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by L.K.
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A poem from different viewpoints in life of other ages
See here you, elderly folk
You are so old and have seen so much
You still think your day was better
Although your years are more than mine
And your experiences far greater in number
Times are different and so are we
You do not know my life

See here you, middle aged
You always direct and never ask
You drone on about things we do not care
But there you stand in the way
Thinking you know best
We are young we make mistakes
You do not know my life

See here you, swinging 20-odd
You have the world in your palms
You take the world for granted
Seeing everyone else as lesser
Yet expect us to not understand
It is though you want all others to fall away
You do not know my life

See here you, hormonal teen
You think you are the only ones
You think we are embarrassing
The ones who are embarrassing are you
For we have all been there
You can strop all you like
You do not know my life

See here you, small child
You watch with those wondered eyes
You are not faultless yourself you see
Tantrums and strops are plentiful
There is so much more to life for you
Just be patient child and do not judge
You do not know my life

See here you,
You know not what is in my heart
You know not of what my dreams are
In this world we are all different
Each of us must grow in time and falter
Although we walk Terra together
You do not know my life
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