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Dialogue between a pumpkin and a Jack-o-Lantern
"HEY, PUMPKIN HEAD! Git off my porch!"

"This ain't your porch, Jackie Boy."

"The name's Jack O'Lantern and I ain't no boy."

"OK, Girlie, so you're the famous Jackie O. That still doesn't give you the right to this porch."

"Look. Squash Face, if you don't leave right now I'll carve you a clown face that will frighten even the scariest clown."

"What you going to use as a weapon? That weak candle flickering in your empty head."

"My head isn't empty!"

"I suggest you look in a mirror before you go threatening the next Great Pumpkin."

"Short Stuff, you ain't big enough to be the Great Pumpkin."

"I soon will be, Jack No Lantern. I just got a double hit of Miracle Grow. It should be kickin' in at any moment now."

"Ooo... I'm so afraid. I'm trembling from ear to ear. No get off my porch before I push your rotten shell into the rose bushes."

"This is my porch. I ain't leavin' until Halloween Night when I'll lift off and then descend into the most sincere pumpkin patch in the world."

Word Count: 184
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