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This entry will begin to show different archaeological discoveries supporting the Bible.
 Why I Believe - Proof from Archaeology  (E)
This entry will begin to show different archaeological discoveries supporting the Bible.
#2111468 by Merry Chris Breva

For the next several days we are going to study the archaeological evidence that supports the Bible.The first evidence we are going to look at is evidence for the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah. The first evidence of the existence of the cities was found in the Tel Mardikh dig. 15K stone tablets were found in the dig, many of which have now been translated. The stones make historical mention of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Tel Mardikh is a middle eastern civilization of that time period.

Archaeologists feel that the cities themselves have been found. Archaeologists Walter Rant and Thomas Shaub found them during a dig at Bab edh-Dhra. This ancient location is located in the same area that Sodom and Gomorrah were located. During the dig the archaeologist found that another city was in close proximity to the Bab-edh-Dhra dig. When they began excavating it they concluded that it was an early bronze age civilization. They were only able to excavate briefly and discontinued their dig. Another group dug briefly in the 1990's but the cities were never fully recovered. Archaeologists have confirmed however that Sodom and Gomorrah really did exist because they have found the remains.

Now let's shift gears and go to the New Testament. In the Book of Acts the physician and historian Luke details what the Apostles did after the start of the church. Scientist today are extremely impressed and convinced that the Book of Acts is accurate because of Luke's accounts of Paul's travel. Luke details weather patterns and other details that scientists confirm as one hundred percent accurate. Therefore they believe that the details Luke gives are indeed accurate.

Students of archaeology may argue and say "Well,it's accurate in it's historical accounts of people, places, and things, but I still don't believe the miracles. Logic says that attitude is imbalanced. If the Bible is one hundred percent accurate so far in it's archaeological facts then why would the writers lie about the miracles?
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