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This is a small tribute to LGBT month.
On March 16, 2017, I saw the LGBT writing contest run by Osirantinsel

I tried my hand at a short story only it came out too short to enter the contest. However, I decided to post it as a small tribute to all those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. No matter who we are or where we come from, we are all human beings and deserve the same human rights and dignity.


John Smith and Martin Jacks, born only a few days apart, had been best friends since childhood. They were as close as two brothers could dream to be. The two shared their wildest dreams and darkest secrets. Both were handsome and fairly popular only neither could find that one true love. Though they tried and tried through their teenage years, all they had that came even close was their friendship.

Upon reaching eighteen, the two boys drifted apart and would not find each other again until just before their twenty first birthdays. John agreed to meet with Martin at a bar near the edge of the town where they grew up. They would catch up and reminisce of their childhood years.

John was nervous about meeting Martin after three years as he had still not found that special someone. Upon seeing Marin enter, he let out a saddened sigh; his friend carried the same nervous expression.

“You haven’t found that special someone yet, either?” Wincing, John asked.

Martin shook his head as he sat down in the seat across the table from his friend. “I don’t get it.” Frustrated, he said. “We are both handsome, good with people, charming… what are we doing wrong?”

“I wish I knew.” Tearing up, John said. “All we need is that one spark; that one tiny flame that will tell us we have found that special someone.”

Martin looked John in the eye as if to say something but the words froze in his throat. His eyes wavered and watered. “Yeah…” Lost in thought, he whispered. “We just need a spark…”

John was taken back by his friend’s response then gasped slightly as he took notice of a certain yearning in his eyes. “You don’t think that we…”

Martin smiled slightly, almost shyly. “There’s only one way to find out, I guess.”

“I guess…” Gulping, John replied.

The two slowly, hesitantly came closer and shared what they had intended to be a quick kiss. Only the kiss lasted for nearly a minute as they took each other’s hand until the kiss ended.

“Wow…” Blushing, John whispered.

He was breathless; stunned by the kiss he got from Martin. It felt unlike anything he had ever experienced when kissing any girl he had tried to date.

Martin gave a quiet chuckle. “Yeah… wow…”

He too was breathless; completely blown away by the power of his friend’s kiss. He had never felt so energized by any kiss he shared with a girl. “You are quite the kisser.” Catching his breath, he said.

John smiled shyly at his friend. “Do you think this is the spark we had been searching for?” Uncertain, he asked.

Martin placed a gentle hand onto John’s chin, drawing him closer. “Let’s find out.”

The two kissed again, passionately and began to embrace each other kiss after kiss. It was not until they realized they had drawn an audience when they stopped. The two were blushing deeply, feeling embarrassed. Only their embarrassment turned to smiles when they saw that their audience was made up of couples of two men and two women, holding hands. All of them were smiling upon them; some with tears in their eyes. They all applauded the newly formed couple as drinks were brought to their table to toast to their love.

That was when John Smith and Martin Jacks learned that the spark of friendship can ignite the flames of love.
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