. I was two blocks behind her, but I was quick, I caught up to her in half the distance and she did not notice me. I watched her pace, she was not in a hurry, I observed that she stopped and looked inside the Marina bar. I wished I could see if she had smiled.

I sprinted to the bar to observe her. I was fit and proud that I was not even out of breath with the two block jog. I hoped I could observe her from the inside, I thought it was risky, but people drink alone in public, I knew she would not notice me. I looked in the window. She was with her friend again. My girl looked nervous, but she was smiling. I decided not to hurt her friend, yet.

I decided to take a table near the bar I wanted to see if I could over hear their conversation. I needed to hear my President’s name. As I walked in, I watched her friend slide her hand on my girl’s thigh. Tingles shot down my spine. I became upset she was touching my girl and my President looked to enjoy her touch.

I could hear them laughing again. My girl had a silly giggle and her friend smiled brightly as she watched her laugh. The tingles returned to my spine again. I did not like their relationship it felt like they were flirting with each other. Why was my girl flirting with anyone? She was mine. Her friend liked to touch her and my girl blushed every single time. Could they be gay? I knew those two needed to repent or I would send them to burn in hell for an eternity.

My little voice liked her smile, though. I needed to get a grip on these emotions. I planned on scaring her fun, because the little voice did not want to lose the smile, yet. I watched the lesbians walk hand in hand to the back party room, my girl jumped when her friend smacked her on the ass before she closed the door. The voice is disappointed that the smile will leave this world. It really was a shame little voice, you lose, that smile will be gone.


I was surprised to still see boats launched at The Lake House. I stored my pontoon away last month. As I looked at the bright colors on the trees a nice boat ride around the lake would have been nice. I loved the smell of autumn. I loved the feel of the brisk air on my face, but I absolutely hated the season that followed it. Winter was next and would stay forever.
Before I walked inside, I spotted Alex at the bar glancing at her phone. I exhaled and gave myself a pep talk, “You can do this!” Once I entered, the first thing I noticed were her sexy legs. I smiled she was still wearing her black and hot pink heels. I was on time as she suggested that I be. I gulped as I remembered the moment I could smell her cologne. I was sure I smelled strawberries, my face warmed as I thought of her as a piece of fruit that needed to be enjoyed. I had avoided being that close to any woman in years. I was surprised that I was not running away. I did mention it had been five years, right?

I strolled up to the bar next to her and waited for her to notice me. I was feeling a bit shy. She did not look up from her phone, but said, “I expected you ten minutes ago, Caz.” My face froze and I wanted to defend myself. I checked my pockets for my phone to check the time. Her sly smile revealed to me that she was teasing me.

I helped myself to the stool next to her and she turned all her attention to me. My ears burned, I hoped she did not see that they were red. Her gaze had left me speechless. I signaled to the bartender that I would have the same drink as my friend. He dropped my glass on the counter, aimed his nozzle and I watched the bubbles fizz. He added a lemon to the rim and slid it towards me. I threw a five on the counter. He grinned, swiped the cash and placed it in his pocket.

I was surprised by the tasteless drink. I finally used my words to ask, “What is that?”

Her fingers gripped her refreshment and took a swig, smiled and said, “Well, I like to call it water. But, I have heard people refer to it as H2O, than there are those fancy people who call it, tap water.”

“And, you let me pay him?” I was completely bewildered by this mystery woman and her motives.
She giggled, “I thought you were a big tipper. It is clearly labeled water above the nozzle.”

My eyes scanned back as she pointed at the bar. I escaped a giggle. I guess, I was a little nervous. Alex was sexy and funny, a rare combination. I liked her instantly.

I motioned to the bartender again. I needed something just a little bit stronger than water. When the bartender waltzed over, I asked, “What is that concoction drink it has vodka, pineapple juice and something pink?”

He asked politely, “Do you want a Sea Breeze?”

I snapped my fingers recognizing the drink, “Yes.” Alex asked for a glass of white wine. As we waited for the drinks, I turned to Alex and found her smiling at me. Her smile that sent my heart a flutter.

“How do you know Nicole?” I thought that was a good question to start a conversation.

“We work together at the Emergency Room.” She answered as she slid her hand on my thigh and sparks shot through my veins.

I tried to keep my voice calm as I asked, “Ah, so you are a nurse too?” I needed to keep my body under control, but I loved the warmth of her hand on my thigh. She was so carefree with her touches.

She nodded and smiled, “Yes, she started talking about you when she found out that I was single and we played on the same team.”

I understood her code. The bartender returned with our drinks and I slid him a twenty. I was testing the guy. He passed when he brought me back my change. I left a few dollars on the counter for his tip.
Alex leaned over after the bartender greeted other customers and said, “I am out, but not all the way out if you know what I mean.”

I nodded. I was basically the same way. However, with her soft touches I was basically telling everyone in the bar that I was sexually attracted to the woman. I glanced to the table nearest me and noticed a man turning red as his eyes shot lasers at Alex’s hand. Oh boy, we have upset him. I giggled at the thought of his head exploding if I leaned over and kissed her in front of him.

Alex asked, “Is that Sea Breeze working already?” She brushed her hand on my shoulder and down my arm. I felt my temperature rise again.

“My brain just entertains me.” I hoped that was a good enough explanation. I did not want her to think I was a light weight, however, she probably already picked up on that clue.

She grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go in the back so we can talk more openly.”

I barely had time to grab my purse and drink before being led to the back room.

“Have you ever hung out back here? It is nice and quiet so we can get to know each other a little better.” She winked at me and opened the door.

And, for some reason I had let my guard down and was honestly surprised to find my friends as they yelled, “Surprise!”

I shook my head, “Darn it! I knew it was too good to be true.”

I had just mixed up my friends that threw the party. My gay mom, Lynn was here. Lynn had always called me her kid that she never wanted. She was probably the mastermind behind this celebration. Our neighbors, Donna and her husband, Stan were in the group. My best friend, Christopher. He was like Lynn’s other child that she didn’t want. He had invited several other friends in the group that I had not seen in years.

I watched as Alex hugged Nicole and Ben. Nicole and Ben were Chris’s neighbors and they were honestly my favorite straight couple. I was happy to see all my friends, but saddened that I was not on a special date with the stunning woman I had wanted to marry earlier.

As the party wore on, I swapped stories and laughed with old friends, but still kept my eye on Alex. I caught her looking at me too, at times. I was now afraid to approach her. I decided, I would wait until the party was finished before I would confront her.

Christopher confessed to throwing the party, but he swore up and down that he was not involved, nor even knew about Alex bringing the pawn to the party. I did not believe him. He smiled the entire time we chatted. He caught me looking at her and said, “Go talk to her. Nicole says, that Alex has been wanting to meet you since she saw you at the Child Abuse fundraiser you threw in July.”

Just as he encouraged me to talk to her, she waved me over and patted the seat next to her. My heart leaped up into my throat. I tended to do inappropriate things when I was nervous, I wanted to goof off with her to appear that I was not nervous. I attempted to sit on her lap, I just wanted to pretend that I did not see her sitting there, but she surprised me when she pulled me down onto her lap and she snuggled into me. Every single fiber in my body sizzled. But, I was afraid of my emotions or feeling my body about to explode on her lap. I wrapped my arm around her and leaned into her ear, “I should get up now. My gay mom is here watching us.”

She looked up and smiled, “Introduce me to her, I have heard about Lynn from Chris and Nicole. I have been waiting to meet this woman!” She pushed me up to stand and then I offered her my hand to pull her up. As we stood face to face, we just smiled at each other. I liked her and she was giving me all the clues that she liked me, too. For a second, I thought we were going to kiss. I knew she felt it too. I wished I had that lesbian translator Robert talked about all the time. Instead, she smacked my ass and said, “Take me to meet your mom.”

I introduced my date, Alex to Lynn. Lynn had a colorful sense of humor. She was like an oyster. She had a hard exterior, but inside all that mush was a hidden pearl. The first words out of Lynn’s mouth were, “Are you going to get my girl laid tonight?” I was mortified. My face burned, I swore my eye brows caught on fire. I did not hear Alex’s response, because the fire alarm that blared in my ears was too strong. I watched the two smile and laugh with each other, but my hearing was shot. I would have walked away, but Alex held my hand that anchored me to her.

A few friends had called Lynn over to their table and Lynn walked away from us. Now, that we stood alone I looked to the floor for comfort. A soft hand brought my chin up to meet Alex’s pretty hazel eyes. I bit my lip out of nervousness, but her friendly smile relaxed me. I felt the blaring that had surged through my veins quiet and my hearing returned.

“Are you okay?” Alex showed concern in her eyes. I nodded. I wiped my brow to feel them. I wanted to make sure that they survived and had not left a third degree burn behind. Alex led me back to the table with Nicole and Ben. Chris was now with them and they asked us if we would like to head to the gay bar. I hesitated. I had not been to the bar in five years. The last time, I experienced that place, I upset my ex-girlfriend.

Nicole begged with prayer hands and stuck out her bottom lip for effect, “Please say yes. Chris is finally taking me. He always said no, because I would embarrass him.” I rolled my eyes, because I was giving in. I guess, I was a sucker for pretty girls that beg. I felt Alex’s warm breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear, “I will drive us unless you are still afraid of stranger danger.” I gulped as she gave me a sexy wink. And, I inhaled strawberries, again. I loved her scent.
As Alex drove us to the bar, I could not believe how easy it was to be with her. It was like we had known each other all our lives. I found her humor refreshing and smart. Smart women turned me on. I used to have fantasies about librarians removing their buns and shaking out their hair before we would kiss. Oh, and glasses got me excited too. It was true there was nothing sexier than a smart woman. And, I loved Alex’s black rimmed glasses.

She shared stories of life in the ER and I felt my stories were dull and boring to even share, life in the warehouse, was pretty much standard. We received products in the morning, stored products and by noon we selected our products to be shipped out to our customers. We received most of our orders from the Anaconda retail website, virtual shopping with just a click of a mouse.

I knew I did not want to go in the bar as she pulled in to the parking lot. I wanted to sit in her car and find everything there was to know about Alex. She slid her transmission gear into park and her Honda Accord quietly ran as she turned to face me and her shy smile revealed nervousness. “Do you mind if we hang out in the pool hall and grab a booth to talk? I feel like we haven’t gotten to chat to find out more about each other. Although, I know more about you than you realize, Nicole adores you and is excited that we are finally able to be on this date tonight.”

My cheeks slightly burned, but her compliment from Nicole was something that she shared with me whenever we saw each other. She hated the fact that I had been single for years and had been dying to set me up with her friends. “I would love that Alex. I am honestly interested in you. I am not sure what spell has been cast; I am enchanted with your stunning beauty and wicked humor.” Oh, yes, I hated to receive compliments, but I was Lynn’s daughter. She taught me well to charm the ladies.

She humored me with a chuckle and shook her head, “Nicole said you were a charmer. Let’s go in, Slick.” She turned the ignition switch off and slid her keys into her pocket of her blazer and we climbed out of her car. She walked towards me and her smile made me nervous. My heart leaped in my chest as she asked, “Can I do something that has been bugging me all night?” I nodded not sure what she had in mind, but was eager to find out. My body temperature began to boil as she began to unbutton my blouse. “Oh, thank goodness. Your girls needed air.” She stood back to eye if the look was right. She nodded with approval before she took my hand into hers. “How were you able to breathe wearing your shirt buttoned up to your neck?”

I shrugged, that had always been my look. I did not expose my cleavage and I felt naked. But, the cool air on my hot body felt refreshing. However, the goosebumps exposed on my skin were not from the temperature, but from a shadow near the dumpster. I pulled Alex to a stop before we approached the area and pointed to head to another direction. I would let security know about the shadow I had seen bend over. Alex hugged my waist and nodded and we stepped away from the dumpster. We kept our eyes focused on the dumpster then the shadow lurched forward. I shielded my body to protect Alex as we watched a young man heave and hurl his bile that spilled all over the ground. He held onto the dumpster as more vomit slopped out.

“Oh, wow! I really didn’t need to see that!” I exclaimed as I squished up my nose and turned away.

Alex laughed and said, “Well, just another day in the ER for me. I hope the young man doesn’t return inside for more drinks.” Alex wrapped her arms around me and said, “Thank you for protecting me, but let’s just admit this right now, I could have taken him.” I patted her hand and tipped my head back to say, “Of course, I was saving you for the element of surprise.”

My knees became a little weak when she kissed me below my ear lobe then whispered, “I have all sorts of surprises for you.” She released her grip on her hug and smacked my ass and began walking toward the door.

I was entranced and immobile for a second before I caught my senses to run after her. She smiled as I linked my fingers with hers, before we walked in to the dark and mysterious bar. We were able to spot an empty booth in the pool hall where the older lesbians hung out. When I was a kid coming here, I didn’t know this area had existed. My ass was always on the floor bumping and grinding like I was hot shit.

She let me choose my place in the booth before she slid opposite from me. I was slightly disappointed that we were not going to snuggle, but getting to know something about her was more important. I already knew I was attracted to her, but I knew nothing about her other than her name and occupation.

At first, there was an awkward silence. I remembered something I had read once, so I decided I would do a little experiment. “So, Alex, tell me what was your favorite activity when you were eight or nine years old?” I wasn’t sure if this was one of those questions that would make our passion fizzle, but I had read in that magazine sitting at the doctor’s office, if you want someone to fall in love with you ask them questions about their fond memories as a child. I was skeptical and I was dying to give it a shot.

From the look of surprise on Alexandria’s face she was not expecting the question, but I watched her eyes go back into her memory bank and retrieve her answer. “Honestly, I think it was spending summers at my Grandmother’s house. She has a small farm with horses, but I loved playing in the forest that led to a river bank with my best friend. We would try to catch frogs and turtles with our bare hands.”

I hid my surprise as I heard her response; it was similar to my favorite childhood memories. “How about when you both were sixteen, did you pretend that you needed help with kissing so she would practice with you while you worked on your homework?” I watched her shake her head, “No, that would have been brilliant. Is that what you and your best friend did?”
I frowned, “No, I had lost contact with my best friend when we were nine. After my dad passed away, my grandma moved here to help my mom take care of me and my sister. I never had another best friend until Lynn and Christopher came into my life.” I watched her face dramatically change from curious to suspicious.

“Do you have another nick name? What is your grandma’s name?” I was startled by her suspicion. “My grandma’s name is Dorothy and my dad used to call me Mera.” I watched Alex’s eyes grow large and her face brightened with the biggest smile I had ever witnessed. She glided out of her side of the booth and waved me out to join her. She jumped with excitement. I skidded out as fast as I could to join her. Standing in front of her she pulled me in a tight hug. We swayed back and forth before she released me to look at my confused face.

“Mera, Oh my word! What happened to you? You are hot. I never expected you to grow up looking so sexy.” I cocked my head to focus on her face still unsure how she knew me. “You don’t recognize me? It’s me, Lexa!”

Now, it was my turn to feel her excitement. I was on a date with my best friend whom I have not seen in over twenty years. We hugged again.
“What happened to me? What happened to you? I guess we were both dorky little girls.”

Alex nodded. “You lost your coke bottle glasses and freckles?” She observed.

“And, your smile has changed!” I exclaimed. When I knew Lexa she had a gap between her two front teeth. For years, I would look at any woman my age and try to find a gap. It had never dawned on me that she could get braces or whatever was needed to repair her gap.

Suddenly, we were quiet and smiling. I could not believe I was on a date with my childhood best friend. I often wondered if she ever thought of me. I was terribly depressed for years after losing contact with her. I had no idea how to even find her. And, now I was in her arms. I bit my lip. Our smiles faded as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I felt the sexual tension between us, it hit me with an urgent need to touch her; I closed the gap between us tighter. She tilted her head and closed her eyes and I placed my hand on the small of her back. I tilted my head as our lips met and she parted her lips to invite me in. Her fingers meshed in my hair, our lips moved together. I could feel her smile as I cupped her cheek. The fire between us intensified, and when she slowly released our kiss, we exhaled to breathe. Once she caught her breath she said, “Come home with me tonight.”

I did not want to be rude to Chris and our friends, so I asked if we could join them on the floor for a while before we ditched them. She dramatically fell exhausted into my arms, “You are killing me.” I chuckled at her performance. Alex continued, “Okay. But, just because I want to tell Nicole that we were best friends and you abandoned me when I needed you most.” I lowered my head in shame. It broke my heart to hear that I had neglected our friendship.

However, her soft kisses behind my ear did make me feel better. “Honey, I’m sorry. I know how life works, but I’m ecstatic you’re back in my life.” I lifted my head and gave her a sheepish grin. She joined her hand in mine and we strolled to the dance floor to meet our friends.


The Stalker

It was past three am, where in the hell was she? I have been sitting in the damn parking lot watching the lesbian’s yellow jeep the entire damn night. Does she not understand that she should not piss me off? I decided to drive around to the marina bar to see if there were cars still in their parking lot. I hated to watch two parking lots and a street. She will suffer a long painful death. I should not have to work so hard to kill a simple lesbian even if I did like her smile. But, now that I have fantasized her death over and over in my head. I loved the fact that her face does not smile until I turned her stiff scream into a smile from her lifeless body. I wanted the power to hand out the smiles.


The cold air hit my face and I had realized my decision to go home with Alex had been rather hasty. I continued to wipe the moisture off my hands as she drove to her place. My heart was beating out of control. It had been five years since I have had any sexual contact and that included myself. I cursed myself for not giving myself pleasure of an orgasm during all those lonesome years. I doubted I would be able to satisfy Alex if I was afraid to please myself.

I was not afraid of God hating me for having pre-marital sex. I felt, he had bigger things to care about than Alex and I licking each other’s cherry pops. My main fear was giving Alex an orgasm. I had one date, laugh at my hands. She had asked me before I was even thinking of having sex with her, “Awe, your fingers are so tiny. How will you possibly satisfy me?” I never took the chance. I did not know or care to know how I could possible satisfy her.

In my nervousness and fear I confessed, “Alex you must know that I have not made love in five years.” I wiped my brow and waited in silence for her to answer. I stuffed my knuckle in my mouth to stop any more confessions and give away embarrassing facts about myself. She remained quiet. Maybe I had imagined speaking out loud and my thoughts only heard the confession?

I decided to just look out the window. She pulled up to a condominium complex that faced the opposite side of my home across the lake. I found that to be extremely uncanny. We could have been staring off at each other for years and had not known it. When her car had stopped and the dome light came on, she turned to me and said, “Neither have I, I was married for ten years.” She smiled and got out of the car. Oh crap, she did hear me.

I slowly climbed out and gave Alex a shy smile. She extended her arm and waved me to hurry to her. I exhaled and pepped up my step. Alex wrapped her arm around me and rubbed my back. “Just come in and talk with me.” My heart slowed down and I began to breathe again. She giggled and shook her head. She remotely locked her car doors and then found her house key. She opened her door and gave me the go ahead to enter first. She had kept a few lights on to allow herself to see when she entered her home at this late hour. I was happy not to see any dark shadows hiding with the lighting.

“Caz, my feet are killing me. I have to get out of these heels. Would you be a sweetheart and pour us wine? I will be right back.”

I kicked off my shoes at her doorway and told her that I would be happy to pour some wine. She gave me her suggestive smile and walked down an oak floor hallway. I could not hear her heels clicking anymore so I assumed she was on carpet in her bedroom.

I really wanted to remove my bra. I felt restrained and I blamed it for my slight panic attack. I opened the refrigerator door to find the wine. I could not help but be interested in what types of food she enjoyed. Okay, I think I was secretly hoping I would not find any skeletons hidden in her refrigerator. I was out of my element, at the moment. It had been a long time since I had been attracted to anyone or even going home with them on a first date.

I carried the glasses to the living room, my eye caught a painting above her fireplace. The painting was set in the vintage area with light grays and reds. Two flapper girls were in the scene one girl was seated at a restaurant table and the other was standing holding a rose with a bold full moon in the background. Both were smiling at each other, but the woman seated had a secret in her smile. This piece intrigued me. I was not into vintage art, but this piece spoke to me. I wondered if it spoke to Alex as well.

I looked around her living room and noticed the walls gray with bright red accessories to make the room pop with color. Her gray sectional sofa and chase popped with bright red circular throw pillows. I liked her style. I observed the books and red throw blanket tossed on the chase – I knew that was her spot to rewind after a long day or night at work.
I slowly walked to her painting and stared at the girl with the rose. I could not figure out if she had just received the rose or was she going to give it to her friend with the secret. Her smile was hard to read and so were her eyes. I understood the girl sitting perfectly I imagined several possibilities of what her secret could be.

“Those girls capture your heart too?” Alex asked as she approached, I smiled at her, I handed her a glass of wine and we looked at the painting together. I casually wrapped my arm around her waist. She tilted her head to rest her head on my shoulder, I tilted my head sideways to look at the painting from another angel. Wham! Our heads cracked together.

Our embrace was shortened by the collision, my eyes squinted as I rubbed my aching head to comfort the pain. “I am so sorry.” I said. I reached to rub Alex’s head, but she had turned towards me and my fingers knocked off her glasses from the bridge of her nose, one of my fingers poked her in the eye. I cringed terrified to move a muscle or I would end up seriously hurting Alex.

Alex held her eyes closed for a minute then she adjusted her glasses and held out her palm, “I am fine. I guess we are both out of practice with this whole thing.” I sucked in my lips and nodded in agreement, my body was frozen waiting for her to make a move.

After an awkward silence and both of us afraid to move towards each other, I said, “I love your condo, Alex.” I slowly walked backwards towards her couch taking the sight of her living room again.

“Caz stop!” Alex demanded with one hand out.

I swiftly obeyed and became stiff again. She held her palm out and she inched forward. She moved gracefully towards me her eyes focused on mine. She released the hold of my glass that I had gripped tightly. “It’s okay.” She pulled the glass from my hand and said, “Whew, I think next time we pour your wine in a sippy cup.” She took a few steps and leaned towards her mantel and set both of our glasses down.

My body relaxed and I blew air loudly. I don’t know what she was talking about I did not spill a single drop of wine on anything. I looked to my left and right and there was nothing for me to knock over. I crossed my arms in defiance. “You want to give your date a sippy cup, really?”

She shrugged with a small grin. Her eyes looked amused as she walked slowly towards me. I noticed she changed into sweats and a tank top. I was jealous that she got to remove her bra. She wore her hair in a ponytail. I found her incredibly sexy, “Alex, you are exquisite.” She took my breath away.

She paused and tilted her head, “How much have you had to drink tonight?”

My brows narrowed, I was not sure if I should have been offended. “Why would you ask that?”

She smiled, “I was going for adorable. This is not exquisite.” She fanned her hands out to model her body.

I felt a slight burn to my cheeks. “I just really like you. I guess I was trying too hard to compliment you.”
She inched closer to me and her face beamed when she smiled. “Thank you. I like you too and I enjoyed that compliment, because it felt honest.” She leaned towards me.

My nerves sizzled and sparked, “I know Nicole said I was a –.” Her index finger stopped my lips from moving.

“Sssshhhh talk time is over.” She placed one hand on my shoulder and her other hand around my waist. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to mine. I parted my lips to invite her in, her dance was soft and gentle. My hands traveled to her rib cage and I pulled her closer. Our dance had become greedy. Her hand glided down to my breast inside my shirt and she caressed my bra. I was hot and wanted to help so began unbuttoning my blazer and she quickly pulled it off and it fell to the floor. My fingers reached inside her shirt caressed her bare back. I pulled her closer. I swore, I couldn’t get closer.
She moved her mouth to my neck and my head tilted sideways to give her full access and a whispered moan escaped from my throat. I opened my eyes once I felt her kisses fade. Her eyes asked permission and I nodded to answer. She took both of my hands and said, “Come with me.”

I began to stir from my sleep my foot nudged a warm body which jolted me awake. I smiled once I remembered where I was and whose bed I slept in last night. I peeked under the covers to see if Alex had gotten dressed after I had drifted off to sleep. She was naked and I exhaled. I closed my eyes to remember every single detail of our love making. I smiled how I remembered her loving on my body and a pleasant gift of an explosive orgasm.

I opened my eyes again to look at her. She looked peaceful sleeping. I could not believe that I let myself go last night. It was out of my character to go home with some woman on a first date, but then I remembered that I knew the child that existed inside the woman sleeping next to me. We had grown up as children together and had been best friends for years. I thanked God for allowing her back into my life.

As I watched her sleep, I was still surprised that I did not know anything about her and yet, our bodies discovered every single inch of each other. Lust was a beautiful thing. I just prayed I did not allow myself to become a one-night stand.
Alex stirred. I hoped she could not feel I was watching her. I covered my breasts with blankets and shut my eyes tight. I relaxed my eyes and smiled once I thought that was silly, no one sleeps with their eyes squinted tight.
“Wow, you sleep smiling. I must have rocked your world last night.” Alex said.

I opened my eyes to watch her yawn and stretch her arms. I immediately hungered for her bare breast that peeked out from the blanket.

“Rocked? More like a Tsunami with major coastal flooding.” I teased in response.

She smiled with humor in her eyes. She pulled me closer to her naked body and nuzzled her face in between my breasts. I pressed my breasts against her cheeks and said, “Luckily, I come prepared with a life preserver.” Her giggle muffled so I released my boobs she turned her head for air.

“Whew. I almost died in there!” I giggled at her dramatic performance.

I loved that we were still joking with each other. I had feared she would wake up hating herself and me for allowing ourselves to succumb to our lustful desires.

She rolled to her side and propped her head into her palm, her finger traced the area where her face had been just moments before.

Her eyes showed concern. “Did you sleep okay? I know I don’t sleep well if I am not in my own bed.”

I smiled. “I slept like a rock. At least, I felt dead to the world. I was so numb after you ravaged my body.”

I moaned the moment she swallowed my breast and I closed my eyes to enjoy her caresses. I moved away from her finger that wanted to play. “Alex, it is my turn.”

She opened her eyes and released my breast, “What do you mean?”

I pushed her arm down and turned her on her back. I crawled on top of her and took her breast into my mouth. I held her hands down as I suckled her nipple. Once I heard her moan, I smiled that she understood. I released my hold and cupped the breast I was suckling and moved my mouth to her other breast, flicking her nipple before swallowing her breast. I moved my kisses lower and lower. I glided my body lower and lower. I kissed her belly, licking and kissing her hips. I moved lower and kissed inside her thigh.

“Baby, taste me” She pleaded. I traced her body with my tongue ignoring her pleas and kissed her other thigh. Her body began to tremble and I moved to her pelvis with my kisses. I caved in to my cravings by taking her in my mouth. I loved the taste of her cream. She moaned at the relief of my tongue on her. I loved and suckled until she begged for more. I slid my finger inside and felt her warmth. I loved how her body responded to my touches.

As I loved and kissed her body she began to tremble. I felt her body arc and her moans became louder, my heart raced when she moaned my name. I knew she was close and I said, “Be a good girl and come for me, baby.” I hooked my finger above her ridge and pressed harder knowing it would not be long before the waves of nirvana would come for her. She released her cries and curled her toes with my last thrust. I laid my head on her pelvis and slowly released my hold on her. Her body still trembled as I hugged her close. I smiled, I had not failed her. I slowly crept to her kissing her body once I felt her tremors calm. I nuzzled my face into her neck and she wrapped her body around me.

A few moments later she whispered, “Thank you.” I did not respond. I was surprised that would be her verbal response. Her words warmed me. It felt genuine and I gave myself a mental pat on the back.

Once she released her embrace from me and I rolled on my back. I said. “You can’t always be top baby, you need to share the fun.”

She giggled and responded, “I can share.”

She rolled away from me and I spooned her. We both drifted off to sleep again or so I thought.

It was not long before Alex was loving on my body again. We spent our entire morning sharing our bodies for pleasure. Every once in a while we shared something private about our lives, but getting to know each other was not on our minds. Our need to satisfy the hunger for each other was the only thing on the menu.

We had attempted to start our day before noon, but only talked about getting a shower.

“My word, woman! You are a beast!” I said as we laid exhausted on her bedroom floor. We had fallen off the bed. We enjoyed ourselves there was no need to stop to jump back on the bed. It was not as luxurious, but, I enjoyed the thrill of our love making.

“I am so glad I kidnapped you. I have never had this much fun in my entire life.” She said before she giggled.

I kissed her tiny foot that was near my face and said, “Neither have I. I used to think sex was a lot of work.”

“So, is that why you didn’t date anyone for five years? Because, it would involve work?” I was surprised that Alex asked me a personal question.

I propped my body up on my elbows to answer her question. “Honestly, the women who asked me out just wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t have butterflies until I laid eyes on you.”

“You had butterflies too? I had been nervous. I have wanted to call you for a couple of months now, but I chickened out each time. Nicole had given me your number after I scoped you out at that fundraiser this past summer.”

“Why were you nervous? You are absolutely stunning.”

“Nicole said you turned down every single offer when someone had asked you out. When she invited me to your birthday party, I told her my plan to seduce you to get you to the party. She bet me fifty dollars that I couldn’t do it. Ha! I wonder what I will buy with my winnings!”

I found the wager amusing. “If you had lost that bet, how were they going to get me to the party?”

“I was going to confess everything and beg you to come to the party. But, I was lucky I didn’t have to beg.” Alex winked and my heart flipped. Oh no. I liked the butterflies and the sparks that shot through my body, but a heart flip? I could not handle a heart flip. It was too soon for a heart flip. I was going to make things awkward with the darn heart flip. I decided to ignore the heart flip. I needed to forget the heart flip.

“You are lucky. I only accepted your invitation, because I thought there was a surprise party. But, after Robert told me he was going to Chicago after work for business I admit I got excited that there wasn’t a party.” I paused for effect. “Then you crushed me with a damn surprise party.”

“Oh, you poor thing, it must be hard to be loved by so many then kidnapped against your will to receive kisses and caresses from your abductor.” I saw the look in her eye again. She wanted me. She inched towards me. I knew my back could not take another round on this hard floor, but I wanted to give it a try.

She slithered over me and veiled her lips to mine. Her tongue roamed soft and slow and my heart skipped a beat when she gently held my face to hers. I was surprised her hands stayed with me and didn’t travel down my body. She released her lips from mine and smiled. She laid her head on my chest.

“Baby, I could enjoy you all day, but I have to be at work in a couple of hours.” I stroked her hair and frowned. Our date had to come to an end. I wondered when she would want to see me again. I knew our date would end, but I wished I had spent more time talking with her.

“I am going to miss being your prisoner. Call me when you want me as your sex slave, again.” I needed to protect my heart. This had gotten too real for me and I was not about to beg to see her again.

“We can’t always be having sex, Caz. I need to learn a few things about you if we are going to be seeing each other.” I may have gotten a little too excited when I squeezed her kicking my legs in the air to celebrate.

“Come on Goofball let’s get in that shower, but no touching. Well…maybe just a little. Oh hell, I should just set an alarm.” She lifted herself off of the floor and offered me her hand. She lifted me up and squeezed my ass cheek once I stood in her arms. She reached for her phone and led me to the shower.
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