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A situation becomes too much for a pair of siblings.
I could hear him beating my brother and I didn't know what to do. Fear rolled over me, threatening to choke me as I cowered in my hiding spot in my room. I needed to save my brother, but there was no way I was going to be able to manage;. not on my own. I needed help. I needed to get to the phone so I could call someone.

My mind scrambled with possibilities. I could make a break for it and run next door to get them to call the police, or call my mother. Somebody had to get us away from this drunken ass that seemed to think my brother and I were his personal servants.

We had been living in a state of dis-ease since Gary had moved in. My mother thought he was such a gentleman... but whenever she went off to work, he would turn on us. He was cruel and unkind. Our mother refused to listen to our pleas.

Tonight had felt different, and it had a frightened me in a way that no other night had done. The glazed stare in Gary's eyes had sent my skin to crawling. His eyes stared at my chest and then he would lick his lips and grin. When I got up to clear the dishes from the table, he had grabbed me and tried to pull my face into his. I slapped at him, but he only laughed. My brother had taken the broom and hit him over the back.

He had let go as he collapsed to the floor. Danny told me to run and hide. I had almost got out of the room when Gary's hand had snaked out and caught my ankle. I went down hard, hitting the edge of the table. Danny had stomped on Gary's forearm and he let go of me.

Roaring, he turned on Danny. He had grabbed him and slammed him up against the wall. I scrambled out of the kitchen and into my room. I could feel the blood running along the side of my face. I needed to get us help. I needed to get to Mrs. Warren. She would make the phone calls and help us. I couldn't hide forever. If I stayed where I was Danny wouldn't survive.

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Daily Flash Fiction: Prompt for Feb.7, 2017
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