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Chris Pratt dominates with sweaty feet, plus chats about other celeb stinkfeet
: well, i always like to imagine what Chris Hemsworth's feet smell like...

 JockFootBitch: oh fuck bro, yes

 solelicker1993: I also like zachary Levi, Brett dalton and Jeremy renner.

 JockFootBitch: nice - I would love to sniff liam hemsworth and chris pratt

 solelicker1993: mmm, what do you think chris pratt's feet would smell like?

 JockFootBitch: mmmm, aw fuck, I think they wouldn't be too ripe, they'd have a pleasant manly smell, a nice musk

 solelicker1993: mmm, I bet they'd be kinda cheesy.

 JockFootBitch: this is kinda messed up but i would like to sniff bieber

 solelicker1993: I wouldn't mind beiber, I'd prefer a lot of other celebs first though.

 JockFootBitch: i think i like him mainly cuz he's cocky

 solelicker1993: what do you think liam hemsworth's feet'd be like?

 JockFootBitch: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I feel like they'd be really damp and sweaty and would have that heavy gymsock musk

 solelicker1993: mmmm, what about here? http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/post/136757445473/liam-hemsworth-xvii

 JockFootBitch: mmm, fuck, nice and fresh and just a hint of sweat

 solelicker1993: niice, what about this guy? http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/post/110983693208/zachary-levy-iii#notes-contain...

 JockFootBitch: mmm, pungent

 solelicker1993: mmmm, what makes you say that?

 JockFootBitch: his cocky jock look

 solelicker1993: yummy, but this one is my altime fav: http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/tagged/brett-dalton

 JockFootBitch: mmm, i like the hair on his toes

 solelicker1993: yeah, I love this one, makes me hard every time.

 JockFootBitch: i'd do ashton kutcher too

 solelicker1993: mmm yeah, so which celeb do you think has the smelliest feet?

 JockFootBitch: a UK actor called Danny Dyer

 JockFootBitch: his would reek

 solelicker1993: oh yeah, how come?

 JockFootBitch: just an impression

 JockFootBitch: he strikes me as a rauncy dude

 solelicker1993: I reckon that Chris Evans would have some pretty smelly feet.

 JockFootBitch: oh hell yeah

 solelicker1993: what do you think?


solelicker1993: how about Chris Pratt?

 Angelfeet: bradley cooper , Tom welling , benjamin bratt , who gets you off the most ?
 Angelfeet: sure that could work 
 solelicker1993: nice, you wanna start?

 Angelfeet: yeah sure , you could already be at my house as i'm just taking my shoes off while the smell in the air gets to you. Wanna start from there ?
 solelicker1993: yup sure.

 solelicker1993: what shoes and socks u wearin?

 Angelfeet: in some shiny black dress shoes , black nylon socks and a suit. Just came back from the oscars , my feet are all sweaty my socks damp 
 solelicker1993: mmmm, okay, where do we start?

 Angelfeet: i walk in the house with you and i flop down on the chair and just pull my shoes off , my damp socks still on as i prop my feet up 
 solelicker1993: 'nice shoes man, what size are those?'

 Angelfeet: so tired after this long day , i flex my socked smelly toes almost forgetting you're there as i rub my feet against one another 
 solelicker1993: I sit next to you, 'nice house man.'

 Angelfeet: 13s , i hold my foot up to you showing you my by big socked sole holding it a close to your face 
 solelicker1993: i wrinkle my nose at the cheesy stench and jokingly hold my nose as I try to push your feet away.

 Angelfeet: i keep pushing my foot on your face , until i grab your head from behind and pushes it to my smelly sole. 
 Angelfeet: how's the smell ? haha 
 solelicker1993: 'mmmff' i struggle, but your strong foot keeps me in place.

 solelicker1993: the odour makes me dizzy and i lose the strengh to keep struggling.

 Angelfeet: i rub and grind my big sweaty socked foot on your face up and down enjoying the feeling of your face under my foot , i then push you to the floor and puts my feet back on your face. Keep fucking still bitch 
 Angelfeet: put your fucking face under my feet and keep it there !
 solelicker1993: my face moves limply from side to side trying to escape your big sweaty feet.

 Angelfeet: i squeeze my big sweaty soles together trapping your face in between , hey bitch listen , lick my big fucking foot. Now , and pull my socks off with your teeth
 solelicker1993: i get really scared of this big manly celeb torturing me with his smelly feet and reluctantly pull your socks off with my teeth, I gag on the stench of your big bare ruddy foot.

 Angelfeet: i cram my big smelly toes in your mouth and starts gagging you , yeah bitch fucking take it 
 solelicker1993: i taste your toejam as i struggle to breathe around your putrid feet.

 Angelfeet: i grab your tongue with my toes and slides right between my toes making you taste every crevice of my foot 
 Angelfeet: while my other foot presses down on your crotch , what do we have here ? huh you liking this boy ? i kneed my toes into your cock 
 Angelfeet: through your trousers 
 solelicker1993: I moan as I am forced to swallow the crud between your toes, and I start to crawl away from your sweaty feet.

 Angelfeet: smacks your face with my feet , did i say you can fucking move? did it say that bitch?
 Angelfeet: STAY the FUCK down and lick my fucking feet until i say otherwise 
 solelicker1993: i cry out in pain and humiliation as i lick your massive smelly soles.

 Angelfeet: now lick my big fucking feet i want that tongue cleaning every inch of my size 13s 
 solelicker1993: i lick the rough skin of your heel and taste filth and sweat, i move up to your soles and start retching at the cheesy smell of your soles.

 Angelfeet: haha that's it you little foot bitch , now take your dick out , you heard me take it out 
 solelicker1993: 'n-no, i cant!'

 Angelfeet: fucking do it bitch 
 solelicker1993: ( i like it real rough) 'Please Chris...stop!!!'

 Angelfeet: ill fuckin strip you myself if i have to boy 
 Angelfeet: i said take your dick out 
 Angelfeet: you should happy , you like this bitch i can see your pushing a hard on a mile away 
 solelicker1993: I start to struggle to get away, embaressed by my hardon

 Angelfeet: grabs your pants and starts pulling it ripping the button off and and tearing it open , then yanks it off your waist 
 Angelfeet: i said get it to fuck off ! 
 solelicker1993: i start to cry harder and take of my underwear.

 Angelfeet: then i take my huge foot and sides if inside your underwear , my huge foot taking up all the possible space as i rest it against your cock 
 solelicker1993: my dick gets covered in footsweat, and I moan at your clammy sole crushing my cock (I love it rough.)

 Angelfeet: how's it feel to be hard like this under another man's foot ? huh hahaha bet you wanna just blow your fuckin toes eh? *grabbing your dick with my toes shaking it a little before letting go 
 solelicker1993: 'please no more, your feet are to big and oh god the smell!'

 Angelfeet: i press my foot down hard on your cock and balls crushing under my big sole and i start grinding my big foot into your cock and balls 
 solelicker1993: I scream in pain, my mouth opens wide.

 Angelfeet: no such thing as too big , you're gonna learn to fucking take it bitch , every inch of my big beefy 13s and your gonna cum on my soles and cover it in cum 
 Angelfeet: i cram my other foot in your mouth forcing it in , shut up boy , suck my toes stop your fucking screaming 
 solelicker1993: I moan and gag on your sweaty toes, as my tongue glides between and gets sock lint stuck on it.

 solelicker1993: 'Please Chris, the smell!'

 solelicker1993: my words are muffled by your toes

 Angelfeet: i ignore your complaints enjoying this , move your hips and hump my big foot , i keep grinding your crotch hard in a rhythm encouraging you to grind your hips on my big beefy foot 
 solelicker1993: i helplessly hump your foot, my cock red and swollem.

 Angelfeet: haha so fucking pathetic haha come on harder bitch! i grind into your crotch harder flattening your nuts under my balls and grabbing the head hard with my toes 
 solelicker1993: i moan in pain and hump faster.

 Angelfeet: i slap your face hard with my other foot back and forth laughing while i force you to hump my big beefy size 13s
 Angelfeet: fuck yeah ride my big ass 13s boy 
 solelicker1993: I came for real.

 Angelfeet: i keep my big beefy foot on that cock, that's all you got in there boy ?
 Angelfeet: you really love a nice many pair of big beefy size 13s don't you boy 
 solelicker1993: 'Chris please. no more.

 Angelfeet: i grab your legs and pulls you closer using both my feet over your swollen cock , grinding back and forth TAKE MY BIG FUCKING FEET , EVERY FUCKING INCH BOY , sliding my strong wrinkled soles over your dick head down the shaft and pressing on your sensitive balls 
 Angelfeet: my big 13s making you it's bitch 
 solelicker1993: i moan like a whore and finally come hard.

 Angelfeet: i look down at you intensely as i keep grinding as you cum under my big beefy soles , still pinned to the floor my strong legs still moving 
 solelicker1993: i break down completly and hold my red balls as I try to escape your smelly, cum covered feet.

 Angelfeet: still holding your legs so you hand move i hold you place and keeps my big feet around your cock , relax , shut up and take it jeez your acting like my big ass feet raped you all night , got allot more of this to take bitch haha
 solelicker1993: why Chris? why are you torturing mr?

 Angelfeet: i love having you under my big feet , tell me this doesn't feel good haha you love this don't you bitch 
 solelicker1993: how can a celebrity have such smelly feet?

 Angelfeet: that's the smell of a real man haha born with these big smelly feet just how they are and you are born to serve them bitch , now lick my toes and keep humping the other one 
 solelicker1993: I give in and lick your dirty feet and hump your cum soaked sole.

esky76: oh yes... definetely hot
 solelicker1993: what do you think they'd smell like?

 bluesky76: hmmm... very manly
 bluesky76: after a day in flipflops... nice
 solelicker1993: mmmm, I think you're right. you got any celebs you're into?

 bluesky76: not in particular... colin farell maybe '
 solelicker1993: mmm, my fav is Chris hemsworth, he has godly looking feet.

 solelicker1993: http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/tagged/chris-hemsworth

 bluesky76: oh yes... good one
 solelicker1993: now those would be some manly smelling feet....

 bluesky76: oh yes... would like to have these in my face '
 solelicker1993: they'd probably be covered in dirt, all that walking around barefoot...

 bluesky76: oh yes
 solelicker1993: would you lick them clean?

 bluesky76: I like them dirty
 solelicker1993: not often that happens, but yeah, me too '

 solelicker1993: http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/post/127306784208/dave-franco-x#notes-container this is one of my fav dirty foot pics.

 bluesky76: first smell them but then yes
 solelicker1993: yeah, can let that stink go to waste.

 solelicker1993: so which celeb you think has smelly feet?

 bluesky76: thats a great pic... and hes cute^^
 bluesky76: hmmm
 solelicker1993: I think liam Hemsworth's feet would stink.

 bluesky76: probably
 solelicker1993: what about you?

 bluesky76: still thinking^^
 solelicker1993: haha

 bluesky76: gossling for sure '
 solelicker1993: mmm...what makes you say that?

 bluesky76: I think he is a guy with a manly scent '
 solelicker1993: dont know why, but I think this guys feet stink. http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/tagged/brett%20dalton

 bluesky76: oh for sure...
 solelicker1993: is it just me?

 bluesky76: no its not '
 solelicker1993: what'da reckon vinigary or cheesy? dirty or clean?

 bluesky76: more cheesy smoky
 solelicker1993: mmm yummy

: yeah, one of him sitting on the floor, left foot under his leg
 solelicker1993: yum yum yum

 step_son_feet: love the shape of the toes, tops AND bottoms (and I'm more of a sole guy, so they're REALLY hot if I like the tops, too)
 solelicker1993: I know, they're so toned. I wonder if he'd have smelly feet...

 step_son_feet: yeah...how they'd smell
 solelicker1993: I bet they'd be cheesy

 step_son_feet: mmmm, too bad we can't steal his socks
 solelicker1993: yeah i know right? bet the'd be pretty crusty from his sweat

 step_son_feet: you're gonna get me boned *laughs*
 solelicker1993: i dont care i know his socks'd stink

 step_son_feet: sniff em right off his feet, damn
 solelicker1993: they'd be drenched...

 step_son_feet: hot n sweaty
 solelicker1993: mmmmm

 solelicker1993: yeah, no dount. Jamie Dornan's feet stink

 step_son_feet: love the chris hemsworth pic with surfboard, one foot up, nice tendons
 solelicker1993: I wonder if chris'd have
smelly feet
 step_son_feet: yeah
 solelicker1993: you think so?

 step_son_feet: yeah, maybe not cheesy, more sweat
 solelicker1993: I think they'd be a little dirty, he seems to like walking around barefoot

 step_son_feet: that's OK heh
 solelicker1993: would you lick it off/

 step_son_feet: Fuck yes
 solelicker1993: well get in line#

 step_son_feet: *grin*
 solelicker1993: which other celebs feet stink do you think?

 step_son_feet: Bet Colin Farrell's do
 solelicker1993: what makes you say that?

 step_son_feet: just look like it
 solelicker1993: yeah I could see that. I bet Zachary Levi's feet stink like vinigar

 step_son_feet: yeah...bet mac miller's feet stink
 solelicker1993: oh yeah and what about jeremy renner? he seems grumgy

 step_son_feet: yeah! Or Reid Ewing...Dylan on Modern Family

what do you think of this guy? http://barefoot-rats.tumblr.com/tagged/jamie-dornan

 beachboyfeet: fuck i want him to step on my face

 solelicker1993: right? I bet he's got some cheesy feet.

 beachboyfeet: mmmmmm

 beachboyfeet: imagine his feet rubbed all over ur face

 beachboyfeet: up and down

 beachboyfeet: his toes crammed into ur mouth

 solelicker1993: mmmph

 beachboyfeet: he takes them out and then slaps ur face with his foot

 solelicker1993: your face starts to stink like his feet

 beachboyfeet: and then he starts kicking ur balls

 beachboyfeet: making ur cock leak so hard

 solelicker1993: squeezing with those unforgetable toes

 solelicker1993: one foot on your balls, the other on your face, making you sniff in between his sweaty toes

 solelicker1993: forcing his cheesy foot stink into your nostrils as he rubs his sole up and down your cock

[cocomini] 7:09 pm: we have been friends
from childhood, i became a huge actor,
you work part time at taco bell, i let you
rent a room in my home
[aayla8978] 7:09 pm: awesome
[aayla8978] 7:10 pm: wanna set the
[cocomini] 7:11 pm: i have three days off,
you also do not have to work, we both sit
on the couch watching tv. "riley i'm going
to be in a new movie , the remake of the
incredable shrinking man, i'm going to
play the brother of the shrinking man, i
need to find someone to play the
shrinking man, i'm asking you.
[cocomini] 7:12 pm: (your about to get
shrunk by the actor you love)
[aayla8978] 7:12 pm: 'really? you think I
could be cut out for acting?
[cocomini] 7:13 pm: (i am, don't woorry)
[aayla8978] 7:13 pm: sure i could, what
do i have to do?
[cocomini] 7:15 pm: riley, i have some
serum that will make you shrink, i want
you to let me give you some, don't worry i
can return you to normal size, you can
trust me, we are good friends". i pull out a
vial, i unscrew the cap, i now have a
droper in my hand, open your mouth riley,
one drop will make you shrink 3 inches, i'll
only give you one drop so you can get
used to shrinking".
[aayla8978] 7:16 pm: I'm pretty scared of
shrinking, but I trust you man'
[aayla8978] 7:17 pm: I take a drop of the
serum and wait
[aayla8978] 7:18 pm: I begin to shrink, the
process is strange and feels really weird, I
go from 6ft to 5'10 in a matter of seconds
[cocomini] 7:19 pm: "good boy riley" you
put out your tongue, i squeeze out 4
drops, you feel 4 splashs on your tongue.
i pull the droper away and watch you
close. you begin to get smaller. "oh my
god, it works". down to 5'9, then 5'6, 5'3,
you hit 5' 100lbs tiny hands and little 7
inch feet. "riley you so small"
[aayla8978] 7:20 pm: 'holy crap' I study
myself all over and then look up at you,
you already look pretty huge to me.
[cocomini] 7:22 pm: i stand up off the
couch, i reach down and put my hands
under your arms and lift you up to my
level. "and you so light weight, like a
helpless child, your very cute at this size
riley, but i think you should be smaller". i
sit back down on the couch and put you
on my thigh, i hold you tight in place with
my left arm. i hold the droper in my right
hand, i hold it over your head, two more
splashes hit you on the skull.
[cocomini] 7:23 pm: "shrink for me riley".
you get smaller, down to 3'6 70lbs tiny 5
inch feet
[aayla8978] 7:24 pm: I gasp at the cool
feeling of the liquid and look up at you as
I shrink down 'How small am I going to be
[cocomini] 7:25 pm: "i want you very tiny
riley, i want to hold you between my finger
tips,,,, guess what my tiny toy, threre is
no movie, i just want to watch you shrink
away,,,,,,1 inch"
[cocomini] 7:26 pm: ( i messed up that
last time was 6 drops)
[aayla8978] 7:26 pm: 'What!?! Chris
[aayla8978] 7:28 pm: 'What are you going
to do?'
[cocomini] 7:28 pm: i lift you off my thigh,
i put you on the floor, then i stand up tall,
"get down on your knees and take my
shoes and socks off for me,,,, be a good
toy". i drop 4 more drops on you,
shrinking you down to 2'6, 40lbs.
[aayla8978] 7:29 pm: 'what? NO! grow me
back Chris, this isn't funny!'
[cocomini] 7:32 pm: "just think lil one, you
will be my tiny pet man forever, your new
purpuse is to keep my feet clean with
your soft little tongue, now get those
shoes and socks off now".
[aayla8978] 7:32 pm: 'What if I refuse?'
[aayla8978] 7:35 pm: 'what happens then?'
[cocomini] 7:36 pm: i hold the droper over
you, you look up to my tall huge body,
into my smileing face. 4 more drops hit
you, you begin to get very tiny, your
shrink down looking up at my knees, your
now 18 inches, i got some big feet for my
tiny toy riley, those are 12 inch feet, i kick
my shoes off, then i get down on one
knee, i pull off my socks and put the
moist stinky socks up to your nose.
"breath in the stench tiny one, you like
that don't you".
[aayla8978] 7:38 pm: I gag at the vinigary
stench of your manly feet and try to
escape the sweaty sock.
[aayla8978] 7:41 pm: I eun for the exit of
the room
[cocomini] 7:42 pm: i right hand blocks
your puny attemp to escape. "where do
you think your going tiny one, you don't
want to be my tiny foot bug, well little fella
i know you do, i have seen you check my
feet out for years, one night i saw you
sniffing my shoe, i know you riley, you got
feet on your mind and now my feet are all
you need to worry about". i lift my right
foot, the sole hovers over your tiny body,
the foot comes down and pushes you to
the floor, your heas arms and half your
legs stick out from under
[cocomini] 7:42 pm: my foot, i hold you
down and laugh
[aayla8978] 7:43 pm: I stuggle and writhe
under your sole as my clothes become
moist with your foot sweat,
[aayla8978] 7:47 pm: In an attempt to
escape I lift my head up and bite your big,
salty toe
[cocomini] 7:48 pm: "smaller" i wipe a
little bit of serum on your hand and watch
you shrink away under my sole, down to
16 inches, you begin to retreat under my
huge foot. "thats nice twerp, shrink away
under my sole". 14 inches, then finally 12
inches, your head and feet are under my
sole, your face is between the crack
btween my big toe and the second. your
itty-bitty hands stick out from under my
foot. "your very small my little foot licker,
lickbetween my toes".
[aayla8978] 7:49 pm: Finally realising
there is no other way out, I begin to lick
the dirt and lint from inbetween your huge,
stinky toes. Taking deep breaths through
my nose as I do so.
[aayla8978] 7:55 pm: 'How can a celebrity
have such smelly feet?'
[aayla8978] 7:57 pm: (u there?)
[cocomini] 7:57 pm: "thats my good toy,
i'm not done shrinking you yet, you need
to be bug sized". one big splash hits your
hand that sticks out from under my moist
sole. i watch your tiny hand vanish as it
goes under my foot, 10 inches, 8 inches 5
inches 3 inches,,,,,,,1 inch. i feel you so
small under my sole, you squirm to get a
breath. "Don't struggle bug". i press down
on you, then i lift my foot up off the floor, i
bend my foot over my knee and tip the
sole up so i can see the bottom. i reach
for you, my
[cocomini] 7:58 pm: thumb and forefinger
peal you off my foot like a tiny one inch
piece of tape.
[aayla8978] 7:58 pm: 'how can a celebrity have such smelly feet?'

Josh was exhausted.
Having to do the same action scene eight
times in a row really took a lot out of him.
He didn't know what the other guys were
complaining about, since they didn't have
to do nearly as much. He took a seat on
one of the three couches in the men's
break room, kicking his boots off. "Damn,
I'm tired!" he moaned, stretching back.
Colin and Sean sat on the other couch,
while Jamie sat down next to Josh. "Want
me to get Riley?" he offered. "Where is
that little guy anyway?"
[aayla8978] 5:48 pm: "I'm here!" they had
walked in without even seeing me and I
was nearly crushed by Josh's boot as he
kicked it off
[aayla8978] 5:51 pm: "Does anyone need
a hand" I shout up at the hot giants.
[Dalton] 5:51 pm: Josh turned to him,
gasping. "Oh dear! Riley, I'm so sorry, I
didn't even see you! Are you alright?" He
was the only one who seemed really
concerned though. Colin smiled eagerly,
waiting for his massage as he worked to
remove his boots. "I've been needing this
for a while," he said. "Nothing quite like
tiny hands to get into every nook and
cranny." Sean, at least, was trying to be
friendly. "Who would you want to work on
first?" he asked, hoping he'd be chosen.
[aayla8978] 5:53 pm: "Josh looks a lot
more worn out than the rest of you, I think
I should start with him." I shout up.
[aayla8978] 5:57 pm: "Is that okay with
you guys?"
[aayla8978] 5:59 pm: (you there?)
[Dalton] 6:01 pm: Josh seemed pleased
by this as he quickly stripped his socks
off. "Oh, please, go right ahead!" He
extended his swollen, sweaty feet out
towards Riley, the odor permeating off of
them and filling the tiny man's nostrils.
The others watched, waiting for their turn
while Josh got the special treatment.
[aayla8978] 6:02 pm: I wrinkle my nose
slightly at the pungent smell, but muscle
through and start rubbing up and down the
sweaty soles and heels with my palms,
ignoring the stink coming from both the
feet and the socks discarded not too far
[aayla8978] 6:09 pm: then I climb the foot
and move up to the toes, where the smell
is strongest, I still put on a brave face as
I rub your toes and inbetween, but I start
to turn red from both the heat and the
smell of your big bare foot
[aayla8978] 6:15 pm: (you still there?)
[Dalton] 6:15 pm: (yeah, sorry if it takes
me a while to respond)
[aayla8978] 6:16 pm: (It's fine, I just hate
leaving a story unfinished
[Dalton] 6:17 pm: Josh leaned back and
sighed in pleasure, while the others
looked on with envy. Feeling Riley's tiny
hands work between his toes was
heavenly, and he smiled to himself.
"Riley, you're the best!" he said
encouragingly. "I'm so lucky to have a
friend like you!" He always tried to let
Riley know how much he appreciated his
[aayla8978] 6:18 pm: 'It's fine" I say in a
voice strained with the smell of your feet
in my nostrils.
[Dalton] 6:27 pm: Jamie removed his
boots as well, stretching his long, soft
feet out. "I hope I'm next," he said flatly,
wriggling his toes. Josh, however, was
having too much fun. he began to lower
his foot and pressed his sole onto Riley,
pinning him to the floor.
[aayla8978] 6:28 pm: "whoa, Josh what
are you doing, no offence man but your
feet stink!"
[aayla8978] 6:34 pm: I struggle slightly
under your clammy sole.
[Dalton] 6:36 pm: Josh, of course,
couldn't hear him, and was totally unaware
of how smelly and clammy it was beneath
his foot. He thought Riley was having fun.
The others, however, could see him
struggling, and they laughed, not telling
Josh just how much Riley was fighting
against his foot.
[aayla8978] 6:38 pm: I reach my last
resort and bite Josh lightly on his big
sweaty toe, tasting sweat and salt on my
tongue, but hoping I've gotten my
message across. (p.s how come it takes
ten minutes at a time to reply?)
[Dalton] 6:46 pm: (Sorry, I'm busy doing
other stuff as well)
[aayla8978] 6:46 pm: (oh okay, just
checking, )
[aayla8978] 6:47 pm: When there is no
response from josh I bite a little harder to
escape his smelly sole.
[Dalton] 6:47 pm: Josh jerked his foot up.
"Ow, hey! What gives? Oh..." He saw
Riley's frustrated look as he rolled his
lower lip under his teeth. "S-Sorry, didn't
realize it was that bad down there. Didn't
mean to torture you buddy." He pulled his
feet back, while the other men presented
their feet, hoping Riley would choose
them next.
[aayla8978] 6:48 pm: okay, what about
Colin next?
[Dalton] 6:59 pm: That's fine.
[aayla8978] 7:02 pm: I make my way
towards Colin's slender feet and think how
strange it is to see him without his hook.
there is a salty seawater stench coming
from his boots as I pass them, before I
stop in front of his long socked feet, with
sweat patches on the soles and toes.
"where do you want me to start Colin?"
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