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What woke me up?
I was sleepy and exhausted so I decided to take an early nap that Wednesday evening. I did my rituals, took a shower, and dressed in my sleeping gown I went to bed. My dog Arie already was sleeping on one of the pillows so I had to move to the other side. It was 10.30 when my head hit the bed. I was off in a jiffy.

When I woke up it was totally dark in my bedroom. I saw the numbers on the clock strike two. Arie was breathing quietly and was fast asleep. What woke me up?

Then I heard the noise: tick, knock, tick, knock. Someone was ticking at my window. Since I am on the second floor that must have been difficult so I listened closer. Again: tick, knock, tick, knock. Slowly I threw away the bedcovers and reached out for the curtain. I looked outside, but nothing, nobody was there. Only the dark and empty playing ground for kids in between the apartment buildings.

Tick, knock, tick, knock.

I turned around, the sound came from elsewhere. I walked around my bed, opened the bedroom door and looked inside the hallway. Not a soul.

As I returned to bed again I heard the knocking from the left corner of the room, where my dressing table was. I turned on the light and looked closer. The knocking and ticking continued and it seemed to come from the dresser.

As I came nearer to the dresser I saw my reflection in the mirror approach.

But it wasn’t me that was looking at myself, it was a strange dark hooded figure with piercing eyes and bony hands. Its fingers made a tapping sound on the inside of the mirror. The figure smiled a crooked smile.

I gasped and uttered a sound of shock. What, what the hell?!

When I looked closer I saw its mouth moving, and a strange, high pitched voice entered my head.

“Come closer, dear. There is something I must tell you.”

I was stifled with fear, I could not breath properly, but a strange force pulled me closer to the dresser and to the mirror.

“I am your future!” the creature said inside my head. “I am looking at you. I come here to take you to the other side.”

I closed my eyes, shook my head as in protest of what was happening, but when I opened my eyes again the creature was still there inside the mirror tapping at the inside of the glass. Forcing me to sit down in front of the mirror, forcing me to look at the image.

“You can’t be real,” I uttered. “You must be a dream.”

“No, no,” the voice inside my head was laughing, “I am real, you are wide awake.
Your dog is dreaming, look at him, the innocent soul.”

I turned around and looked at my dog on the bed, not aware of anything, he was fast asleep.

The reflection of the hooded figure went blurry.

“Take my hand,” he said, “come with me.”

His bony hand went through the looking glass and touched my chin. I backed away from the cold sensation, but could not move any further.

For two minutes I just sat there, frozen.

A force beyond my willpower moved my left arm and my hand grabbed the bony fingers. That’s when I felt him pulling me inside the mirror.


Within seconds the room was empty. Arie the dog slowly opened his eyes. To find his boss gone. He closed his eyes again.

The reflection in the mirror turned black.

When I woke up I was curled up into a ball of fur. My tail under my paws. I looked up to the other side of the bed and there was my boss: a hooded man with bony hands.

Those hands caressed me.

“There now, doggie, go back to sleep. Everything is alright.”

I closed my eyes again.

Everything was alright.

Word Count: 663

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