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A wildfire is burning.

Smoke gets in your eyes

A raging wildfire has been burning for several days in the foothills near our home. For days, my family and I have feared the worse. I stumbled to answer the door only to see smoke billowing high into the sky just beyond our door. The wildfire had finally found its way to our doorstep; we had prayed that it wouldn't happen. The firefighters at our door said "Mr. Weaver, you and your family have to evacuate in ten minutes". Seeing the fire line, from the front door was terrifying. We were readying to leave, our belongings, all our treasures, and our memories. For the past three days, we had ferried our most beloved objects below into town just in case. This fire generated a powerful amount heat and raw fear. Even our dog Sam was under the bed with the dust bunnies. His eyes were watering and the fear on his canine face palpable.

Suzanne and April our two teenage daughters were in their bedrooms cramming their backpacks with their belongings. Our combined fear of losing everything, weighed down upon our family. They had never experienced fire before.

Mary and I grew up country folk we both experienced the ravages of fire, the burnt out shell of homes, with all the life inside sucked out and crisped by the inferno. Originally, we swore to build a home far from any place where fire could ravage us. However, yesterday our home was far from other, but the world changes, we have lived in this house for almost 18 years, we believed fire would never reach us. Our home is a prize among the thorns of wilderness.

My wife eyes' said everything this morning. I watched as she rounded up underwear, toothbrushes, jackets and her mother's antique jewelry. As Mary stuffed a very large satchel, she rapidly gave orders to me.

"Get Sam's food and dishes, get your guns from the gun safe, oh and get our insurance papers. We'll take both cars", then I heard the knocking on the front door. The firefighters were at the door again. I didn't think we were ready; however, as I opened the door and smoke billowed into the house, we were at the point of no return. Suzanne and April came tearing down the stairs crying, carrying their backpacks; they watched smoke and flames crowding closer and closer. Mary came down holding old Sam in her arms; she threw the satchel ahead of her down the stairs.

Everyone was yelling, "Let's go, let's go!" I came up behind them, dragging all the things I gathered. Jumping into our cars, April with me, and Suzanne with Mary. I turned sideways glancing at our home; smoke and flames were almost upon us.

I heard Mary start her car my reflex was to start mine. With a powerful fear, I lunged forward towards the only escape route. The heat became very intense as we drove quickly down the hill, flames beckoned just beyond the roadway. Would we ever see our home again? I was unsure, afraid and plain terrified of the answer. My consolidation; our family would be safe no matter the outcome.


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