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thoughts of you
Tonight, I think of you.
I am not sure why?
I have gotten used of not hearing from you. You have slowly faded into the background of my mind, finding peace. Tonight, however, you rain down, unexpectedly, ready to claim my night.
What would I say if you came around? I would surely tell you that I miss your face, your eyes, your voice, but mostly, you. How you can show up, even in my darkest days, and brighten up the way - to a better day. But I dare not speak these words, as I am sure this will bore you to death. My words, my thoughts, would mean nothing to you. This saddens me as realization strikes once again. You would think I would shut you out for good. However, it is not your fault you did not care for me.
Or is it?
That is the problem with emotions. Just because you care for someone doesn’t guarantee you, they will return that emotion.
I know that the best thing to do right now is to shut you out. Tonight, I close my eyes and whisper a little prayer. “I want to let you go for good. I focus my thoughts into releasing this love. In hopes that this moment of my life becomes nothing more but a memory.”
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