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This is for the December NAG overuse of adverbs challenge
 One Angry Mother  (E)
This is for the December NAG overuse of adverbs challenge
#2105755 by Chris Breva

480 words

The little child was innocent. She had done nothing wrong. She had just walked up to what she thought was an odd looking stranger and peered at him. There was something not quite right about him. She could tell that from his appearance. He had a patch over one eye and it looked like his hand was made of some type of metal. The child peered at him for quite some time. It was almost as if she were staring holes through him.
"Do you like what you see", asked Captain Hook. "Come here little girl and take a closer look."
Something told Holly that she should run from the man. She wasn't sure what it was but his voice was very gruff and frightening. Her also sounded mean and obnoxious. Therefore she decided not to stick around and find out. What had started out as mere curiosity now became panic and terror as she ran from the mean man as fast as her little legs would carry her. She could hear the mean breathing hard behind her as he gave pursuit.
"Catch the little tadpole" Hook cried to his men. "Then we'll make her walk the plank. The alligators are hungry! She'll make a tasty snack for them."
Holly ran into the trunk of a hollow tree. She curled herself up against the backside of the tree where the mean man and his men wouldn't be able to reach her.
"Well don't just stand there you fools", shouted Hook. "Go fetch an ax or a saw so we can cut her out!"
Before Hook could utter another word a tree limb wrapped around his waist and he was lifted high into the tree. "If anybody dares try to cut me down", said the tree "you'll fall long before I do! I hope you can fly!"
"Belay that previous order", Hook shouted to his men. "Go back to the ship without me. I'll be along in a few minutes. I just need to untangle myself and climb down."
His men all went back to the ship as ordered. Hook climbed down from the tree after nearly falling when freeing himself. The tree had shown no mercy on him. When he reached the ground he was tempted to sneer at the little girl. However he knew the tree was still watching and that the tree was protecting the child. He decided it was best to leave things well enough alone.
Tinkerbell sat in her perch near the top of the tree. She was glad to have been there when the child approached Hook. She knew that it meant trouble. However she didn't want to take any chances on getting caught herself. So she had sprinkled some fairy dust on the tree giving it the ability to move and speak. Little had she known the tree was going to be one angry mother!

The whole idea of this challenge was to write a story without using adverbs. Leave reviews and tell me how you think I did.
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