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a dramatis personae of characters from Buttercombe, Super-Sized, Daven's Port, and more...


This is a companion piece to the various interactives that litter my portfolio, collecting characters of note that appear in one or more of the story threads that make up the aforementioned interactive stories. If you're reading this, you may be looking for a frame of reference concerning one of the characters within the chapters of an interactive. Either to write for them more skillfully, or just get a better idea of what they look like or are "supposed" to be like before you read. Either way, I'm very grateful!

This article covers every interactive in my portfolio. As such, there are probably a lot of names that you don't necessarily recognize. Which is totally okay. I've marked each character with the interactives that they appear in most prominently to avoid confusion. The biographies will change if a character becomes popular in a story that isn't their native interactive, so be on the lookout for new developments. They are organized alphabetically by last name.

I understand that there may be some confusion regarding who is where. So for the time being, if you're looking for a particular character, press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type in their name.

If nothing shows up, it's probably because I haven't gotten around to adding them yet! Please send me an e-mail and I'll do what I can to remedy that situation.

This Encyclopedia is designed to provide informative tidbits that help immerse new readers and writers in the expansive interactives that they find themselves in. The goal of this piece is to familiarize, not indoctrinate. If anyone—writer or reader—has ideas as to what should go here, or criticisms for what has or hasn’t been posted, I’m all ears!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the betterment of this piece, please e-mail the author on his writing.com account.



owner of abida's eclectics, refuses to dust
Daven's Port  

Abida is a Daven's Port native, having come from a long line of wanderers and nomads. Her family was the first in their lineage to settle down, so she naturally has a lot of their treasures saved up and put on display in her shop. She owns an "antique" store comprised mostly of dusty junk, but is very well-versed in the mystical arts. There are many artifacts at her disposal that have at least some magical potency. That being said, she mostly comes across as somewhat goofy and ineffectual. Mostly...

Abida starts out as a large woman in her early forties, with tanned skin and a spherical shape.

Alvarez, Michelle—
head of security, mostly decorative

An absolutely incorrigible woman. Ms. Alvarez is the woman put in charge of making sure that no one gets in or out of Buttercombe Academy without due notice or the proper authority. That being said, she's also got a pretty sweet gig of doing pretty much nothing all day. She takes her job seriously enough, even if no one else does. Lends nothing to the stereotype of security officers liking donuts.

Michelle used to be quite fit, until she grew complacent in her job. She’s become a big-bellied, wide-hipped woman with honey-brown complexion and thick lustrous black hair, usually pulled back underneath her cap.


Black, Harper—
recently divorced, tired of being pregnant
Daven's Port  

Harper Black is Piper's mom, and is therefore the source of most of Piper's issues. Or at least, she claims. The two have something of a turblent relationship, mostly stemming from their stressful home life. She and her husband just got through with a nasty divorce, so she's been living off of alimony and whatever else she can scrape together to keep the Black family's heads above water. She's definitely a looker, and her nasty habit of dressing scantily clad sends many a neighbor boy rocketting into puberty. She's just as busty and crass as her daughters, perhaps even moreso since she's become so burdened with her next one...

Harper Black begins our story as a full-figured, big chested woman with curly black hair and bronzed skin

Black, Parker—
begrudging grown-up, professional lazy bum
Daven's Port   | Valentine  

Parker is a few years older than Piper, and lives down the hall. Whereas Piper is more or less good natured, despite her rough edges, Parker very much subverts that trope of the good girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She's pretty lazy, and can't keep a job. Whatever money does come her way will most likely be spent on a night on the town with other friends from high school who never quite grew up.

A few years after the canonical events of Daven's Port, Parker was kicked out of her Mom's house for her lazy attitude and generally just being unpleasant. She managed to find her way into a good gig at Gilbert & Heil, and survive her internship to get hired on full-time. However, just because she's older definitely doesn't mean she's wiser. Or any less lazy...

Parker starts out as a stunningly beautiful woman in her early twenties, with long black hair and a stacked chest

Black, Piper—
one of dakota's first friends, from the wrong side of the tracks
Daven's Port  

Piper and Dakota met while she was hiding out from some "friends" in the alley behind Piper's house. Ever since then, they've become fast friends. Most would say, thanks to her natural greed and penchant for getting into trouble, that she's nothing but a bad influence on Dakota. But the truth is, Piper really cares for her new friend. It's just that she usually has a funny way of showing it. Piper's much more adventurous than either Dakota or Zack, owing to her less-than-stellar home life, and is always looking for some new adventure or sensation.

Piper starts off as a girl taller than Dakota, with long black hair and a stacked chest.

Katrina Blackwell—
hips bigger than a kettle drum, member of the brat pack

A southern belle with an ass the size of Texas. She comes from a long line of Buttercombe Alumnus, from her mother to her mother's mother to her mother's mother's mother, and all the prestige has definitely given her a swollen head to match her swollen ass. She's friends with a bunch of other prissy rich girls who go around and bully other students, but manages to have her daddy buy her out of trouble. Much more malicious than her sweet southern accent lets on. BEWARE!

Katrina starts off as a fat-bottomed blonde with wide hips and thick legs that go all the way up.

Boonliang-Spencer, Kritsana—
tech tycoon, world's best mom
Buttercombe   note | Daven's Port  

Mother of resident round genius Arisa, Kritsana is the owner and head of Boonliang Corp, a powerful force in the East Asian market. Ever since she took over the reigns from her mother, Kritsana has been a firm goal-minded leader and not someone to try and get a cheap deal out of. When interacting with her daughter (and by extension, friends of her daughter), Kritsana is a totally different person; she is sweet, kind and mollycoddling…a bit too much in fact. She can often be found making business deals wherever she goes, including with the likes of Yeng and Buttercombe.

Once she merged her own homegrown business with the powerful Yeng Corporation, Kritsana has been privy to many boons. She has had the time to holiday more often, visiting the most lavish hotels and the most expensive resorts. However all this free time to do nothing but relax, plus the heavy influence of Yeng is doing a number on her figure. In fact, by the time Arisa has started taking the reigns of their company, Kritsana seems to spend more time in fitting rooms than she does in meeting rooms!

Kritsana is a tall, stern Taiwanese woman with long black hair down to almost her waist, just like her daughter (but much better managed). She is slim and prefers dark-brown business suits. After her partnership with Yeng however she is looking decidedly much, much heavier…

Burgess, Cassandra—
culinary prodigy, partying prodigy

A transfer student from a cooking academy on the West Coast. She’s an avid partier and has something of a wild side. Cassie’s held highly as a young culinary prodigy, able to do things with food that most people never dreamed possible. Any girl who happens to find herself rooming with Miss Burgess had better prepare for plenty of temptation and brace themselves for a little more than the Freshman 15.

Cassandra starts her story off right as a barely five-foot redhead with California-tanned skin and an impressive chest.

Cassandra's story begins here:
"Burgess Beewitched by Buttercombe


Carlyle, Alice—
sheltered and naive, aspiring fashion designer
Buttercombe   | Super-Sized   | Young & Hungry  

A really shy girl who’s dreamed of coming to Buttercombe for a very long time. It’s implied (more than implied in some cases) that she hasn’t had the easiest of childhoods. She’s got a great sense of fashion and wants to become a clothing designer when she gets older. Her older sister Melanie made quite a splash when she went to Buttercombe Academy, and now Alice is doing her best not to live in Mel’s (expansive) shadow.

In stories concerning her sister, Alice tends to show more signs of rebellion. Their mother has always insisted that Mel was a bad influence on her, and most of the time she's right. Alice is naturally a modest person that doesn't require too much upkeep. But being around Mel can bring out hidden depths in her that may otherwise go unseen. It might even change the path of her character development entirely if she spends too long around her lard-loving older sister...

By the time of Young & Hungry, Alice has met and been romanced by Zack Tyler of Daven's Port. After she graduates Buttercombe Academy (much heavier than when she went in, mind you!) she enrolled at Daven's Port Community College so she could be with her boyfriend. The two of them worked hard to get out of their respective "chubby phases" and by the time of Young and Hungry, Alice has blossomed into a curvy transfer student at Abercrombie State University. She is, however, still a Buttercombe girl at heart. In a stressful environment like college and an enabling environment like her new hometown, Alice might find herself bigger than ever before...

Alice begins most stories as a shorter girl with blonde hair and a modest figure. But by the time of Young & Hungry, she has developed a fuller figure, featuring C-cup breasts and a pert, prominent booty.

Alice's story begins here:
"Accepting Alice

Carlyle, Melanie—
big beautiful blimp, queen of bad infuence
Buttercombe   | Super-Sized  

A notorious slacker with a rebellious streak, Mel isn't really one to let other people tell her what to do. That being said, her grades and aptitude are off the charts; she's actually very smart! Over the course of three years at the Academy, Mel has gone from a scrawny little blonde to a big, bombastic woman with more confidence than she has ass. She's very large, and knows it. In fact, she gets off on it.

After graduating from Buttercombe, Mel's life might take a lot of different routes. But the constant is that she's actively trying to gain weight for a variety of reasons. Mel also has a rare ability to bring out the inner gluttons in people. Almost everyone who spends too much time around her will find themselves indulging in ways similar to, if not directly influenced by, Mel's own lifestyle.

Mel's a big girl, weighing in at four hundred pounds by the time she graduates. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a more or less evenly distributed figure that favors her ass.

Carlyle, January—
divorced, the "stop-having-fun" mom
Buttercombe   | Super-Sized  

Jan is a complicated woman. On one hand, she genuinely loves her daughters. She's not exactly the most pleasant about it most of the time, considering that her daughters tend to get quite lazy and can get a little high maintenance, but Jan is just looking out for them and their health. Which is why it's so frustrating when her daughters seem to come home a little heavier every year, despite all the effort she puts into providing a healthy, active environment. After Mel came home a whopping four hundred pounds of pure indulgent bratty blubber, Jan decided that enough was enough and decided to break bad. This often puts her into conflict with both of her daughters; one aforementioned Melanie, and an Alice who doesn't understand why her Mom can be so mean...

It's revealed, through interactions with her daughters, that Jan used to be quite heavy herself when she was a child. It was her own mother who made such a fuss about things like overeating and breaking furniture that got her to turn herself around. Only time will tell if she'll succumb to old habits once she doesn't have anyone in the house to keep her company...

Jan starts most stories as a woman in her early forties, with a willowy figure and shoulder length ash-blonde hair...

Collins, Jay—
hipster, cigarette fetishist
Daven's Port  

Jay is part of Kayla's entourage, most of the time. He has been spotted without her from time to time, but the two are pretty tight. He is a habitual smoker, and not very talkative, but he has a passion for the spoken word and can often be seen at coffee bars and various other outlets that allow him to perform his poetry. He's otherwise very quiet and stony, which some people perceive as inapproachability.

Jay begins as a tall man, with curly red hair, and is somewhat scrawny.


Donahue, Dina—
mayor of daven's port, notoriously corrupt
Daven's Port  

Mayor Dina Donahue loves her job. Not necessarily because she enriches her citizens' lives, though that does play some role in it, but moreso due to the fact that there are so many ways that the various goings-on in town can benefit her financially. She has her long elegant fingers dipped in just about every shady dealing in town, and has been known to take shortcuts with various public services so long as she can gain from it. That being said, she's not heartless. She cares for the people of her city and genuinely wants them to be happy. But with that being said, you'd have to be a fool to trust her as far as you could throw her.

Mayor Donahue starts off as a petite blonde in her late thirties with a plush figure, featuring a full bust and wide hips

Dupont, Anna—
the "good twin", an intellectual

Anna is not the same person as her sister, and she would very much like you to know that. Seriously, it's hard enough being a twin, you don't have to go and just assume that they're the exact same. Anna is a bit more by-the-books than her more volatile sister Marissa, the resident wild-child. Seriously, there's so many differences between them! Anna wears her hair shorter, gets better grades, and... and... ugh! If only there was a way to make them more easily distinguishable...

Anna starts most stories as a thin blonde girl, with slightly bigger breasts than her sister.

Dupont, Marissa—
the "fun twin", not afraid to party hardily

Marissa is not the same person as her sister, and she would very much like you to know that. Seriously, it's hard enough being a twin, you don't have to go and just assume that they're the exact same. Marissa is a way more fun than her stick in the mud sister Anna, the goodiest goody goody on campus. Seriously, there's so many differences between them! Marissa wears her hair longer, has more friends, and... and... ugh! If only there was a way to make them more easily distinguishable...

Marissa starts most stories as a thin blonde girl, with slightly wider hips than her sister.


Rachel Elvers—
surprisingly dim

Rachel is another one of those improbably large girls who totter around campus, eagerly stuffing herself to her heart's content. Rachel isn't too incredibly bright, and is somewhat on the naive side. She's much more trusting than she ought to be with friends like Hannah Hammond around. But more or less, she's just a really sweet soul who will always be eager to make a new friend. Whether or not she's a good influence, that'll be up to you to decide...

Rachel is one of the largest students in Buttercombe history, and canonically the fattest one to graduate. She has a very even distribution to her figure, and is so large that she requires Student Special Services to function when on campus.

Rachel's story begins here:
"Meet massive masticating Rachel Elvers!

Espanosa, Maria
spanish/psychology, eager to teach

One of the newer recruits with three years of teaching experience, only one of those has been served thus far at Buttercombe Academy. She's a bright and bubbly woman with plenty of spice and a fiery passion for her job. She's not only new to the Academy, Mari is also new to the area; in that she's fresh out of a move from the deserts of Arizona to the comparatively frigid mountain climate of Virginia. She's separated from her family and heritage by a few good hundred miles. She's already gained a good forty pounds or so since she began teaching at Buttercombe. Hopefully she won't turn out bitter and bloated like some of her friends...

Maria Espanosa is a curvy latina woman, with cinnamon-brown skin and a delightfully plush rump. She likes flowing dresses, and wears her long black hair down in ringlets.


Farron, Courtney—
gym/assistant coach, coach knight's punching bag

A welcomed addition to the Physical Education team, who motivates her students through positive reinforcement and whose only grading criteria is that they do their best. This gets her mixed results, given the lethargic nature of most students. She's been the assistant coach at Buttercombe Academy for six years now. She doesn't really get along with Ashley Knight, the new Head Coach. It's nothing personal, they just really don't seem to get like one another.

Courtney is a short blonde woman who usually wears her hair up in a ponytail. She’s usually portrayed as already quite plump.

Faust, Viola—
musical theory/orchestra, much cattier than she lets on

A more-or-less well-behaved woman who tends to bring out her claws when nobody is around. Ms. Faust has a notorious reputation for being something of a control freak, and saying nasty things about her coworkers behind their backs. That being said, she's very gifted musically, and encourages her students to do frequent jam sessions, even in class. Unfortunately for her waistline, Ms. Faust has a tendency to stress-eat.

Viola is a pale brunette woman with decidedly proud features.

Flatterly, Eri—
head cafeteria chef/advanced culinary arts, texas-sized

A seasoned veteran in the art of cooking and culinary arts in general. She's been with the Academy for almost ten years now, offering her services as both a teacher and a lunchlady. Eri has a tendency to take things too seriously, and is more than a little intense, but she's well-liked among the faculty and staff. Should this titanic Texan find herself a taste-tester that she could sink her teeth into, it would be in their best interest to leave their inhibitions at the door. Her cooking is tops, there's no one better in the whole school. Whether or not she uses this power for good or evil is entirely up to you...

Eri starts the story as a very big woman of Chinese descent with a particular bigness in her belly. Her hair is chin-length, black, and frames her face.

Flynn, Margaret—
custodian, hates her job

Maggie Flynn works as a janitor at Buttercombe Academy. Her active life of running around and cleaning up messes mostly manages to keep the pounds off, but also provides another hidden benefit: secrets. Maggie is a notorious gossip hound and is constantly nosing into other people's business. What does she do with this information? Well that's just up to you to find out!

Maggie’s a skinny, bare-bones redhead with a not unnoticed passing to Kathy Griffin.


Goddard, Miranda—
aspiring actress, easily duped

One of the little bees buzzing around the theatre, and an aspiring actress herself. Miranda is a natural on stage, and is absolutely obsessed with all things pertaining to the theatre. Whether or not she’ll make an impression on stage is entirely up to whichever storyline you follow—though whether or not she’ll be fitting into her costumes is a matter less likely up for debate.

Miranda starts her story off as a cinnamon-colored latina with silky brown hair and a button nose. She looks super innocent!

Miranda's story begins here:
"Miranda Goddard, aspiring actress!

Grant, Janet—
professional product tester, properly(?) paranoid
Daven's Port  

Janet doesn't like to go outside. She's something of a shut-in, but no one knows exactly why. She gets most of her meals delivered to her, and she keeps up her life of shut-innery by signing on to test various products; be they on the internet or locally delivered. This hasn't leant her any popularity around town, but her status as the local conspiracy theorist certainly doesn't help matters either. If something fishy is going on in town, you'll bet that Janet will be the first one to jump on it... so long as "jump" is in the proverbial sense.

Janet starts out as an overly plump woman with curly black hair and glasses.

Grant, Lauren—
student body president, one of the biggest student bodies

The student-body president, and one of the largest student bodies in the Academy. Lauren Grant is a legacy student, a la her mother, and as such is a little more predisposed to the luxurious life that Buttercombe Academy provides. She’s incurably lazy and spoiled, and honestly isn’t one of the brightest girls around. But she’s nice enough… Most of the time.

Lauren starts off as a big brunette with perfectly curled hair. She's fat from her chins down to her toes, and wears it mostly in her belly.

Greene, Tabitha—
a hard worker, aspiring WASP

A hard worker who happened to get into Buttercombe Academy on her own merits and good grades. She has her eyes set on becoming a member of the illustrious WASP society, and simply cannot take no for an answer. In the right hands, she’ll go on to shake things up around campus. Rather than, say, actually shaking the campus with her heavy footsteps.

Tabitha begins her story as a taller girl with short brunette hair and a pretty face. She has a tendency to wear her hair in twin ponytails to either side.

Griffith, Bill—
intrepid reporter, first name in news
Daven's Port  

Bill Griffith is a reporter for the Daven's Port Bugle, and has a pretty good nose for news. For the most part, anything interesting or otherwise will more or less pass through him before anything's said and done. He takes his job very seriously, and one would be hard-pressed to find him abusing the power of the press at his disposal. However, sticking is nose where it doesn't belong has earned Billy quite a few enemies, even this early into his career. Anyone allying with him might find themselves in a whole heap of trouble...

Bill begins as a lean man, with a short crop of brown hair and a light dusting of stubble on his chin.


Hammond, Hannah—
hotel heiress, the reason you're fat
Buttercombe   | Daven's Port  

One of the very (very) few seniors who haven’t succumbed to the lazy Buttercombe lifestyle. Hannah Hammond is, however, a notorious obesophile—she absolutely loves anything and everything about people getting fat. Should anyone be unlucky enough to get her as a roommate, it would probably be in their best interest to apply for another room. Hannah can and will deliberately fatten almost anyone who walks through her door!

Hannah Hammond comes from a prestigious family that owns hotels all over the country. Despite being only a few years older than Dakota and only a simple two-year business degree from Stuffington University to her name, Hannah is the authority for hotels on the East Coast by the time she shows up in Daven's Port, where her father primarily manages those out west. For the poshness with which she handles her guests, Hannah handles her employees similarly. She has known to have a good report with everyone under her, and will go out of her way to ensure that everyone under her watchful eye is comfortable...

Hannah starts off as thin woman with a killer figure, and grows into a penchant for business suits and pencil skirts upon inheriting her father's company.

Hannah's story begins here:
"Hannah Hammond

Harrington, Faye—
spoiled heiress #1, former athlete in "early retirement"

An impossibly spoiled, impetuous legacy student who comes from a long long line of Buttercombe Alumnus. A former athlete, Faye would much rather lay around all day and do nothing and complain about getting fat while doing absolutely nothing about it. She’s something of a bully to the younger girls, especially her sister Molly.

Faye used to be quite slender, but has since let herself go in light of her "retirement". She has short black hair that she keeps in a bob, and has come to weigh more than three hundred pounds since her life of luxury at Buttercombe began.

Harrington, Molly—
spoiled heiress #3, mommy's favorite

Molly inherited everything from her mother’s side of the family, including her short stature and incredibly round physique. Unlike the other women in her family, however, Molly is much more down to earth… most of the time. She’s just as spoiled as her sisters, but is much nicer about it. She’s hardly as demanding, but has been known to scheme just as readily as Faye, or whine just as much as Sabrina... so, not really. The three of them are legacy students here at Buttercombe Academy.

Molly begins her story as a short, fat brunette with long wavy hair. She looks just like her mother did at her age, albeit much heavier...

Molly's story begins here:
"Molly's Arrival, Mother's Reunion

Harrington, Sabrina—
spoiled heiress #2, not as bright as her sisters

The middle child in the Harrington suite. She’s desperate for attention and praise—hardly as smart as either one of her sisters, but twice as beautiful. More often than not, this chunky former cheerleader will find herself part of her older sister’s plots to torture anyone and everyone who crosses their path. Not very bright, but a lot to look at. And with her eager willingness to binge without thinking of the consequences…

Sabrina has is a blonde with pretty, doll-like features that are accentuated by their roundness. She has wide birthing hips, a full chest, and plays a middle ground between her sisters' weights.

Hart, Cassie—
transfer student, most likely to become strong-fat

Something of a brute, Cassie was transfered from her other school in hopes of standing out more. Buttercombe Academy's lackluster sports program means that Cassie is a guaranteed MVP if she manages to help pump some life back into it. Something of a big fish, little pond situation. But Cassie's ego is enormous, as is her appetite. It wouldn't take more than a few honied words to get on her good side...

Cassie starts off her story as a muscular girl with a mop of sandy blonde hair, and a bit of a gut...

Cassie's story begins here:
"Every hive needs a warrior bee

Heart, Hillary—
former super-star, in hiding
Buttercombe   | Super-Sized  

There’s a rumor that Hillary Heart, one of the UK’s many pop stars, came to Buttercombe Academy many years ago in hopes of furthering her education just in case the whole “star” thing didn’t work out. It didn’t. Hillary Heart readily indulged herself as a form of teen rebellion in a way that even the richest of girls that roll around the hallways couldn’t imagine, and it has left her with a body sorely lacking. Should you find Hillary Heart, she’ll more than likely be using a fake name to hide her stardom(?) Though in all honesty, the extra two hundred pounds she’s picked up while on campus make for a pretty ready disguise already…

Hillary starts off most stories as a big blobby redhead, her stardom long behind her. There’s an emphasis on her chest and tummy. She’s very topheavy.

Hinamizawa, Fukuda—
supervisor of the yfp divison, yeng's eyes and ears
Buttercombe  note | Daven's Port  

Fukuda is a soft-spoken woman who has risen through the ranks of the Yeng Corporation through hard work and shrewd business knowledge. Like many Yeng employees, she is of Japanese descent, and has a noticeable accent that many say compliments her sweet, sometimes awkward demeanor. However, do not mistake her kindness for foolishness. Fukuda can (and may, depending on how the story unfolds) cross several lines in the name of her company. No matter the situation, Fukuda will always give 110%.

Fukuda begins as a lithe, somewhat tall woman with a soft but thin figure and a penchant for purple.

Holloway, Adeline—
algebra/calculus/trigonometry, butt bigger than heart

One of the one who take their job way too seriously. Adeline lives, eats and breaths math. She's rather unpopular among the faculty and student body. What makes her so interesting is her disproportionately wide hips and fat ass. It's a source of many a mockery in the halls, teachers' lounges, even her own classroom. Adeline is a stern, concentrated individual that wouldn't know fun if it hit her upside the face. Which is why her cartoonishly big bubble butt is so hilarious on her.

Adeline is a mousy-looking woman with long red hair that comes down to her back. Her aforementioned ass is particularly perky and round.

Adeline's story begins here:
"Adeline Holloway

Huan, Brittany—
aspiring biologist, willing victim
Buttercombe   | Young & Hungry  

Brittany is one of the largest students on campus, easily living up to the “super-sized senior” reputation that seems to come with being a student at Buttercombe Academy. She’s a biology whiz who happens to enjoy fine dining, laying around in her underwear, and acting as a human garbage disposal unit. Even though it’s Brittany’s last year, make no mistake, she will be graduating even larger than she already is.

By the time of Young and Hungry, Brittany has thrown her hat in with the Yeng Corporation, and is working on many innovations that seek to improve the lives of the morbidly obese. Considering that she is herself among this group, she has a lot of motivation. Brittany works/lives in the Yeng-Huan compound right outside of Abercrombie, where she and her fellow scientists work on ways to improve the lives of those who just so happen to enjoy food...

Brittany starts off as an incredibly overweight asian woman with long black hair and glasses. By the time of Young and Hungry, Brittany weighs more than five hundred pounds, and has taken to wearing her lab coat even when not working.


Johnson, Dakota—
main protagonist of daven’s port, don’t mess with texas
Daven's Port  

The main heroine of our story. Dakota and her family move to Daven's Port one month before the start of the story, following her father's promotion within the DynaCorp family. Dakota just graduated high school, but any plans that she had made for herself were put on hold after the big move. She's spent her first month or so moping around the house, and has only made two new friends at the start of our story. Only time will tell if she'll come to think of Daven's Port as her new home.

Dakota begins the story as an all-around average girl with shoulder-length brown hair and a modest figure.

Johnson, Patrick—
ceo of daven's port dynacorp branch, dakota's father
Daven's Port  

The catalyst for the big move and an up-and-comer around the city. Dakota's father is more or less a good man who wants to do right by his family; although he buries his head in his work, and often doesn't see the effects that some of his decisions have on those around him. Case in point, moving to Daven's Port without considering how Dakota might feel about it. Despite his faults, Patrick loves his family and would do anything to ensure that they are taken care of and are comfortable.

Patrick is a shorter man, with dark red hair and a goatee. Years at a desk job have left him a bit paunchy.

Johnson, Hannah—
johnson family matriarch, currently unemployed
Daven's Port  

Dakota's mother and an aspiring career woman. Mrs. Johnson is something of a super-woman; before the move she held down a steady job and managed to rear two kids without much fuss while Patrick toiled away in middle management. After the move though, her attentions have been turned away from her career and more towards making sure that her kids are taking their new environment well; particularly Dakota. She tends to obsess over things, and can be somewhat overbearing. But it's no secret that she puts family first, one of the many reasons she and Patrick get along.

Hannah is a tall woman who looks a lot like Dakota. She has a motherly figure, and reassures her daughter that in time she will have the same.

Johnson, Kenny—
dakota's younger brother
Daven's Port  

Kenny came after Dakota, and is pretty much the baby of the family. Despite the fact that he's going into high school, his family still tends to treat him like he's the useless little brother who can't do anything for himself. Somewhat sheltered, Kenny still hasn't quite grown out of the "annoying younger brother" stage of his development, despite his entrance into puberty. He's not a bad kid, or even particularly bothersome, but he can get under Dakota's skin like no one else can.

Kenny takes after his father, starting off our story as a short redhead with freckles. His hobby of online gaming has left him with an unathletic build.

Jones-Sanchez, Hurley—
professional party pig, old friends of piper's
Daven's Port  

Hurley and Yanira are a friendly couple who reside in the Dauphin Towers apartments. Their ambitions are small; eat well and be merry, and they like to live it up whenever possible. Hurley is a very hairy, very bearish man and comes from not-so-well-to-do roots, and is a Daven's Port native. Hurley's appetite and his wife's cooking mean plenty of food to go around for everyone who's interested, including the two of them. When not partying (or working), Hurley can be found taking up the majority of any couch that happens to be beneath him.

Hurley starts as an exceedingly large man with a big belly and a couch-crushing physique.

Jones-Sanchez, Yanira—
party pro, large-assed latina
Daven's Port  

Hurley and Yanira are a friendly couple who reside in the Dauphin Towers apartments. Their ambitions are small; eat well and be merry, and they like to live it up whenever possible. Yanira is a first-generation American from Mexico who struggles to stay connected to her roots. Yanira has always been a bit heavy, but recently she's started to expand extraordinarily thanks in part to Hurley's bad influence. When not cooking for her land whale husband, Yanira can be found laying around on the couch getting in houswife practice.

Yanira begins as a round woman with a rapidly widening hourglass figure.


Katsuragi, Yumi—
transfer student, trouble maker

A rough chick who gets into trouble a lot, moving from school to school on almost a semester-ly basis. She happened to come to Buttercombe on account of her high grades and Ms. Polluck’s forgiveness policy. However she can’t seem to stop getting into trouble.

Yumi starts off as a skinny japanese girl with a boyish haircut and a toned, fight-forged figure.

Yumi's story begins here:
"Preconceptions and Preperations

Knight, Ashley—
gym/head coach, does not play well with others
Buttercombe   | Daven's Port  

A very intense woman who happened to land the Head Coach position at Buttercombe Academy. She's a living, breathing cardio freak who views herself as the peak of physical fitness. Living in a place like Buttercombe Academy is very stressful for her, causing her to lash out at students and fellow co-workers. Standing as a direct opposition to their lazy lifestyles, Ashley's physical fixation is not looked kindly upon by those around her. She's also got something of a potty-mouth, which most of her students can attest to. Ashley might find herself packing on quite a few pounds, depending on what path you chose. Whether or not she'll be able to keep trim in a place like Buttercombe Academy is completely up in the air.

Ashley’s family runs a pizza parlour in Daven’s Port called Nitoli’s Pizza. Specifically, her father has always hoped that she would return home to run the family business. One can only imagine how a woman so dedicated to fitness might feel about owning a pie shop. However, should Ashley return to Daven’s Port, there’s always an option for her to rejoin the family and take over for her father. There’s also the option for her to indulge herself, if she hadn’t done enough of that back at the Academy...

Ashley's story begins here:
"Ashley Knight

Kretchkov, Tasha—
headmistress' assistant, loves her job too much

Tasha is Ms. Polluck's head assistant. Most like to think of her as the muscle to Ms. Polluck's brain, and they certainly wouldn't be wrong. She's an absolute bear of a woman with a thick Russian accent. However she's not nearly as scary as her statuesque appearance would make her out to be. She's quite kind and nurturing. She does plenty of odd jobs around the school, so she could really show up anywhere...

Tasha is a big bear of a woman. Brown hair, freakishly tall, built like a fridge


Lancer, Tiffany—
clothing construction/home economics, aspiring housewife

Tiffany is a plain sort of woman, with modest features and simple dreams. She's kind and sweet, but often has a tendency to meddle in the affairs of her students. That said, she's very popular with the girls in her classes due to her familiar and approachable style. Tiffany chalks this up to a "strong maternal instinct", something like practice for when she has her own daughter. Fitting, then, that Tiffany's greatest aspiration in life is to become a kept woman. Whether or not she finds the man of her dreams is your decision...

Tiffany is a chubby woman with naturally platinum blonde hair. She can usually be found wearing custom-made clothing.

Lee, Kayla—
singer-songwriter, life of the party
Daven's Port  

Kayla Lee is a semi-famous performer and artist, who just so happens to be a Daven's Port native. She's often gone on tour, performing in various stages all across the world, but has been known to come back every now and then for a party at Burly Hurley's. When not performing on big stages in front of lots of people, Kayla has been known to donate her services to various open mic nights in bars across the port, entertaining men and women of all ages with her lovely voice and stellar personality.

Kayla begins as a short woman with a pixie bob, who doesn't have much in the ways of a figure.


Mahoney, Megan—
tv-holic, biggest breasts on her floor

A boobalicious redhead with a serious addiction to daytime TV. She’s managed to stay mostly slender (somehow) but her luck’s beginning to run out. Megan knows all the ins and outs on how to do as little work as possible for the highest grade available, and is a real whiz at sniffing out all the easy classes. How long do you think she’ll be able to keep up her rockin’ body when all she does is veg out on the couch?

Megan begins as a squishy redhead with distractingly large breasts and a bit of a tummy.

Mathers, Martha—
trophy wife gone soft
Daven's Port  

Martha is typically one of those stay-at-home, mani/pedi with the girls, yell at the housekeeping kind of wives. Her husband is a well-to-do sort of man who is a fair bit older than her, and he's in his second marraige. Used to being spoiled and doted on, it didn't take long before Martha began to soften up once she no longer had to gussy up to get the guy. She's still quite a looker, but has settled for a much more domestic style of ravishing.

Martha begins as a busty blonde woman with a bit of a tummy, and a penchant for makeup.

Basil Moreau—
proprietor of la bonne boulangerie, dedicated pastry chef
Daven's Port  

Basil Moreau came to America shortly before his daughter Maggie was born, and has lived in Daven's Port ever since. He spends his time toiling away in the kitchen or behind the counter of his beloved bakery, selling quality goods to the people of the Port. He's very popular, and has published many cookbooks throughout his career. Something of a doting father, he wishes for nothing more than for his children to succeed him and take over his shop.

Basil Moreau is a plump man with a crop of graying black hair and a thin mustache

Moreau, Jean-Claude—
assistant manager of la bonne boulangerie, maggie's older brother
Daven's Port  

Jean-Claude is Maggie's dreamy older brother by several years, and is impeccably handsome with a passion for baking. He wishes to follow in his father's footsteps, and hopes to one day open up his own bakery. Jean-Claude is French-born, but has been thoroughly Americanized after spending most of his life in Daven's Port. That being said, he retains a strong accent and shares his father's traditional sensibilities. Jean-Claude is the object of many girls' affections, having acquired a reputation as something of a lady's man.

Jean-Claude starts as a tall, sandy-haired man with a thin build.

Moreau, Maggie—
daughter of a pastry chef, first-generation american
Daven's Port  

Maggie is a sweet girl who knows Piper. She works at La Bonne Boulangerie, a French pastry shop owned by her family. She's spent most of her life being somewhat sheltered, and while she isn't exactly excited about working with her brother, she definitely enjoys the benefits of working at a bakery. Maggie is the first in her family to actually be born in America, and the only one lacking the distinctive French accent present in the rest of the Moreaus.

Maggie begins our story having recently begun to put on weight, with sandy blonde curls and thick-rimmed glasses.

Morgan, Cass—
serious broadcast journalist, straight man
Daven's Port   | Young & Hungry  

Cass and Marni are two radio hostesses who have come to Daven's Port after being signed on at a new studio. They're usually giving away cool prizes if one tunes in at the right time, and always promoting local businesses; not only because it's their job, but because they get all kinds of cool perks for plugging ads around town.

After an undisclosed amount of time in Daven's Port, Cass and Marni had a falling out and went their separate ways, but both somehow managed to wind up on television. Cass was picked up as a local broadcast journalist in Abercrombie, and is an anchorwoman on the eleven 'o' clock news.

Cass begins most stories as a tall athletically built woman with a large chest and long brown hair.

Myers, Sonya—
groundskeeper, blends into the background

The school's head groundskeeper. She's a natural at her job, practically living and breathing landscaping. She's quite bright, often showing off her intellectual side. That being said, she's not one of those know-it-all, down-to-earth, Wilson-from-Home Improvement kinds of intellectuals. She's shy, and would much rather keep to herself and trim the topiary.

Sonya is a full-figured woman in her late twenties.

Myeong, Sung—
transfer student, gamer girl

Sung is a transfer student. Rather than some of the other girls on this list, she's not quite used to the preparatory school life. Her grades are off the charts, and she just recently scored high enough on her aptitude tests to enroll in Buttercombe Academy. Finally, her anti-social behavior and tendency to ignore actual people have paid off! But when her biggest aide is also her biggest distraction, how will Sung balance her gaming hobby with the demanding curriculum of Buttercombe Academy? Only time will tell...

Sung starts off as a squishy, spoiled asian girl. She has long black hair and glasses.

Sung's story begins here:
"Sung Myeong gets her game on!


Nelson, Rita—
history, divorced

A bitter, cynical woman coming out of a tail-spin of a divorce. She's a veteran teacher of ten years, and has a lot of pent-up aggression, and usually takes it out on the other teachers around her. She's usually the first to point out someone else's faults while managing to ignore her own. Despite her legendarily piss-poor attitude, Mrs. Nelson's breasts are practically on-campus legends. They're huge, round, and swollen. Just like the rest of her.

Rita is a big-chested woman teetering around three hundred pounds. She’s the only person still rocking the Rachel.


O Mighty Aziza—
thousands of years old, lives in a lamp

Daven's Port  

O Mighty Aziza is a djinn. She's thousands of years old and has powers immeasurable. She can warp reality and turn fact into fiction with just a flick of her hips. And she lives in a lamp. That lamp is, similarly, thousands of years old and it still managed to get stuck in Abida's Eclectics where it never gets dusted. Those who find the lamp of O Mighty Aziza will be granted three wishes before she is summoned back to her home. Which works for her because, in her own words, mortals are pretty stupid.

O Mighty Aziza is a tan-skinned woman of Arabian descent, who dresses in belly-dancer outfits and has long black hair.


Pines, Madi—
works at d's donuts, model employee

Daven's Port  

Madi is a girl who goes to school with Zack, and is rumored to have something of a crush on him. She works at D's Donuts & Malts, and is swiftly in line for a promotion if she keeps up all the stellar work. Outside of the donut shop, Madi can be found at libraries and other quiet areas. She's gotten a bit bigger since she started working at D's, but has always been pleasantly plump.

Madi starts out as a big-bellied girl with black hair and a penchant for sweatshirts

Polluck, Shannon—
headmistress, queen bee of buttercombe

The latest in her lineage acting as headmistress for the illustrious Buttercombe Academy. She's a no-nonsense, independent woman who aims to please both her staff and students within reason. She attended Buttercombe Academy herself as a young girl, and has vowed to make her students experiences much more pleasurable than her own. Most find her intimidating, but others find her incredibly sweet. She likes to dress in yellow business attire and matching high heels. It's been noted by most that she keeps a small dish of butterscotch candies on her desk and is more than keen to give them out as rewards to her students and staff alike. Whether or not she's a force to be reckoned with or just a doting headmistress often depends on what choices you make...

Shannon starts out as a plump woman in her mid-thirties, with a top-heavy figure and a penchant for yellow business suits. She’s blonde, and usually keeps her hair up in a bun.

Shannon's story begins here:
"Ms. Polluck

Porter, Cerys—
hot topic aficianado
Buttercombe   | {https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2130286-A-Town-Called-Valentine} Valentine{/x-link}

From the looks of her, you might think that Cerys is your typical goth in a school full of preppies. And you wouldn't exactly be wrong. Cerys is grumpy, somewhat anti-social, and has already developed a long rap sheet of problems with some of the preppy posers lumbering around the Academy. But at the same time, she's pretty down to Earth. She makes it a habit to help out the newbees so that they don't get taken advantage of, and she's pretty well-versed in some of the more obscure goings-on in the Academy. However, Cerys' good intentions get twisted easily. Sometimes into self service...

Cerys's family is originally from Abercrombie, and as such she has some mighty big genes to fill. By the time she's out of college and working at St. Heart's Hospital Cerys has blimped right up to mirror her mother in size. But she's more or less come around to the fact that she was predisposed to being quite large. It doesn't mean that she's exactly happy about it, but the point remains. She's become a very motherly person, and as such, feels the need to work in a hospital to help those in need.

Cerys begins her story as a rather thin, hour-glass shaped girl with long black hair and a pink skunk-stripe going down its length. By the time she's in the nursing program, Cerys has ballooned into quite the chubster. She usually wears black scrubs and light makeup to let out her inner Goth.

Cerys' story begins here:
"Titanic new year for Cerys

Porter, Megan—
art/music theory, infamous ditz

A ditzy blonde who lucked into a teaching position at one of the most illustrious prep schools in the country based solely on her artistic skills. She's a talented painter, as well as something of an airhead. Most of Megan's students like her, or are at least entertained. Her bubbliness makes it very difficult for those around her to dislike her. Or very very easy. It's not very difficult to see that Megan isn't suited to teach, feeling more at home in her studio than she is in the classroom. That being said, she might come to resemble the other teachers on staff in more ways than one, should she let her concentration slip...

Megan starts her story off as a thin blonde woman with curly, bouncy hair and a lithe figure. Not much in the way of brains, not much in the way of curves.

Megan's story begins here:
"Megan Porter

Price, Clara—
the strange one

The resident weirdo. She’s a whiz kid straight from Doctor Horrible’s school of Mad Science, and is often conducting weird experiments and the like. She’s got a thing for the color blue, dying her hair blue and painting her dorm her favorite shade (totally against school rules!) Clara takes everything in as a scientific equation, preferring the sedentary life of a thinker instead of the active life of a doer. In short, calories > activity = tons and tons of Clara!

Clara begins thin enough, with a small crop of blue hair that's cut feminine but short, and a particularly plump bottom earned from many an hour spent sitting on it doing experiments.

Clara's story begins here:
"Clara; Curses, The Combe' and Weird Science

Price, Joan—
economics, no sense of humor

Another veteran of the Academy, with a tendency to snark about people behind their backs. Joan is a somewhat boring woman, with no life outside of her teaching. She has a small family, few friends, and little interests. Which is why making fun of others comes so easily to her. She and Rita Nelson are good friends.

Joan is a large woman with olive skin and black hair. Other than her big belly, she’s otherwise unnoteworthy.


Rozalin Rhodes—
weeaboo, passive enabler

One of the school’s resident chubby otakus. She’s hardly the first, but easily one of the most obsessed with all things related to Japan. She watches anime in her downtime and collects stuffed plushies of her favorite characters. She also has a tendency to write boy-love fanfiction of said characters, or fanfiction with herself inserted in a three-way between said boys. Outwardly she’s very shy, and despite her perversions, Rozy is usually very sweet and just wants to help people.

Rozy starts her story off as a plump brunette with glasses and a mousy demeanor.

Rozy's story begins here:
"Rozy Weeabo

Rodriquez, Monique—
take-charge attitude, prone to scheming

A gifted speaker with a thick waist and broad womanly curves. She’s a fiery latina lass who aims to go into business once she graduates. She’s a born leader and headstrong to the end, though sometimes she lets her overconfidence get the better of her. Monique is cut-throat and will do anything within her power to claim something once she sets her mind to it. Except diet, apparently.

Monique is a curvy latina with wide hips and big breasts. Nevermind her tummy though. Seriously, don't mention it...

Rueger, Codi—
WASP, would-be drill sergeant

Codi is, first and foremost, a big fat bitch. She's one of the on-campus elite, and isn't afraid to rub anyone else's nose in it. She's one of the senior members of the illustrious WASP sisterhood, kind of like a proto-sorority, and is incredibly picky about who she lets in. She's been known to be one of the worst sponsors in Buttercombe History. DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS!

Codi is one of the larger students on campus, and has naturally frizzy curly hair that goes just about everywhere. She's especially big around the belly, and is built like a fridge.

Rutherford, Melissa—
easily agreeable, prone to overdoing things

A newbee who’s more or less unassuming in every possible way. Despite this, she’s a gifted runner with a passion for the culinary arts that ebbs and flows (depending on the author). Melanie gets a little obsessed with whatever she might be doing, which makes her come across as rather rude sometimes. But usually (read again, usually) Mel knows what she’s doing.

Yet another skinny-minny blonde girl with big blue eyes


Sawyer, Grace—
biggest bitch on campus, leader of the brat pack

A snotty brat who gets off on bullying anyone poorer, dumber, or thinner than her. Grace uses her impressive size to bully extra portions from those more timid and meek than her, and due to the sizeable contributions her parents make, basically has an infinite supply of get out of jail free cards. Grace bosses around a posse of equally fat girls, possibly including the character you write for, if they play their cards right.

Grace is a big bitch. Her hair’s black, just like her heart, and she has a roughly hourglass shape. It’s a big hourglass.

Scott, Candace—
secretary, most unlucky woman alive

Candace is a great big ball of bad luck. She's incredibly overweight, which lends itself to knocking things over with her cumbersome corpulence. However there's just something about her that seems to radiate misfortune. Things break around her, people get sick around her, coin-flips turn out wrong, she's just got a really unfortunate aura about her. That being said she's sweet as can be and sincerely just wants to help people out, which may or may not prove unfortunate for anyone around her when she tries to "help"

Candace is a big ball of a woman, with a special emphasis on her stomach. She’s so big and round that it’s hard for her to move around and do her job properly! One of the few teachers on SSS.

Candace's story begins here:
"Candance the Catastrophe

Simpson, Kennedy—
extra-large amazon, college athlete

An up-and-coming football player at Abercrombie State University and a native Abercrombian, Kennedy is a superb specimen in raw muscle power, layered generously with plenty of insulated padding. Despite her size and stature, Kennedy is as sweet as a lamb when she's off the field, and is surprisingly feminine at times. She spends most of her free time at the gym or doting on girlfriend, Marissa. While she really enjoys playing football, Kennedy's true passion is fashion and clothing design. She enjoys shopping (window or other-wise) and finding clothes for people; she wants to be a stylist when after she graduates.

Kennedy is over six feet tall, and weighs four hundred pounds in muscle and fat. Her long brown hair is usually tied back or tucked in her helmet.

Spades, Allison—
head nurse at buttercombe academy, no you have a problem

How this woman has kept a job is anyone's best guess. She's surly, she's unpleasant, and she's usually hung over. Ally is the biggest party animal on-site, and isn't afraid to come to work with conspicuous looking sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. All this drinking, though, does have its consequences. She's put on an extraordinary amount of weight in the short time she's worked at the Academy, and doesn't look to be joining a gym any time soon...

Ally is this adorbley short little redhead. Her weight, pressed on such a short body, makes her look all that much fatter than anyone else would at her size.

Ally's story begins here:
"An Average Saturday Night for Spades

Spillum, Pauline, "Paul"—
transfer student, thug life

Paul is... moody. She's going through a rough time, going to the same Academy where her perfect prodigy sister just so happens to teach. She's not exactly the cuddliest roommate on the roster. That being said, she does have her upsides. She has snakebite piercings and short, boyish hair. Also has a tendency to play around with school uniform regulations to suit her style.

Paul starts off her story as a skinny girl who could, very easily, pass for a skinny guy.

Paul's story begins here:
"Spillum Family Road Trip

Smith, Marni (Marni Blake)—
broadcast "journalist", funny man
Daven's Port   | Young & Hungry  

Cass and Marni are two radio hostesses who have come to Daven's Port after being signed on at a new studio. They're usually giving away cool prizes if one tunes in at the right time, and always promoting local businesses; not only because it's their job, but because they get all kinds of cool perks for plugging ads around town.

After an undisclosed amount of time in Daven's Port, Cass and Marni had a falling out and went their separate ways, but both somehow managed to wind up on television. After proving popular with test audiences, Marni (now going by Marni Blake) was signed on for a trashy talk-show, where she does her best to promote body positivity while also wondering aloud who the baby daddy is.

Marni begins as a short and softly built woman with curly brown hair and a big butt, but gets fat after she breaks it off with Cass.

Spencer, Arisa—
improbably spoiled, goodiest of goodies
Buttercombe   | Daven's Port  

A rare example of a girl who was fat before she enrolled in Buttercombe Academy, Arisa is one of the few girls who could have paid her way to get into Buttercombe Academy, but managed to score in with her high marks in class. She's a bit on the frumpy side, and tends to do things by the books. Arisa is inept in the ways of fashion, popular culture, and has trouble with socializing. Despite this, she's a very sweet girl who wants to make friends, but finds herself unable to capture anyone's attention.

After graduation, Arisa spends a sabbatical in Daven's Port. Her time at Buttercombe Academy having only reinforced her lackadaisical attitude towards her weight and enabled her to even further heights of gluttony, Arisa requires special furniture and accommodations before she even turns twenty years old. That being said, she's still a remarkably pleasant woman, if not someone distracted, and yearns to explore her new surroundings.

Arisa starts off her story as a big brown ball of a girl with long black hair. By the time of Daven's Port, she has only grown bigger and bigger...

Arisa's story begins here:
"Arrival of Arisa the studious

Stevens, Zahara—
very sheltered, with good reason

A sheltered sort of girl. Zahara has had everything in her life carefully managed for her until this point. Academics, extracurricular activities, even her diet has been meticulously planned by her perfectionist parents. She's never really had to think about what she wanted, because until this point, it usually coincided with what her mother and father wanted for her. Unfortunately for them, they also planned on her attending Buttercombe Academy, away from their watchful eye. Only time will tell not when she will stray, but how far Zahara strays from her predestined path...

Zahara starts off her story as a pixie-proportioned black girl with big eyes and pouty features.

Zahara's story begins here:
"Panic at the Academy!

Steinway, Wednesday—
pianist, lover of ladies everywhere

The heiress to a particularly large fortune founded in pianos with an equally large (if not more so) bottom. Wendy is a single white female looking for a lady love who hasn’t had much luck yet. Be forewarned all those interested, she will spoil you rotten!

Wednesday has an elegant short hairstyle that accentuates the deceptive thinness of her face. Below the waist, Wednesday's ass just explodes outwards. It's very distracting.


Taft, Bethany—
big fat bitch

A complete and total hog. Not surprisingly, she takes after her namesake—the great President Taft himself is (supposedly) a distant relative of hers. Beth is openly more interested in stuffing her face than she is in her studies, and it’s heavily implied that there’s something sexual to it. What Beth really needs is someone who can keep her well-fed and happy, because you would not like her highness when she’s hungry.

Beth starts off as a grade-a fatass with a particular speciality in her stomach. She has long brown hair that she usually wears back, because fixing it is too much trouble when she’s just going to stuff her face all day anyway.

Beth's story begins here:
"Just talkin' 'bout Taft. Can you dig it?

Tanden, Mia—
eager to please, straight-a student

A shy, somewhat mousy girl. She’s not very sociable and doesn’t have a lot of friends, but doesn’t really have any interesting hobbies either. Mia’s a real wallflower. But once she makes some friends make no mistake that she’ll do anything and everything in her power to keep them!

Mia begins as a skinny redhead with stringy hair and glasses...

Tyler, Zack—
one of dakota's first friends, not a bright boy
Daven's Port   | Young & Hungry  

Zack was one of the first people that Dakota met when she moved to Daven's Port, having the kindness (and courage) to try and make her feel more at home with her new surroundings. He's a naturally sweet kid who is rumored to have something of a rough home life. He lives next to Dakota in an old boarding house with the rest of his family. His appetite is through the roof (he's a growing boy, after all!) and the only thing keeping his figure in check is his metabolism. Most see his future becoming very round, but only time will tell if that prediction comes true sooner rather than later...

By the time of Young and Hungry, Zack has romanced Alice Carlyle, and they've moved across the country to Abercrombie. Between the stories, he goes through a canonical chubby phase that he and Alice work very hard to get themselves out of. He works as a manager at the local Hammond Hotel branch, thanks in part do to his years of service at the chain in Daven's Port. While he has smartened up a bit, Zack is still a bit trusting and naive for his own good. Only time will tell if a desk job like a hotel manager will be kind to his waistline...

Zack begins the story as a shorter guy, with soft blonde hair and a slightly athletic build.


Ukai, Watari—
mysterious man in black, heir to the now defuct ukai company
Daven's Port  

Watari's father owned the Ukai-Torque company before it was absorbed into the conglomoration of the Yeng Corporation. He has seen many things in his line of work, the least of which has left him somewhat jaded and unapproachable. He isn't good with first impressions, and may have a tendency to scare some characters away just by the looks of him. He wears sunglasses at most times of the day, inside or out, and has a habit of being blunt. When he isn't being blunt, he comes across as at least moderately creepy. His loyalty to the Yeng Corporation comes and goes.

Watari begins as a shorter man in his late forties, with a trim figure and graying hair.

Mia Underwood—
student counselor, humongous hippie

A New Age-r who happens to be the one in charge of making sure all the students are happy and completely and utterly content with their ridiculously posh schooling environment. She calls everyone "sister" and has lots of plants in her office. She uses only natural shampoos and body washes, and wears long dresses or muumuus made cruelty-free. Yeah, she's that kind of person. A lot of the stuff she spouts out is actually helpful, but a lot of those who have suffered through one session with her find her unbearable. She’s placed in charge of the Students with Special Services program.

Mia is this couch-crushingly big blonde woman with wavy hair and purple glasses.

Mia's story begins here:
"Mia Underwood


Alexis VanDyne—
musical enthusiast, avid lesbian

An avid lesbian whose tastes do not cater to the variety of girls found at Buttercombe Academy. Lexie is very interested in finding somebody to pass the time with, but hardly interested in counting their chins or rolls every other day. It just does not turn her on. For her sake though, she better hope that the other girls find her pretty. Because after a while, it’s more or less inevitable that she’s going to pack on more than a few pounds…

Lexie starts off her story as a twiggy freckle-faced ginger, with attractively prominent eyebrows and long red locks.

Voll-Spillum, Rebecca—
music theory/orchestra, lover of beverages

A fresh face around the Academy, hand-picked by Ms. Polluck for her prodigal familiarity with most forms of musical appreciation. She has no teaching experience, and was recruited on merit alone, which means she finds herself struggling a bit with the day to day responsibilities of a teacher. Rebecca is an imposingly tall woman, which serves to give her an air of authority in classrooms, as well as hide the modest pot-belly she sports beneath her sweaters and blouses. Rebecca is a beverage aficionado, and can often be seen chugging down smoothies slushies and sodas with gusto. Whether or not her width manages to catch up to her towering height is yours to find out...

Rebecca is an imposingly tall woman who often wears her hair up, serving to make her look all that much taller. Rebecca is more or less thin, if not somewhat soft.

Rebecca's story begins here:
"Another Spillum Even!


Wade, Monica—
well-connected, naif
Daven's Port  

Monica Wade is the daughter of the assistant to the mayor of Daven's Port, and as such, she's not exactly going without. She's a plump little thing, with a penchant for stress-eating and boredom snacking, but has the best heart. She's shy, but Monica really just wants to rub elbows with people who aren't the sons and daughters of important business tycoons whom she gets roped into hanging out with. She's too old for arranged playdates! But that being said, should one find themselves hanging out with Monica, they might find themselves privvy to the same benefits that she recieves from the various minor celebrities around Daven's Port, soo... score?

Monica begins as a big girl, with long blonde hair and an embarssingly big belly...

Wade, Patricia—
world's best assistant
Daven's Port  

Patricia Wade is Dina Donahue's assistant, but if you'd ask her on most days she felt more like a glorified baby sitter. Between her Mayor's irresponsible behavior and penchant for getting into trouble, Monica finds herself digging her boss out of trouble just as often as she does arranging her meetings and cleaning up after her. There are times, admittedly, when she feels like she could run the mayoral office better than her boss does, and has entertained the idea of running against her. But for the most part, she's just a woman doing her job.

Patricia Wade begins as an overtly round woman, pulling her hair in a tight blonde bun and is incredibly belly-heavy...

Walker, Jennifer—
culinary arts/french, walking waistline disaster
Buttercombe   | Valentine  

A new teacher to the academy and in general. Jennifer usually has almost no idea what she's doing, which is why her taking residence in one of the most decorated academies in the country is shocking to say the least. But Ms. Polluck seems to like her a lot. Jen (or Jenny-Benny to her sister) is still learning a lot about being a teacher, but she's prone to taking short-cuts. She often relies on other people to get the job done for her. In short: she's pretty lazy. Nice and ambitious, but lazy. The question isn't when Jennifer is going to put on weight, but how far she'll slide into a hoggish obesity.

By the time of A Town Called Valentine, she's moved on from teaching at Buttercombe Academy. Her time there has matured and ripened her into a seasoned educator, but also into one of the biggest women in town. She still maintains much of her inherently lazy personality, and combined with her newfound fervor for Home Economics, makes it clear that she won't be losing weight any time soon. Especially not since she started the baking club up again! Beware, all ye who wish to remain slender!

Jen starts her story off as a thin woman in her early twenties, fresh out of college. She has medium length brown hair, and has been described by some as somewhat lanky.

By the time of A Town Called Valentine, Jennifer is a pear-shaped plumper, weighing in at just over three hundred and fifty pounds.

Jennifer's story begins here:
"In where Jennifer Arrives...

Weaver, Ember—
corpulent counter-culturist, piggiest punk

One look at Ember and you would think her rough appearance would be reflected in her personality, but you would be completely wrong. Ember is cool, relaxed and super easy to chill with; despite her “out there” appearance she has friends in almost every corner of Buttercombe. Ember is almost impossible to get on the bad side of; just don’t get in between her and her food.

Ember is a half-blonde half-shaved punk with plentiful tattoos and piercings. Her build gives her the kind of hips that would get her stuck in a fair few doorways, and a substantial gut to match.

Walker, Sarah—
english/theater, ms. walker 2.0

A somewhat older, more mature model of her sister. Sarah has been looking after Jennifer since they were kids, and they've grown very close. This means that, more often than not, she's the one picking up her sister's messes. She's a little more bitter when it comes to her job, having been had some unfortunate luck with schooling before teaching at Buttercombe Academy. Whenever she's not doting over her little sister, Sarah can be found playing favorites in the classroom.

Sarah starts off very similarly to her sister, albeit with a bigger bust. Sarah has black hair, and has a nasty case of resting bitch face.

Sarah's story begins here:
"Good Morning, Sarah Walker!

Westbrook, Autumn—
ego as big as her breasts, part of the brat pack

Another member of Grace's Crew. She's big, she's spoiled, and her tits are the size of watermelons. She looks down on anyone who couldn't afford to live up to the name 'Westbrook' and goes out of her way to act like a T-Total witch-with-a-b to anyone who she feels is beneath her. While Grace's plans are snotty and immature, the things Autumn cooks up are just... mean.

Autumn starts off as a tallish redhead with a huge chest and a potbelly.

Wilsey, Samantha—
brilliant but lazy, astoundingly foul mouth
Daven's Port   | Young & Hungry  

Sam has a really dirty mouth. Every other word is usually an obscenity. One would never guess that she was accepted into Buttercombe Academy on her merits as a beautiful poet and wordsmith. She’s had a rough childhood growing up, coming from a really poor neighborhood. It’s left her with some… undesirable traits. Including a need to feed—no longer inhibited by the paltry portions of her pantry back home, Sam can finally eat until she’s full! And then some!

At some point during the intervening years between Buttercombe Academy and Young & Hungry, Sam struck it rich and moved out into the outskirts of Aberrombie for a little peace, quiet, and luxury. In those years, living off of her fortune, Sam has managed to grow unnervingly fat. About the size most Abercrombians think is a bit much.

Sam begins her story as a skinny street rat with boyish short hair and lots of piercings. By the time of Young and Hungry, she has grown into a belly-heavy glutton that could outweigh just about anyone else back at the Academy...

Sam's story begins here:
"Accepting Sam

Wilson, Veronica, "Ronnie"—
resident adviser, perpetually perky
Buttercombe   | Valentine  

Ronnie Wilson is an RA, first and foremost. She’s in charge of resident advising and making sure everyone on her hall is taken care of (like a prefect from Harry Potter!) Above that, she’s more or less known for her sweet bubbly personality and being a real whiz in the kitchen. She’s always looking out for anyone under her care and does her best to remember everyone’s names and birthdays! Another one of those ones you have to watch out for if you want to stay fit and trim!

Ronnie's been big her entire life. After a stint in Buttercombe Academy, where she learned about her passion of pastries and put on much more than the freshman fifteen, she moves to Valentine to open up her own bakery called Little Bake Shop on Main. Between getting the store up and running, regular deliveries of supplies and paying her business partner Penny, this chubby Chernobyl of energy might just go out forever if she can't make her dream of owning a successful bakery come true!

Ronnie begins the story as a fully figured brunette with glasses, and very much keeps that figure well into adulthood

Wolfe, Olivia—
not nearly as mean as she lets on, part of the brat pack

Olivia runs with a bad crowd. Sure, she's just as spoiled and snotty as the rest of Grace's Brat Pack, but she's not all that bad, deep down. In fact, she's pretty much the only thing that keeps her friends in line whenever she feels like they've gone off the deep end. That being said, she's prone to stress-eating, which around her friends, happens a lot. It's no wonder she's easily one of the bigger girls on campus...

Olivia starts off as an already very round girl, one of the roundest on campus. She has black hair and a pretty face, with big green eyes and a slight upturn to her nose.

Wolfe, Tammy—
public speaking/english, notorious gossip

A new teacher, and a talkative nasal woman who could probably stand to mind her own business once in a while. She's incurably nosy, though whether or not she's actively malicious varies from perspective to perspective. For the most part, she's just a gossip with a tendency to talk first and think about it later. Though, in a place like Buttercombe Academy, her mouth might be better suited to eating. It would keep her quiet, at least...

Tammy begins as a rather thin woman of southern descent, with a sensible if bright blonde hairdo and an overly large nose.


Yeng, Terumi—
honorable granddaughter of mr. yeng, spoiled sweet
Daven's Port  

Terumi is the granddaugher to one of the most up-and-coming business tycoons in the city, and has a twin brother in Tetsuko. Where her brother is more active, Terumi tends to be far more passive and bookish by nature. She spends a lot of time in the library, and is studying to become a lawyer. Unlike her brother, Terumi is far more empathetic and sweet-natured than most people; especially given her wealthy status.

Terumi begins our story as a svelte but gorgeous girl, with very little in the ways of a figure.

Yeng, Tetsuko—
heir to the yeng company, honorable grandson of mr. yeng
Daven's Port  

Tetsuko is named for his grandfather. His name means "iron boy", and boy does he do his best to live up to its meaning. He is far more assertive than his sister Terumi, and spends a lot of time studying and running on the track. He's an aspiring tycoon, and does his best to not only live up to his grandfather's high expectations of him, but the ones he holds for himself. Tetsuko has something of an attitude about him, but whether that's because of his sizeable inheritance or caused by it, that's up for you to decide...

Tetsuko starts out as a slender, handsome man with a lean athletic figure and dark black hair.

Yeng, Tetsuo—
head of the Yeng Corporation, devoted grandfather
Daven's Port  

Tetsuo (or rather, Mr. Yeng) is a rather old man from rural Japan. Throughout the years, he has clawwed his way up through the world of business and has surpassed his humble roots. He is a ruthless businessman, but is otherwise (mostly) affable. His company, Yeng, is the crowning achievement in his lifetime and one that he eventually hopes to pass onto his grandchildren. Despite his company's prolific success and all the attention it recieves, he prefers mostly to stay out of the limelight and let his executives speak on his behalf.

Mr. Yeng is a very elderly man, stands at just over five feet tall, and walks with a cane.
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