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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2100087
Continuing story of Adam and Chelsea
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Chelsea pulled out of his arms and looked up into his face. “I love you, Adam.”

Adam’s eyes widened, the words whipping through this mind like the winds of a hurricane, making his heart pound wildly. Did I just hear what I think I did? She looked at him, her brown eyes intense, searching as he realized she was waiting for him to say it back. Chelsea’s mouth parted, so inviting that all he could do was merge his lips to hers in an instant.

Her soft yelp trailed off the moment his tongue darted into her heated depths, demanding and insistent while those words rushed through his mind on an excitement filled loop. Her fingers curled into the nape of his neck, toying with his hair, holding him close. She pressed her breasts into his chest, the sweet contact making his arms tighten around her, their tongues swirling together in a heated frenzy.

His fingers inched their way down her back, resting on her sweet bottom, pulling her hips into his. He’d dreamt of this moment, of taking things further with Chelsea, of knowing her in the most intimate of ways. Their summer romance had come to an end all too quickly. The snug fit of her body against him sent heat pooling in his groin, the urge to strip her out of her clothes taking hold, while their dueling tongues robbed him of breath. Her hands moved to his face making it impossible to pull back from the searing kiss. Not that he wanted to. He backed her up into the corner of the building, away from prying eyes and tore his lips from hers. Chelsea groaned, the sound music to his ears.

Looking down at her swollen lips, he smiled, thrilled by the knowledge that she loved and wanted him. With one hand, he slid his fingers underneath her shirt, trailing up her silky skin, and she gasped. He looked deep into her eyes, saw the passion and hunger that mingled there, pushing him to capture her lips again. His free hand rose to her face, his thumb grazing over her cheek, while his fingers delved into her soft hair.


That sudden bark tore them apart. She pulled away in an instant and he turned to see her father standing beside his car, those cold eyes glued to him. Damn.

Without a word she brushed past him and got into the vehicle. Adam watched them drive off, wondering how much trouble she was going to be in. He headed back to his uncle’s house, went inside, grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed back out into the chilly November night. The street lights had just turned on; red, gold and brown leaves dotted the asphalt. He popped a squat right down on the freshly painted center lines of the road and proceeded to chug the beer, hoping to catch a nice buzz before the night was over.

He looked up at her house, her bedroom window still dark, pondering how much trouble he’d caused her. While Adam may not fully understand why her father felt the way he did about outsiders, he did give her dad props for looking out for her. He only wished the guy would give him a chance to prove himself, and the way he shot daggers his way for kissing Chelsea, he had a feeling he wouldn’t be getting that shot any time soon.

The cold concrete and cool breeze sweeping in turned his ass numb. He got up and moved to his uncle’s porch, debating if he should text Chelsea to make sure she was all right, or wait until she contacted him. He reached into his jacket pocket, and his cell chimed before he could retrieve it.

Sorry about that.

Is everything okay?

Yes. Apparently I forgot to tell him I was going out. *Rolleyes*

Are you home?


Adam stood up and moved to the edge of the porch. He wanted to see her, needed to see her face just once more tonight and know he hadn’t screwed things up between them.

Come to your bedroom window.

He stared up at the window, waiting for her light to go on.

Wait for me. I need a few minutes.


He stared up at her window like a love struck fool. That thought slammed through him. “Damn. Damn. Damn,” Adam muttered. She said she loved him, and he didn’t even get the chance to tell her how he felt. He looked down at his phone, started typing I love you, and then erased it. Those words were too important to say to Chelsea in a damn text message, though not telling her seemed to have its disadvantages as well.


Adam looked up, and there she stood in the yellow glow of her bedroom light like an angel looking down upon him. The mere sight made his breath hitch and he smiled up at her. The waves of her shoulder-length brown hair shimmered, making him wish he were up there with her, digging his hands into her soft tresses, fusing his mouth to Chelsea’s again. He didn’t know if he should text her, or whisper back. The thought of her dad coming out to chase him off, or beat him to a pulp crossed his mind, making the decision an easy one.

She raised her phone, and within a minute his phone chimed again.

Do you know what I want to do?

Adam could think of a lot of things the wanted to do with her.

Tell me.

I want to stay up all night talking to you.

Sounds like a plan. Give me five minutes to get settled.

He headed into his uncle’s house and up to the spare bedroom he usually stayed in when visiting. The room was small, but the best part about it, was that the window was right across from Chelsea’s. He hadn’t even realized that fact until a week before he went back home last visit. He took his jacket off and dropped it onto the floor, moving to his window. She no longer stood in the window, but from his vantage point he could see her feet dangling off her bed.

Adam grabbed his phone, turned the volume down and sent another text.

Where were we?

You were about to tell me how hopelessly in love with me you are.

Not hopeless.

No, that word wouldn’t do. This wasn’t one of those hopeless romances where the main characters had no chance in hell in making a go of it. He wanted more and he was determined to have that.

What then?


Wait. You know I was just teasing, right?



I’m sorry


Not saying it back. Not telling you how I felt.

Oh, but you did.


Unless of course you go around kissing all of your women that way.

Chelsea! Just wait til I get my hands on you.



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