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by K8
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Time goes by just to fast, then its gone and no idea what you did in the first place.
Amazing how time goes by so fast at times, and slow and ticking at other times. Childhood slips away like a slippery water melon on a hot August afternoon.

Then I turn 33 and don't feel a day over 20 hahas. Time got me age very slowly, and don't look my age or act my age. And I suppose in the time of the future, this is a good thing. Same with my parents, they both don't look their age. And my children...well they grew too fast. I know now what my parents meant that kids grow too fast, then the time is gone. It's so important to spend what time we have with the ones we love.

Oh. My goodness, is it still only 3:00? I have found myself do this as well. So slow the time will go by when you want it to go by fast, but it does not. It will drag its feet like a very stubborn child, no matter how many times you look at the time or pace the floor, the 'time child' will take its time.

Now if a person was to keep time harbored into something? Like a bottle? A box?

In my dreams at night, time has no meaning, or no purpose. Going from one place to another. Then being exhausted by the time a person wakes up, as if you have been so busy all over the place for days it seems. Time in dreams is never ending. Neither slipping nor hording it selves in piles on empty kitchen cupboards.
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