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It's still in my body, the sweet poison you left.
Sweet Poison

It's a cold rainy midnight
Raindrops pouring with my tears
I am numb; Don't want to fight
In this dark place filled with fears.

I'm tired, but I can't rest
Need to forget, but keeps on thinking
Of all the things that you kept best
Broken promises, I keep on dreaming.

All just flashes through again
Your face, voice, and presence
The way you changed who I am
Now, it just makes no sense.

Your promises, Oh your promises
Giving me those with sweet smiles
Turning lies into hymns and verses
Pouring sweet poison in my vials.

I was so foolish to open my heart
And let your promises be sown
Now I'm slowly falling apart
Still tasting your sweet poison.

I'm weak, but I'm not dying
I'm not fighting, just keep on breathing
This pouring rain is singing
Letting me sleep and stop dreaming.
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