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Fiction peppered with discarded truths, full title enclosed

Astral Projection Perfected By Revolutionaries
Payment is overdue to the new ticket master before boarding the prism of carousels~
Frozen features of permanent, expressionless fixtures of equestrian stature~
Revolving as undulating stationery chariot reins stallions beckoning silently ~
When the music's over and the lights illuminating porcelain sculptures~
Scarred Calliope grinds to a shuttering halt as resonating melodies diminish~
Responsibility rests on overwhelmed shoulders of a drunken caretaker~
Fuses unscrewed and breakers thrown producing light vanished suspiciously~
Bumper cars denied electric shock fuel are haunted by ghosts of carnivals gone past~
Conssession stands disassembled to make way for perverted bearded ladies~
Circumference of the bejewelled kaleidescope rejects blending into the retractable telescope~
Three rings outline the tread marks of lion's inhumanely tortured rusty chains~
Popcorn litters the deserted breezeway with epic accompaniment of pollution~
Boardwalk stained in oily smears of greasy leftover polish sausage~
A lone clown depressed by the sun setting beyond the driftwood pier~
Carousels machinery wishing last stragglers would finally exit stage-left~
Gears clink precisely together in unison as phantom children enter~
Tempo increases gradually whilst draining energy from the conveyor belt~
Bells, whistles, and applause announce the Gypsy Queen's postponed arrival~
Laughter echoes between warped fun house mirrors and the strong man exhibit~
Dim crystal ball transported within velvet, crimson sheath of imaginary snakeskin~
Leather ribbons lace the fabric seductively in an encasing, protective cocoon~
Mystic pauses to peer at requiems of dreams captured in smokey reflections of ethereal unicorns massive wingspan~
Shrouded in mystery and welcoming the myths stitched to her borrowed soul~
Our Gypsy Queen steps regally with bare feet upon golden veil's merry-go-round~
Spinning rapidly, careering out of control, pictures of the future begin to unfold~
Gingerly, wrapping her dainty hands around the antique stone, quarried before time recognized itself as time~
Illusions dance through parading mists billowing to cloud the quartz confines~
The journey is tricked into believing it's stairway portal has the destined upper hand~
Lo and behold! The Gypsy weaves unblemished blooms to beautify raven tresses~
Nauseated by stolen motion of runaway porcelain stallions racing only to be overcome by an inferior female~
Galaxies opening virginally to reveal matrix of shattered aspirations scattered unceremoniously as the beginning encircles the end~
While fighting the suffocating curse of darkness with holy hedge of angels repelling back wicked intentions~
Armor shields our warrior Gypsy defended by a sharpened, double edged sanctification of spirit made whole through a royal sword~
The tunnel shivers violently as a universal titan shadowboxes to block advancement of throngs plastered in demons~
Trust, honor, and righteousness clothe the rainbow child in a flowing tye-dyed tunic~
Arson is the unprosecutable executioner entombing the blaze in fires ignited by cosmic embers of a dying matchhead~
Wisdom placed in mazes of hidden memories stir to awaken the goddess within~
Interwoven forever braided intrinsically in three fold strengthened cords~
To equip the angelic chior in hymnals rhythmic gold symphony harps~
Halo glows blindingly as Ark of the Covenant winks out of invisibility ~
Divinely blessed to be entrusted with the Arks silhouetted abundance ~
The battle may be lost for now, but the final victory is witnessed peripherally~
As engulfing heat devours the dammed in dungeons of Purgatory~
Redeemed through spiritual cycles continuous development during rebirth~
The cosmic train wreck is karmic retribution aimed towards unforgivable acts of sinful, blasphemous, sacrilege~
Pivotal axis are proven to chain the beast in blistering fire and brimstone~
As ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we were created from the earth, we shall return to the earth, only to rise in glory.

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