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Not all characters are in Smash. Here are move set ideas for some of them

Professor Layton
Toon Zelda


Professor Hershel Layton - Professor Layton series

Series Emblem: Layton's Hat logo

Introduction animation: Layton enters in the Laytonmobile, exits the vehicle and draws a small sword while slightly raising his hat.

Tilts, aerials, and smash attacks: All of Layton's moves will be derived from actual swordplay like fencing or moves Layton himself has performed. While executing an aerial, Layton will use his free hand to hold his hat in place similarly to when fighting Descole in Eternal Diva.

Grabs: Layton reaches out in front of him with his left hand. Short ranged.

Pummel: Layton hits the opponent in the head with the base of his sword. Low damage. Slow.

Throws: Layton's throws are all fairly standard throws with average damage but low knockback allowing for combos to be performed.

Neutral Specials:

1) Slot machine gun: The gun from Unwound Future used in the casino. It can be charged to be executed longer and as such, more hits. What it lacks in speed is made up for with overall damage. The coins spread in a cone shape similar to Meowth's Pay day.

2) Lucky 7 shot: While charging the attack, a roulette wheel will spin. If it lands on triple sevens, the move will deal 3 times the damage. However, if it lands on triple skulls, the move will fail and Layton will take recoil damage. The attack can only be performed uncharged or fully charged.

3) Quick fire gun: The gun's start up will be much faster and the coins are shot in a straight line but each coin deals less damage and it can't be charged.

Side specials:

1) The Professor's trunk: The professor opens his case and fishes out an item at random. This item can then be thrown or dropped by the Professor. Opponents can use the items if they catch them. The items are:(in damage order, lowest first) a pen, metal scrap, a toy car, a camera and a book. They can each be thrown up to twice. When switched on, a bomb or food can be taken out and used respectively. If an item is still in play, Layton cannot take out another.

2) Unexpected case: Layton aims the case forwards and one of the items springs out. It cannot be grabbed or thrown (but can be pocketed) and food does not appear. Layton can reuse this before the previous item disappears.

3) Words hurt: Either the pen or book is pulled out. The pen deals less damage but the book deals more. They can only be thrown once unless caught where they can be thrown again. They also disappear upon hitting the enemy.

Up specials:

1) Flying Parasol: The parasol Don Paolo uses at the beginning of Eternal Diva. It shoots Layton a short distance up before letting him float safely to the ground. Like Peach's parasol, it can only remain open for so long.

2) Rocket Parasol: Layton shoots much higher than the normal variation but cannot keep the parasol open.

3) Gentleman's glider: Layton sacrifices vertical distance for horizontal distance and the blades of the parasol deal multiple hits before launching the opponent up.

Down specials:

1) Puzzler: Layton lowers his hat to think. If struck while his hat is down, he unleashes a counter attack. The counter-window becomes smaller the more it is used but a successful counter will become stronger. The window regenerates over time or completely if countered successfully.

2) Brain teaser: Layton can't counter but can strike if the button is pressed again at the cost of damage output. His back is left vulnerable even while attacking

3) Gentleman's tea: While his hat is lowered, Layton drinks a cup of tea. If he is not attacked by the end of the animation, he recovers 20% of damage. He is left extremely vulnerable during this attack. If he is attacked he will take 1.25x damage, due to spilling hot tea.

Final smash: Layton's challenge

'Layton's challenge' functions similar to Bayonetta's 'Infernal Climax.' A sliding puzzle appears in the background which requires 5 moves to complete. Layton has 15 seconds to hit opponents enough times (Via attacks that deal knockback) to complete the puzzle. Each hit (Only the final hit of a multi-hit attack will count) will become one move on the puzzle. If Layton is successful, then his 'Correct!' animation from the Professor Layton games will appear and deal 35% damage and heavy knockback to anybody Layton successfully attacked. If he fails, his 'Incorrect!' animation will play but deal 5% damage and light knockback to anybody he managed to hit.

Series Trophy descriptions:

Professor Layton:
Renowned English gentleman, Professor Layton joins the battle. In his home series, Layton solves London's most bewildering puzzles with the help of his apprentice, Luke. He also works as a teacher and studies archaeology. In Smash, Layton puts his genius to use once more. Whether it's swordplay, shooting coins or straight up thinking, the Professor is always a true gentleman.

Professor Layton (alt.):
Layton's Down special 'Puzzler' has Layton think of one of his old puzzles but don't disturb him or you might be attacked right back! Each time Layton thinks though, the puzzles seem to become easier allowing him to better concentrate on his strike but shortens the window of opportunity. Do you use it sparsely to make the counter easier or keep using it to make it more powerful? This seems like a puzzle for the great Professor Layton!

Luke Triton:
Luke is Professor Layton's apprentice. He first contacted the Professor under the name of Clark Triton, his father and Layton's friend, when he had visions of an evil spectre destroying the city and has accompanied the Professor ever since. Since then Luke has rescued Flora, outwitted both Jean Descole and Don Paolo on multiple occasions and unravelled the mystery of London's future.

The 'Golden apple,' Flora is a bright young girl who lives with the Professor. She once lived in a village filled with robots but stayed with the Professor when he greeted her with kindness and solved her village's puzzles. Flora thinks she's a master of disguise but they're rather easy to see through. Don't try her cooking either, it's been known to turn stomachs.

Kat Layton:
Professor Layton's daughter. She sets up the Layton detective services business and solves mysteries around London with her dog Sharo and assistant Noah. Following her dad's absence, she assumes the role of 'Lady Layton' to solve London's mysteries and locate her missing father.

The Professor's former assistant, Emmy is an intelligent reporter who shows a keen interest in the Azran legacy. She has followed and helped the Professor for years despite some playful rivalry between her and Luke. Little known to the Professor and Luke, Emmy is more than meets the eye and has her own interests in the Azran civilisation...

Don Paolo:
Layton's arch nemesis whose real name is Paul. He is a master of disguise and has a hobby of kidnapping Flora, prompting the Professor to come save her. Paolo's hatred for Layton stemmed from when Layton unknowingly stole his dream girl, Claire. However, he's willing to put aside their rivalry when they have a common interest

Jean Descole:
A master of machinery an discoverer of the ancient city of Ambrosia. Descole dresses up in a long balck cape and a white mask. Deep down, he's a kind and gentle soul who let his brother be adopted in his place when they were orphans. He has since put his hatred for Layton aside. Besides, who wouldn't help a brother out?

Claire's younger sister found in future London. She was trying to uncover the mystery behind her sister's death 10 years ago. She tailed Layton's research and helped Layton stop both London's from being destroyed. Suspiciously though, none of Claire's family records mention anything about her having a sister...

Victory theme: A remixed excerpt from Professor Layton's theme

Victory animations:
1) Performs his 'Correct!' animation while saying, "Well, that was easy."
2) Sips tea while saying, "A true gentleman always tries his best."
3) Thinks, facing away from the camera, then turns and points when it draws near saying, "Another puzzle solved."

Losing animation: Claps politely while smiling.

Idle animations:
1) Lowers his head and thinks.
2) Readjusts his hat.

Up taunt: Sips tea
Side taunt: Holds a sheet of paper with a puzzle on it in front of him, solves it then puts it away.
Down taunt: Slowly raises his sword to chest height then swipes it in front of him. The swipe can deal minor damage.

Helpless animation: Falls while holding onto his hat.

Frame: Lightweight, tall, thin.

Jump height: Medium

Traction: Average

Custom equipment: Swords, hats, waistcoats, jackets, shoes.

Kirby hat: Kirby dons Layton's signature top hat.

Name: Toon Zelda / Phantom Zelda

Series: The Legend of Zelda

Home stage: Spirit Train

Special abilities:
Unable to Crawl
Unable to wall jump
When leaving the Phantom for some attacks, Zelda has super armour and her ghost body is intangible.

Basic Move set:
Due to Toon Zelda only ever really fighting in Hyrule Warriors, her move set should be based around that with some specifics being:

Dash attack: Swirling her arms around while charging forwards
Forward Smash: Her weak point smash slash
Up Smash: Summons a pillar of light in front of her
Down Smash: Explosion of light

Zelda's light attacks are of magic element while her Phantom attacks have no elements.

Special attacks:
Zelda's special attacks mostly revolve around the abilities of Phantoms from Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass

Neutral Special:

Infestation!: Purple rats appear around Zelda as she freezes in fear. Once the special attack button is released, Zelda flies out of the Phantom while screaming and emits a light explosion. Can be charged for extra range and damage. Zelda has super armour until she returns to the Phantom

Rats!: Zelda can slowly move left and right while charging at the cost of range and power.

Ghostly Presence: At the cost of super armour and the initial attack, Zelda can be controlled outside the Phantom to attack other players with slap attacks. If the Phantom is hit even once while Zelda is outside it, she is instantly brought back to the Phantom for double damage. Zelda herself is intangible yet weak, she can fly through walls and can return to the Phantom anytime by either touching it or pressing the special attack button again. This attack cannot be executed in the air.

Side Special:

Boulder Phantom: Similar to Yoshi's Egg roll, Zelda becomes a boulder and rolls forward. She can be turned around but can only stay a boulder for limited time. If performed in the air, she cannot revert back until she hits the ground.

Wrecking ball: Zelda quickly darts forward a set distance which it makes up in speed rather than control. Zelda also bounces off walls during the attack.

Geronimo!: Zelda turns into a boulder and quickly descends until she hits the ground. A shockwave is released on impact. Zelda can remain a boulder with super armour by holding the attack button. If performed on the ground, she quickly jumps directly upward to slam back down.

Up Special

Warp Phantom: Zelda twirls in place and teleports elsewhere. It deals no damage but has impressive range. Zelda able to carry over momentum in in the air.

Shock warp: While teleporting, Zelda leaves an electric current that damages enemies but she halves her teleporting distance.

Long warp: Zelda's range is increased but it takes longer to execute and she can't carry over momentum.

Down special:

Phantom Eye: Zelda deploys a Phantom eye which remains in place. When someone draws near to it, it latches on and slows them down, occasionally dealing damage. Players can remove Phantom eyes by mashing buttons. Zelda can only deploy one Phantom eye at a time and eyes are colour co-ordinated to match Zelda's colour scheme. Zelda can instantly teleport to a Phantom eye attached to a player by performing her up special but does not become helpless. Zelda can create a new Phantom eye anytime.

Phantom bomb: When the eye is deployed, it rushes forwards and explodes. If it collides with an opponent it immediately explodes. Zelda can't teleport to it.

Eye Spy: The eye is attached for a shorter time and doesn't stick around too long but it saps health from opponents for Zelda.

Final Smash: Spirit Train

Zelda summons the Spirit train to appear in front of her. Anybody caught in the hit is taken to the Forest Land from Spirit Tracks and gets run down by the train which Zelda is flying alongside. If the attack misses, the train shoots a cannonball either side before leaving. Similar to Captain Falcon's final smash.

1: Points her sword in front of her then slashes (The slash deals minor damage)
2: Sways from side-to-side in glee while giggling
3: Flies out of the Phantom, circles it and then enters again.

Victory Animations:
1: Gets out her sword, slashes, puts it away before swaying side-to-side in glee.
2: Gets out the Phantom, circles it then sits on the Phantom's shoulder giggling.
3: Zelda (The Phantom behind her) plays 'Zelda's duet' on the spirit flute.


Toon Zelda

This is the Princess of New Hyrule. Her body was taken from her by Chancellor Cole but she has found a way to put herself to good use. In Spirit Tracks, Zelda helped Link restore the Spirit Tracks and stop Malladus. In Smash, Zelda is surprisingly powerful for a princess due to possessing a Phantom. She's equipped with the Phantom arms, a powerful sword that can knock even Link out! Make good use of Zelda's powerful moves and she'll surely bring some spirit to the battle.

Toon Zelda (Alt.)

Zelda's neutral special involves her releasing a burst of energy. You can charge it up to increase the range and power! Zelda can't move though so watch out for counter attacks! When Zelda leaves the Phantom she can't be knocked back at all! Her Down special, the Phantom eye leaves behind a little drone to stop her enemies in their tracks. She can warp to them too! Talk about handy.

Spirit Train

For her Final Smash, Toon Zelda summons the Legendary Spirit Train to run down her opponents! If it hits, she follow the train down the tracks to deliver a powerful blow! Don't worry if it misses though, the train will shoot either side it to deal a little bit of damage. That is one powerful train


Name: Toad

Series: Super Mario

Home Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom/Mushroom Kingdom U

Special abilities:
Unable to Crawl
Unable to wall cling
Unable to wall jump

Basic Moveset:
Toad, instead of fighting himself, employs the use of various Mario items and enemies.

Jab: Swings a koopa shell in-front of himself. (3 hits, no loop)
F-tilt: Uses super leaf to spin racoon tail in front of him.
Up-tilt: Raises up a piranha plant pot. (2 hits)
D-tilt: Pulls up some grass
Dash attack: Dons the penguin suit to slide forward.
F-smash: Uses the super bell to scratch opponents
Up-smash: Throws a goomba up a short distance
D-smash: Uses a boot to slam down on the ground, creating a shockwave. (Those hit by the boot will be meteored or buried)
N-air: Cowers as a ring of Boos appear around him (Briefly suspends Toad in the air upon first use)
F-air: Uses the piranha plant pot in front of him. (3 hits)
B-air: Swings tail using super leaf
D-air: Uses statue leaf to slam down on the ground. (Meteors opponents)

Special attacks:

Neutral Special:

Ice flower: Toad uses the ice flower to throw an ice ball. Has a chance of freezing opponents.

Fire flower: Toad uses the fire flower to throw a fire ball. Same as Mario.

Flower-thrower: Toad uses the ice flower similar to the fire flower item in smash. Similar to Ice climber's blizzard.

Side special:

Mine-cart: Dashes forward in a mine cart from Captain Toad: Treasure tracker. Cannot be turned around.

Throwdown-showdown: At the expense of speed, Toad can throw turnips at opponents.

Speedy-cart: Toad dashes much faster and stays aloft in the air. He stops at a set distance though. Similar to Fox's illusion.

Up special:

Propeller mushroom: Dons an orange propeller suit and flies up before slowly descending. By pressing the button again, Toad can corkscrew down on his opponents. Keep in mind, he can't stop until he hits the ground.

Wing cap: Toad uses Mario's wing cap to briefly gain free-flight. Can't damage enemies.

Cape: Toad dips down with the cape before quickly rising again. Holding down increases the distance Toad rises but also the distance he dips. Holding up decreases the distance he dips but also the distance he rises.

Down special:

Turnip toss: Toad plucks a turnip from the ground and hoists it above his head. Toad can randomly pull out a bob-omb, Mr. Saturn or a Monty Mole. Similar to Peach's turnips, the turnips always deal the same damage however.

Explosive gardens: Toad takes longer to pull up his vegetables but it results in a powerful explosion around Toad. There's no vegetable to throw though.

Quick Toss: Toad pulls and throws his turnips much faster but the bob-ombs, Mr. Saturns and Monty moles never appear.

Final Smash: Super Pickaxe

Donning his signature Captain Toad attire, He pulls out his super pickaxe. It functions like an hammer but lasts longer and Toad has both his jumps.

Idle animations:

Idle 1: Toad looks around, quivering in fear
Idle 2: Toad starts whistling one of three tunes (Toad house (SM3DL), Ground theme (SMB), Athletic theme (SMW)


Up taunt: Winking, Toad waves at the screen.
Side Taunt: Toad spins before raising his hand, smiling
Down taunt: Toad waters a flower in a pot. It grows into a piranha plant and attempts to bite him before he puts it away.

Victory animations:

1. Toad is thrown into the air by celebrating Toads. (The announcer says his name as he gets close the screen the third time)
2. Toad and Toadette find a star. They perform their victory animation from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's prologue.
3. Toad does his victory dance from Mario Party: Star rush


You might recognise this little guy from the Toad houses in Mario games. He used to give Mario items to aid him on his quest to save Princess Peach. He even helped the princess out in Smash. This time though, the princess is in another castle. He has finally plucked up the courage to fend for himself. Sort of, anyway. Toad will use anything he can get his hands on to help fight, even a few familiar enemies!

Toad (Alt.)
Toad up special, the propeller mushroom, send him soaring into the air. You can press the button again to bring him back down to earth with a corkscrew. He slowly glides down too allowing him to cover a lot of horizontal distance like his favourite princess. Like Peach, Toad can also toss some turnips too! They don't vary in face though but you may still see a random bob-omb or a familiar Mario enemy.

Super Pickaxe
Who would have guessed this Toad is THE Captain Toad? For his final smash, he dons his legendary gear before wielding his most powerful weapon, the Super Pickaxe! Any foe caught in his way will be sent flying. There's no escaping him either, he retains full mobility despite that heavy backpack. Don't even try to stop him, he's completely invincible too!.


Name: Linkle

Series: The Legend of Zelda

Home stage: Skyloft/Bridge of Eldin

Special abilities
Unable to crawl
Able to Wall-jump
Unable to wall-cling
Lower Mid-weight
High jumps

Basic moveset:
Linkle uses her crossbows and winged boots in battle

Jab: 3-hits. 2 shots forward, then one forward and behind.
Loop: Constant string of shots forward. Finishes with a fiery dive-kick.
F-tilt: A sideways kick. Knocks opponents away
Up-tilt: A kick upwards. Knocks both Linkle and her opponents into the air.
D-tilt: A sliding roundhouse kick that knocks opponents upwards
Dash attack: A fiery drop-kick. Powerful but high ending lag
F-Smash: Similar to Mii gunner. Unleashes a barrage of arrows before using both crossbows at once.
Up-Smash: Spin kicks in the air while spinning on her crossbows. Deals multiple hits before launching opponents upwards
D-Smash: While supporting herself on her crossbows, she kicks behind, below and in front of her.
N-air: Spins horizontally while shooting arrows. Has great range but poor accuracy.
F-air: Kicks upwards in-front of her. Combos into itself.
Up-air: Similar to Sonic. Split kicks above herself.
D-air: Dive bomb kick that travels diagonally. Low distance but great power. Weak meteor at the beginning.

Special attacks:

Neutral special:

Bomb arrows: Linkle charges up before unleashing powerful bomb arrows. As they charge the range and power increases. The arrows explode if they collide with anything. Once fully charged, it automatically fires.

Time bomb arrows: The bombs explode 3 seconds after being activated and never before. Linkle can hold the charge until the bombs detonate but risks recoil damage. More powerful than regular bomb arrows.

Big bomb arrows: The bombs are much bigger and Linkle can hold their charge indefinitely. The explosion range is larger at the cost of damage.

Side special:

Crossbow barrage: Charging forward, Linkle fires arrows in-front of her. She can turn during the attack but it can only be used for a certain amount of time. She also cannot stop moving. She is vulnerable from behind

Explosive barrage: Linkle charges slower but shoots bomb arrows instead, increasing the damage output. She cannot turn though.

Stop shot: Linkle spins in place shooting arrows. Doesn't leave her vulnerable but deals low damage and has a shorter span.

Up special:

Pegasus boots: Linkle perform a high kick upward. Pressing the button again allows her to perform up to 3 kicks to follow up but halts her momentum if she does so.

Roc feather: Allows for higher vertical and horizontal recovery but has no attack. While she cannot perform another special move, it does not leave her helpless.

Leap of faith: Linkle performs a short hop upwards. If it hits an opponent, she leaps off their head and shoots her crossbows at them and can use it once again. If it misses, she is left helpless.

Down special:

Winged boots: Linkle shoots forwards, kicking with the electrical power of the winged boots. She bounces of opponents and performs a powerful extra kick if it hits them. In the air, she dives directly down.

Winged smash: Linkle kicks upwards in front of her before leaping after her opponent and diving downwards. She suffers extra ending lag though The air attack goes unaltered but deals slightly more damage with extra starting lag.

Lightning boots: Linkle deals more damage and passes through opponents, losing damage output the more she passes through. The air variation now kicks forward like the grounded version.

Final smash: Focus spirit

Her compass glows before Linkle has a massive stats boost. She jumps higher, runs faster and hits much harder. A green gauge appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate how long Linkle has left. Killing opponents in this state adds to how much time Linkle has. When it finishes, she spins in place before letting out an explosion of energy. (Though it does have a maximum time) She also glows green though this is merely cosmetic..

Idle animations:
1: After every ground attack, Linkle resets her crossbows.
2: Linkle holds her compass close to her chest.

Up taunt: Linkle raises her hood humming the 'item get' theme from Zelda games and holds her crossbow in the air. She lowers her hood if it is raised
Side taunt: Gets out a map and reads it, slowly rotating.
Down taunt: Linkle does a couple of kicks before falling down. She gets up laughing at herself.

Victory animations:
1. She reads her map, points in a direction saying "Yosh!" and runs in that direction After the announcer says her name, a sign pointing in the opposite direction with Hyrule castle on it appears on screen.
2. She celebrates before she trips on a cucco. It then sits on her head.
3. Shoots in multiple directions before lowering her crossbows and posing.



Since when was Link a girl? Just kidding! This is Linkle. She believes she is the reincarnation of the legendary hero with her compass as proof. While she may be a bit scatter-brained, she wields two crossbows which can fire bombs! She is also equipped with her winged boots which bestow her with above average mobility. Apparently she's terrible with directions so it's lucky she found her way here.

Linkle (Alt.)

Linkle's standard special, bomb arrows, fires two highly explosive bombs at her opponents. She can't hold her charge forever though so she fires automatically when they're fully charged. Her up special sends her opponents into the air with her. Once up, she can attack again up to three times. Bear in mind though that even one attack will cause her to stop in place. Not all heroes can be perfect.

Focus spirit

In times of need, Linkle's compass somehow bestows her great power. Here it grants her the ultimate power of Focus spirit. Linkle is supercharged in this mode. You can find out how long she has left by checking the green bar at the bottom of the screen. It refills slightly with every successful kill. If that weren't enough, she performs an extra powerful attack when it runs out. What kind of compass it that anyway?


Name: Inkling

Series: Splatoon

Series emblem: An ink blot with a squid in the middle

Home stage: Inkopolis (From Splatoon)

Stage description: Takes place on a ink-covered platform in the middle of inkopolis square. It feature two soft platforms on the left and right, supported by the Squid sister's concert trucks. The trucks display Miiverse images.
On Saturdays, the plaza will appear to be decorated in preparation for a splatfest, like in Splatoon, but has no impact on the stage. On Saturday night, the stage will take on it's appearance from a Splatest, like with K.K Slider on Smashville. Callie and Marie perform on top of the trucks.
The omega version features only the main platform. Callie and Marie still perform on Saturday nights.

Music tracks:
Ink me up (Splatoon)
Maritime Memory (Splatoon)
Calamari inkantation (Splatoon)
City of colour (Splatoon)
Bomb rush Blush (Splatoon)
Tide goes out (Splatoon)
Inkoming (Splatoon 2)
Ika Jamaica 2 (Splatoon 2)

Alternate costumes:
Like Corrin, Robin and Wii fit trainer, the Inklings will have male and female alternates. They both play exactly the same so it's up to preference.
Blue (Boy) ~ The standard boy colour in Splatoon. Uses Blue ink
Orange (Girl) ~ The standard girl colour in Splatoon. Uses Orange ink.
Purple (Boy) ~ Based off one of the inkling boy amiibos. Uses Purple ink.
Green (Girl) ~ Based off one of the inkling girl amiibos. Uses Green ink.
Aqua (Boy) ~Based off an alternate palette in Mario Kart 8 deluxe. Uses Aqua ink.
Pink (Girl) ~ Based off an alternate palette in Mario Kart 8 deluxe. Uses Pink ink
White/green (Boy) ~ Based off Marie. Uses Green ink.
Black/pink (Girl) ~ Based off Callie. Uses Pink ink

Special abilities:
2 jumps
Able to crawl (Uses squid form)
Unable to wall jump
Lower mid-weight

Basic moveset:
The inklings use various weapons from Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Some attacks send out projectile paint blots which damage upon impact. They can be reflected but not absorbed.

Jab: Similar to Mega man, shoots from a Splattershot. Very fast but low damage. No loop.
F-tilt: Same as jab but can be used while moving. Similar to Mega Man.
Up-tilt: Swipes upwards with an inkbrush. Sends 3 ink blots a short way forward.
Dash attack: Throws out a splash off ink from a slosher.
F-smash: Shoots a powerful shot with a charger. Charging longer increases the distance covered. A line appears showing where it will hit and a charging circle appears around the inkling.
Up-smash: Using splat dualies, shoots a barrage of tenta-missiles upwards. If they do not collide with an opponent before losing momentum, they will crash down around the inkling.
D-smash: Slams down a roller. High starting lag but powerful hit. Sends out 2 powerful ink blots.
N-air: Uses a mini splatling to shoot in 8 directions. The paint doesn't fly very far.
F-air: Fires 4 shots from an N-zap. Long range but low damage.
Up-air: Fires multiple shots from a Splattershot Jr. Similar to Mii gunner.
B-air: Fires 3 ink blots from a tri-slosher . Lower range than f-air but higher damage. Very good for fending off approaches
D-air: Ground pounds using splat dualies. Sends a small shockwave of ink that causes opponents to flinch. The impact deals moderate damage at the cost of having a weak falling hitbox. Doesn't travel very far down.

Special attacks:

Neutral special:

Splat bomb: The Inkling throws a splat bomb that lands on the ground with a short delay before exploding. Deals a lot of damage and high knockback if it hits. The bomb itself causes flinching

Burst bomb: The bomb detonates immediately on impact but deals less knockback and damage.

Suction bomb: Unlike the splat bomb, the suction bomb stays in place once landing. The explosion time is a little longer but deals more damage. It can also stick to walls and ceilings.

Side special:

Splash wall: A splash wall is thrown a short distance forward. Provides cover for the inkling with opponents cannot pass through. Attacking the splash wall shortens its duration. Contact with the ink causes light damage and flinching.

Disruptor: Thrown like the bust bomb, the disruptor slows any opponent caught in its range. Deals no damage. Only one disruptor can be active at one time.

Sprinkler: An offensive option, the sprinkler, once laid, fries off weak ink blots. The sprinkler lasts for abut 5 seconds but is weak and can be easily destroyed. Can be used to hold off opponents in a retreat.

Up Special:

Super jump: After taking a moment to charge, the inkling shoots upwards in a diagonal angle at high speed. Deals no damage and leaves the inkling vulnerable after hitting the ground. Momentum carries over into helpless animation and falling speed is increased.

Inkjet: The inkling takes off with an inkjet. Covers impressive horizontal distance but barely travels vertically. Opponents below the inkjet take damage from the streams

Gusher: The inkling uses a gusher to go upwards. The gusher sticks around temporarily and acts as a platform. Only the inkling can ride up the sides as opponents will receive damage but everyone can stand on top. In the air, it slowly moves downwards. If an inkling crouches or crawls on their gusher, they become almost invisible.

Down special:

Ink mine: The inkling leaves a mine, invisible to the naked eye. After an opponent stands on it, it will reveal itself before momentarily exploding dealing knockback and damage.

Seeker: A bomb that travels along the ground. It slides forwards before exploding but cannot be thrown into the air.

Bubbler: The inkling takes decreased damage for a short time. The shield automatically reflects projectiles. In team battles, it can pass over to teammates as well. However, the inkling cannot use other specials as they cancel out the bubbler.

Final Smash: Killer wail
The inkling pulls out a giant speaker and is given a few seconds to aim before a huge sound wave is released. It deals multiple hits before launching opponents. While the inkling can move after activating the final smash, they cannot change the angle of the wave. Similar to Samus' Zero laser.

Idle animations:
1: Gets out a stuffed zapfish, pets it, then puts it away.
2: Looks about, thinking

Up taunt: Turns to a squid and flips before turning back to an inkling.
Side taunt: Gets out a slosher and throws it up before it comes back down and hits them on the head.
Down taunt: Looks down the gun before accidentally shooting themselves in the face, they stare at the camera momentarily before shaking it off.

Victory animations:
1: Tosses a splattershot up before catching it again.
2: Spins splat dualies in their hands before doing multiple flips
3: Swipes an inkbrush in front of them twice before putting it over their shoulder
Losing: Shrugs with a roller over their shoulder, occasionally changing which way they face.



This colourful cephalopod hails from Inkopolis. The denizens here enjoy turf wars where they compete to cover as much terrain in their colour as possible. One squid even saved the great zapfish from the evil octarians. These have prepared these inklings for combat in Smash with a wide variety of weaponry. Just remember, Stay fresh!

Inkling (alt.)

Each of the inklings specials are good for something. Their neutral special: Splat bombs, are a good offensive option while the splash wall is good for defense and the Ink mine is useful for a retreat. Their customs usually follow these traits too. Their back air: the tri-slosher is good for keeping your distance or approaching in reverse.

Squid sisters

These two squids are Callie and Marie. Callie is an energetic go-getter who is always excited. Marie is calm, collected and sometimes the voice of reason. Together they are pop sensations: The Squid Sisters. There are rumours that they are actually secret agents but that's ridiculous. In 2016, there was even a Splatfest to determine who was the most popular. Marie came out on top.

Capn' Cuttlefish

Capn' Cuttlefish, at first glance, appears to be a crazy old nutter but he's actually the only one aware of the octarian invasion. He leads the squidbreak splatoon against the assault and free the Great Zapfish. Halfway through Agent 3's adventure though, he gets kidnapped by the evil DJ Octavio, leader of the fleet. Agents 1 & 2 take charge to conduct Agent 3 and save the Captain.


Judd is the judge of turf wars between the inklings. He can correctly calculate how much of a battlefield is covered in ink by looking at it. Despite this impressive ability, he nods off quite a lot. In fact, he's only ever awake during turf wars or Splatfests. This pretty kitty is actually thousands of years old and was even around in the great Turf war.


Every now and then, the inklings will host a special event called a Splatfest where they compete in turf wars on what is more important. They range from Cats vs. Dogs, Naughty vs. Nice and even Callie vs. Marie. The Squid sisters themselves perform during a Splatfest and even the sleepy Judd gets up to dance. In Smash, a Splatfest will be held every Saturday night. It doesn't impact the battle but Callie and Marie will still perform.


WARNING: For ease of writing, this 'Smashing characters' will use female pronouns for NiGHTS. Please remember, NiGHTS is androgynous and whether you see NiGHTS as a male or a female, you are correct. Please do NOT direct malice towards the author of this 'Smashing characters' about the aforementioned subject. Thank you for your time.

Name: NiGHTS

Series: NiGHTS into dreams...

Series emblem: A circle with a star in it. Resembling Ideya.

Stage: Nightopia (From NiGHTS into dreams...)

Stage description: Nightopia is a travelling stage. A platform, resembling those in the NiGHTS series occasionally appears and takes the fighters to another dream. There are no stage hazards. There are multiple dreams, some of which are from other smashers:
Splash garden
Spring valley
Twin seeds
Sky concert stage
Delight city
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG into dreams... (Representing Sonic) (If Sonic is not being played as, his SEGA Saturn model can be seen in the background) (References Sonic's appearance in Christmas NiGHTS)
Super Mario Bros 2 (Representing Mario) (References Mario Bros 2 being a dream)
Fountain of Dreams (Representing Kirby) (Do I need to explain this one?)
Worlds unite against Sigma (Representing Mega Man) (Represents Worlds unite where NiGHTS appeared as part of Stick's army)

Music tracks:
The amazing water (NiGHTS into dreams)
NiGHTS and Reala ~ Theme of a tragedic revenge (NiGHTS into dreams...)
Dreams... Dreams... (Vocals) (NiGHTS into dreams...)
Dreams... Dreams... (Instrumental) (NiGHTS into dreams...)
Sky concert: Dreams... dreams... (NiGHTS: Journey of dreams)
Growing wings (NiGHTS: Journey of dreams)
Cruising together (NiGHTS: Journey of dreams)

Alternate costumes:
Purple (Default palette)
Black and red (References Reala)
Blue and white (References Elliot)
Pink and orange (References Claris)
Brown and orange (References Will)
Yellow and pink (References Helen)
Blue and grey (References Wizeman)
Purple (NiGHTS' orginal design from NiGHTS into dreams...)

Height: Tall
Weight: Light (Slightly heavier than Rosalina)
Jumps: 2
Air acceleration: Fast
Running speed: Above average
Walking speed: Below average

Basic moveset:
Jab: Spins in place perfroming 2 high kicks. No loop.
F-tilt: Spins, kicking around. Can be angled. (Similar to Rosalina)
Up-tilt: Backflips in place, kicking above and in front of herself.
D-tilt: Performs a low sweeping kick.
Dash attack: Becomes a boat and ploughs through opponents.
F-Smash: Outstretches her hand releasing a damaging light.
Up-Smash: Jumps into the air, head-butting opponents
D-Smash: Breakdances, spinning her legs arounds her. Ends with a weak upwards attack when she strikes a pose. Impressive damage and coverage but high ending lag.
N-air: Spins vertically, damaging opponents who come into contact.
F-air: Kicks in front of herself.
Up-air: Head-butts above herself comically enlarging her head.
B-air: Backflips attacking above and behind her. Moves her slightly backwards.
D-air: Kicks beneath her twice before flipping and forcefully bringing both feet down. Meteor on final hit. First two hits do not combo into the third.

Special moves:

Neutral special:

Blue ideya: NiGHTS tosses the ideya in front of her. Being of intelligence, the ideya combine range, power and speed equally. Cannot be charged.

White ideya: Being of purity, the white ideya does not deals as much damage or knockback but travels further and is faster.

Red ideya: Being of courage, the red ideya can be charged for extra damage on top of its current damage boost. However, due to it's rarity, it cannot be rapid fired.

Side special:

Drill dash: NiGHTS dashes forwards dealing damage to enemies she hits. While performing the attack, NiGHTS bounces off opponents and walls. On the ground, NiGHTS can maintain it so long as the attack button is held. In the air, she only gets a couple of seconds. Effective at recovering but can be edge guarded by taking a hit and sending NiGHTS in the wrong direction.

Rocket persona: NiGHTS is incredibly fast and doesn't bounce off opponents. Colliding with an opponent exits the attack but she explodes for extra damage. This attack will now leave her helpless in the air and doesn't last as long.

Dragon persona: NiGHTS travels through enemies and can angle which way she travels. Damage output is reduced however and it doesn't last.

Up special:

Paraloop: NiGHTS flips in a large circle before flying upwards. NiGHTS herself deals little damage. The area within her flip however deals heavy electrical damage and high knockback. All variations leave her helpless.

Large loop: The area of the paraloop is increased but deals less damage and knockback. She shoots directly upwards too.

Drill loop: There is no hitbox within the loop but NiGHTS deals more knockback and damage and flies further before becoming helpless.

Down special:

Dualize: NiGHTS draws from the power of 'visitors' to temporarily increase her stats. She is left vulnerable afterwards, receiving more damage and knockback.

Nighmare: NiGHTS uses her previous dark Nightmarian power to steal enemies powers. NiGHTS receives more stat boosts and her opponents are weakened for a short time. However, NiGHTS is weaker afterwards and her opponents gain stat boosts.

Flute of dreams: NiGHTS takes a moment to play her invisible flute. Afterwards however, she receives the same stat boots as the original but doesn't have the weakened time afterwards.

Final Smash: Growing wings

NiGHTS dualizes with both Will and Helen before being engulfed in a bright light. Close enough opponent will be caught in a cut scène where two NiGHTS (Will and Helen) perform a simultaneous drill dash. Enemies receive high knockback and damage. If the attack fails, both NiGHTS will look about, sigh and then become one again.

Idle animations:
1. Reclines in the air, bored

1. Juggles the five ideya
2. Pulls a funny face at the screen
3. Flies in a small sphere, getting faster, before landing on her head.

Victory animations:
1. Plays her imaginary flute before smiling at the camera
2. Spins like a ballerina before extending her hand out to the camera
3. Plays with the nightopians, laughing as they circle her.

Victory theme:
A remixed excerpt from Dreams... dreams...



Hailing from Nightopia, NiGHTS was created by the evil Wizeman alongside Reala but defied his plans to steal the five ideya from visitors. NiGHTS became friends with the Nightopians and now seeks to stop Wizeman by helping visitors recovering their ideya with odd abilities. In Smash, NiGHTS uses those abilities to attack opponents though don't be fooled! They pack a punch despite looking rather... childish.

NiGHTS (alt.)

The paraloop is NiGHTS' recovery move. It creates a large circle of damage that's sure to send enemies flying. Flying by launching of course! NiGHTS does the actual flying boosting upwards after the attack. It's a win-win. Speaking of doubles though, NiGHTS' power combines with those of Nightopia's visitors to temporarily boost attack power and launch resistance among other stats during Dualize. Just be careful! All these stats are reduced shortly afterwards so make sure to keep NiGHTS out of danger. NiGHTS relies on you as much as you rely on NiGHTS.

Growing Wings

In NiGHTS: Journey of dreams..., NiGHTS dualizes with both Will and Helen to stop Wizeman. For NiGHTS' final smash, Will and Helen do this again. Anybody close enough to NiGHTS will receive a double drill dash. Ouch! The attack will fail if nobody is nearby though making it's usefulness simply a dream...

Elliot and Claris

In NiGHTS into dreams..., these two helped out NiGHTS to restore the five ideya. Elliot was humiliated by some older kids in basketball. Claris got stage fright when singing on stage. In their dreams, NiGHTS helps them overcome their problems.

Will and Helen

Will and Helen are the two playable characters from NiGHTS: Journey of dreams. Will feels lonely because his father left for a business trip right before a big football game. Helen is worried because she neglected her violin lessons with her mother so she could hang out with her friends right before her recital. Together, they overcome their fears and even meet in the real world. Something about them seems awfully familiar...


When Wizeman created his Nightmares, he created two higher ranking Nightmarians to do the harder tasks. Reala is one of them. He possesses all the same powers as NiGHTS and is fiercely loyal to Wizeman. Encountering him can turn your dreams into a livng nightmare!
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